Personal Finance Round-Up: Would You Take The Dive For Frugality?

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There has been a great shift in the way we look at clutter recently, and as a sign of that shift, minimalism has really taken off. But with all this decluttering everyone is doing, where does everything go? In my own life, the things that are scrapped usually either are sold at a tiny little portion of the original amount paid for them, or things are donated to Goodwill, at which point, someone else will pick them up and discard them the same way I did after a month. The life cycle of clutter really is fascinating.

Tho other stuff that people deem too worthless to sell or donate goes right into the trash, but as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and in nicer areas, people throw away things that you and I would gladly have on our mantle. Not only the rich throw away nice things, but college kids returning home from a long stint at school are known for their unwillingness to haul or store anything, so the bulk of the things they had in their dorms end up in the dumpster shortly after school is out.

Stories like someone finding something valuable in the trash are nice, but J. Money does one better in Let’s Go Dumpster Diving! He presents an index of some of the nicer things he has found while dumpster diving. It’s not the most impressive list, but when you think of the cost associated (free!), that list becomes all the more impressive. But as one commenter on the article suggests, I’d stay away from the completely Freeganism movement and leave the discarded produce be! For those of you thinking about getting rid of that junk in your house but aren’t getting around to it, don’t forget that downsizing can save you money too!

Now, here are some other great articles from the past week:

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    Thanks for the mention!

    • Andrew (Admin)

      You got it Tom!

  • Ryan

    I’m not inclined to go dumpster diving, but I have no problem with used items. When it comes to disposal, I usually donate smaller items and try to sell higher priced items via Craigslist.

    Another frugal tip: I’ve known people who drive around with a trailer the night before the garbage men come and look for large items on the curbside (furniture, appliances, and other large items are commonly tossed out with the trash). If it is with the trash it is fair game. They keep some of the items, sell others, and donate or scrap the rest. It probably won’t make you wealthy, but it can add some cash flow.

    • Andrew (Admin)

      Good tip Ryan. I’ve also heard of people doing that who rave about the valuable items they can get!

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