Personal Finance Round-Up: How About A Price List At The Hospital or Doctor’s Office!

health care price listThe cost of health care is a big issue right now, and with the Obama administration recently pushing through a controversial health care bill, the debate has become even stronger. One thing I find ironic is that health care is one of the ONLY things we pay for and never ask how much it costs. The reason is because health care is one of the few insurances where we actually see the true cost of it and what we’re being billed for. We simply pay our premium, pay our little co-pay and go on our way. I really liked the article from Wisebread that asks for a price list at the hospital or doctor’s office. Such a simple concept, but I think if we actually saw the prices that we were paying for health care, we’d start taking matters into our own hands to drive down the price, and competition for doctors and health care providers would be more about price, and therefore, competition would drive the price down.

Here are a few other great articles from this past week from around the personal finance blogging community:

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  • Tabatha

    Being aware of costs and forcing medical providers to compete on price are all part of the intent of Health Savings Accounts and their linked High Deductible insurance plans. The idea is that the insurance is there to save you from financial ruin from extraordinary medical expenses, but the average visit or medication is paid for by the patient.
    Getting a check-up shouldn’t be a big deal, should be the equivalent of getting an oil change. In the end this will happen by engaging the consumer and getting rid of the distance currently seen in these scenarios.