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G. Brian Davis

G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor, personal finance writer, and travel addict mildly obsessed with FIRE. He spends nine months of the year in Abu Dhabi, and splits the rest of the year between his hometown of Baltimore and traveling the world.
Financial Advisor Robo Advisor Shaking Hands

Robo-Advisor vs. Human Financial Advisor – Which Is Best for You?

Robo-advisors have disrupted and democratized the world of investment management. But human investment advisors bring their own advantages to the table and make sense for some investors. Which is right for you? It’s an easier decision than you might think.
Fee Cutting Reducing Fees Block Letters

11 Ways to Eliminate Investment Fees & Reduce Costs in Your Portfolio

Transaction commissions and expense ratios are on their way down as investors gain more awareness of — and aversion to — the costs of their investments. Here’s how you can eliminate fees and costs from your investment portfolio and keep more of your earnings compounding for you.
Credit Score Laptop Application

FICO Score 10 & 10T: What the Changes Mean for Your Credit Score

FICO has announced two new credit-scoring models scheduled for release in summer 2020. Who will win and who will lose in the new scoring model? By understanding it, you can ensure you land among the millions of Americans who see a boost rather than a downgrade.
Interest Rates Written On Chalkboard Chalk

What Lower Interest Rates Mean for You & Your Wallet – 7 Effects

You’ve probably heard that the Federal Reserve has lowered interest rates, but what does that mean and how does it affect you? What do changing interest rates mean for our most common expenses like mortgages and auto loans, and investments such as bonds and real estate? Read on to find out.
Are You Covered Insurance Torn Paper

4 Types of Insurance You Definitely Need & Others You Could Go Without

We all need some kinds of insurance, but not everyone needs every type of insurance. What insurance should you always maintain to protect yourself from an emergency, and which can you skip? Read on to learn about the types of insurance to consider for your circumstances.
Little Girl Child Astronaut Costume Stars

8 Financial Accounts to Open for Your Child to Create Lifelong Wealth

If you want your kids to grow into wealthy, financially literate adults, you’re going to have to teach them about money. Here are some important accounts you can open on your child’s behalf to help them learn good financial habits.
Retirement Planning Senior Citizens Beach Snorkel

6 Retirement Planning Challenges for Freelancers & Entrepreneurs

There are more self-employed Americans now than ever before. According to Upwork's 2018 survey of the industry, the gig economy has swollen to include over 56.7 million freelancers, which says nothing of solopreneurs and...
Mini Houses Stacked On Coins Investment Income Revenue

10 Ways to Invest in Real Estate and Create Multiple Streams of Income

Real estate is not only an income-oriented investment, it’s also a less volatile asset class than stocks. Here are 10 ways you can invest in real estate to start diversifying your passive income immediately.
Soldier Putting Money In Bank Saving Investing American Flag

Best Investment Strategies & Accounts for Active-Duty Military Members

Military pay can’t make you rich, but it does provide excellent saving and investing opportunities, including some unavailable to civilians. By understanding how to take advantage of them, you can secure your future and potentially even retire young.
Crowdfunding Website Online Computer Office

Best Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites & Investment Platforms

Real estate offers plenty to like as an alternative to bonds. Historically, most investors only had access to real estate investment trusts. But real estate crowdfunding companies created a new way to invest in real estate. These are the best real estate crowdfunding websites around.
Alarm Clock Timing Saving For Retirement Stage

How Much to Save for Retirement – Planning Strategies for Every Age

How much is “enough” when it comes to retirement savings? How do you know how much you should be saving, and at what ages, to reach your financial goals? While the answer varies from person to person, some universal rules apply.
Newsletter Inbox Technology Email Work From Home

12 Best Financial Newsletters for Business & Investment News

Most of us don’t have time to read The Wall Street Journal cover to cover each morning to stay on top of financial news. Fortunately, with these email newsletters, you get news, tips, and free education delivered straight to your inbox for a quick read over your coffee.