Personal Finance Round-Up: Risks and Costs of Mobile Banking Technology

smartphone moneyTechnology moves at an amazing pace today. Every year it seems the power of processors doubles, devices shrink to a fraction of their original size, and the number of things you can do on your phone increases at a startling rate.

I remember getting excited when I discovered I could text a special number sequence to my phone carrier and they would text back my account balance. I thought that was pretty cool. Now you can address nearly all of your banking needs from your smartphone. You can check balances, transfer cash, and even deposit checks – all on your mobile device. The convenience is great, but don’t ignore the downsides of using your smartphone for everything. You may be putting your account security and your financial health at risk.

To better understand mobile banking and some of its risks, Moolanomy has a great article: The Pros and Cons of Mobile Banking. The next time you find a new financial function for your phone, remember that there was once a time when all phones could do was make a call, and new technology carries new risk.

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