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Sarah Graves

Sarah Graves, Ph.D. is a freelance writer specializing in personal finance, parenting, education, and creative entrepreneurship. She's also a college instructor of English and humanities. When not busy writing or teaching her students the proper use of a semicolon, you can find her hanging out with her awesome husband and adorable son watching way too many superhero movies.
Man Looking At Student Loan Papers

Should I Consolidate My Federal Student Loans? – When It Makes Sense

Federal student loan consolidation can help you manage multiple monthly payments to multiple servicers. And there are certain circumstances under which federal student loan consolidation makes sense. But it’s not right for everyone. Find out whether it’s the right strategy for you.
Student Loan Consolidation Note

How to Consolidate Federal Student Loans Into One Monthly Payment

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who’ve graduated with student loan debt, you're likely making multiple loan payments. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by so many monthly payments. That’s where student loan consolidation comes in. But how do you do it, and what are your options?
Man Counting College Savings Tuition Bill Fund

What to Do With Your Undergrad Student Loans Before Grad School

If you’re going to grad school, you probably have student loan debt left over from your undergrad degree. Ignoring it could be costly thanks to accruing interest and capitalization effects. Deciding on a plan to tackle this debt before heading back to school will help you save in the long run.
Family Celebrating New Years In Living Room Sparklers

30 Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas for Food, Games & Decorations

Many of us think of New Year’s Eve as a holiday geared toward adults. After all, we stay up past kids’ bedtimes, wear fancy clothes, and toast the new year with Champagne. But there are lots of fun ways to involve kids in New Year’s Eve celebrations.
Happy Teenager Receiving Christmas Gift Virtual Party

40 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens (on Every Budget)

Teens are a tricky group to buy for. They’re the first to latch onto the latest trends. And their tastes change faster than you can make a shopping list. But with this list of trendy ideas, you’re sure to find something to thrill the teen on your list, no matter your holiday budget.
Family Time On The Floor During Holidays Christmas Gifts

40+ Fun & Frugal Holiday Season Activities – Family Games & Crafts

When we think about the holiday season, buying and giving gifts often come to mind. We put a lot of time into finding the perfect gift for everyone on our list and a lot...
Christmas Tree College Studemt Desk Pencils

40 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for College Students (on Every Budget)

The best gifts for college students give them a much-needed break from their studies with something fun and make student life more comfortable. If you’re stumped for what to get the undergrad on your list, try one of these Christmas gift ideas for college students.
Grandparent Holding Christmas Tree Ornament Holidays

10 Gift Ideas for Nursing Home Residents & Elderly Seniors

Older adults are notoriously hard to shop for, especially if they live in a retirement community or nursing home and have limited space. Fortunately, this gift guide removes the guesswork with gifts suggested by older adults, including those who live in retirement facilities.
Diy Christmas Gifts Wrapped

39 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas – Craft Your Own Homemade Presents

DIY gifts are special and unique, and done right, they can save you money. Assuming you have a few basic tools, you can do many of them for under $10 — some for under $5. These easy DIY gifts aren’t cheesy, either. Impress your family and friends by making them something they’ll cherish for years.
Christmas Gift To Grandma From Granddaughter Present Tree

40 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents (on Every Budget)

Shopping for grandparents is unquestionably tough. They’ve sat through our boring school recitals, endured our sticky fingers on their furniture, and rarely ever said no to buying us an extra toy. They deserve something...
Happy Holidays Merry Christmas Girls Opening Presents Tree

69 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids of All Ages (on Every Budget)

Kids are the most fun to buy holiday gifts for. Sharing their delight reinvigorates our joy for the holiday. But if you don’t live with the child you’re buying for, it can be challenging. And even Santa’s not a mind-reader. Luckily, there are loads of expert- and kid-approved picks for every age.
Family Exchanging Christmas Gifts Surprise For Dad Tree

40 Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad (on Every Budget)

Dads are some of the most challenging people to shop for. But there’s no need to overthink it. If you’re stumped on Dad’s gift, this list of best gifts for dads is filled with a variety of ideas at all price points, so you can find something he’ll be thrilled to get — whatever your holiday budget.