Personal Finance Round-Up: Rockin’ New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

As the dust clears after Christmas, you don’t have too much time to breath before the next big year-end event, the New Year! I love the new year, it’s a time when we get to look back at what we have accomplished during the past year and look at what we can do better in the next year. Even if you don’t accomplish the goals you set out to during the new year celebration, it’s a fresh start for everyone.

But even more fun than that is the New Year’s Eve party! And to help with that part of things, Frugal Zeitgeist has a post titled, Plan a new year’s eve party with all sorts of great tips to cut costs and still have a blast this New Year’s Eve.

Here are a few more goodies to close out a great year with:

8 Tricks to Travel Healthier
I don’t know about you but one of my goals for 2011 is to travel just a bit more. There is just way too much out there to see to not get in a good travel trip or two each year. Another common goal is to be more healthy and these tips will help kill two birds with one stone. [Prairie Eco Thrifter]

Top Tips When Backpacking On A Budget
Traveling can get pretty expensive regardless of how well you plan but there are certainly things you can do and learn while on the road. These tips can help keep your costs down so you can stay on the road longer. [Promotional Codes Money Saving Blog]

What I’m Financially Responsible For.
The new year is a great place to start when reviewing what things slipped through the cracks in your life during the previous year. New things come up in life all time and it’s a good idea to figure out how exactly to deal with them before they happen so you are better prepared. Do you know what you’re responsible for? [Christian PF]

Thing That Shoud Not be Stored in Bank’s Safe-deposit Box
The new year is also the perfect time to clean house. When deciding what to do with belongings that are no longer needed around the home or simply don’t seem safe enough at home, a bank is a great place to turn but here are a few things you shouldn’t store at your bank. [Fair Loan Rate]

3 Ways to Get a Real Deal on a Year-End Car Sale
Planning a big end of the year purchase such as a new or used car? While the sales are there, be sure to check out this info to insure you get the best deal. [Get Currency]

8 Tips for Improving or Starting a Budget
If you haven’t already, why not use 2011 to start a budget and get on track financially. And if you have started a budget previously but have had a few slip-ups, these tips can help you too. [WiseBread]

7 Quick Recipes For Healthy, Easy, One-Pot Meals Under $10
Planning a potluck for the new year’s even party? Potlucks are a great way to spread costs around and still enjoy great food and even better company. Here are some great recipes to try at your year end potluck. [LearnVest Blog]

Three .No Brainers. Many New Entrepreneurs Fail to Realize
Are you planning to start a new business during 2011? It can be a tough journey but can also be very rewarding working for yourself. Check out this checklist to make sure you have what it takes before you make the leap to self-employment. [Dough Roller]

The Case for Walmart
I’m sure you did some of your shopping at Wal-Mart during Christmas and I know I’ll be shopping there for new year’s even party supplies as well. But I’m sure some of you just cringed reading that sentence. Wal-Mart doesn’t have the best reputation but here’s someone fighting for them. There may be more good to Wal-Mart than you thought. [Narrow Bridge]

Make Extra Money with Freelance Writing
Freelancing is a great way to make a living or supplement your income during recession or any time in your life. If you have a skill that people need and the time to spend using that skill, you can freelance. Here is a list of the biggest and top paying freelance industries. Are you freelance material? [PT Money]

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