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Sarah Graves, Ph.D. is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance, parenting, education, and creative entrepreneurship. She's also a college instructor of English and humanities. When not busy writing or teaching her students the proper use of a semicolon, you can find her hanging out with her awesome husband and adorable son watching way too many superhero movies.
Wasting Time Paper

10 Productivity Killers to Avoid If You Want to Manage Your Time Better

When it comes to productivity, most people think of systems or practices that help them do more, especially when it comes to fitting even more tasks into the limited time we all have each day. Instead, if you really want to discover the secret to being more productive, you may want to focus on actually doing less. If you want to be more productive, there are certain things you'll want to avoid doing.
Infertility Positive Pregnancy Test Treatment Pills

14 Ways to Deal With the High Costs of Infertility (and 5 Things to...

Infertility is rarely discussed yet fairly common. According to statistics from FertilityIQ, it impacts one in eight Americans. That’s more than those with diabetes, breast cancer, or Alzheimer’s disease.Yet as prevalent as infertility is, insurance...
Keto Foods

What Is the Keto Diet (Explained) – Weight Loss Benefits & Dangers

If you're thinking about trying the ketogenic diet, it's important to prepare in advance so you can get the results you want. The keto diet can help you lose weight, burn fat, and gain energy, but there are risks and controversies to consider as well. Learn what the keto diet is and how to make it work effectively for you with these tips.
Loan Calculator Options Financing Budgeting Letters

Consolidating vs. Refinancing Your Student Loans – Which Is Better?

No matter where you went to college, one thing most graduates have in common is a significant amount of student loan debt. In 2017, CNBC reported that 70% of college students graduate with student loan...
Diploma Graduate Cap Tassle

Does the College Major You Choose Affect Your Career Potential?

Skyrocketing college tuition has two-thirds of students taking on debt to pay for college. As a result, many high school graduates and their parents are questioning whether college is even worth it.The answer depends on...
Family Vacation Airport Airplane Suitcase Luggage

14 Benefits of Taking Family Vacations and Why You Need Them

When you think of family vacations, what comes to mind first may not be the benefits, but the stress and cost. After all, taking kids on a trip can be expensive — over $4,000...
Dining Out Restaurant Kids

14 Ways to Save Money When Dining Out With Kids at Family-Friendly Restaurants

Americans love eating out at restaurants and aren’t likely to stop. And if it’s something you truly enjoy doing with your family, there may be room for it in your budget. After all, part of raising kids involves creating fun experiences and shared memories, and eating out on occasion can be one way — though certainly not the only way — your family does that. Here are the best ways to save money when eating out with your family.
Burning Calories Hand Holding Paper

25 Jobs That Burn the Most Calories – How to Be More Active at...

Your desk job might literally be killing you. According to the American Heart Association, sitting for long periods has been linked to an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.Even worse, a 2015 study...
Woman Paying Bills Home Computer

Should You Lower Your Monthly Student Loan Payments?

Your potential lifetime earnings as a college graduate can far outweigh your total student loan debt. It’s just about finding the best ways for you to manage this debt and offload it as quickly as possible. Are you struggling to make your student loan payments? Find out ways you can lower your monthly payments to an amount that you can afford.
Diy Do It Yourself Wooden Block Letters

Should You Do It Yourself (DIY)? – When It Pays and When It Doesn’t

Do-it-yourself (DIY) projects can be a great way to save money. And the Internet makes projects of all types and complexity seem accessible thanks to a seemingly infinite selection of instructional videos and blog...
Liberal Arts Major For College

6 Benefits of a Liberal Arts College Degree in the 21st Century

After a decade of tepid economic growth coupled with soaring college tuition costs, many are concerned about the value of a college education. Undergraduates feel increasingly pressured to choose majors that will lead as...
Organized Kitchen Pantry Utensils Lemons

10 Money-Saving Benefits of Organizing Your Home (on a Budget)

According to a number of studies, whether we are dedicated neat freaks, total slobs, or - like most of us - fall somewhere in the middle, we all feel the effects of a cluttered...