Save Money With Group Discounts Using Strangers

We’re all looking to save money right now, and frugality takes creativity if you want to save the big bucks. Smart Money has a great article about saving money on group discounts with strangers. They have some great online resources to help you partner up with other people looking to get a group discount if you don’t have a large friends/family network to take advantage of group discounts.

strong>Here are some tips from their article for getting a group discount without using the internet:

Ask for a manager. Generally, they have the most leeway to offer discounts and can tell you if there’s a group discount policy already in place, Oza says.

Plan ahead. Don’t expect to walk into a hair salon with nine others and negotiate a group discount on the spot. Allow a few days to come to the deal, and give the business time to prepare. (For example, that salon might need to find time to handle a party of 10, and a retailer arranging a bulk purchase may need to special-order the products.)

Bring in new customers. Businesses may be more likely to work with you if most members of your group aren’t already customers, says Robin Walker, a Chicago-based image consultant who routinely arranges group discounts for her clients. “A business doesn’t want to give their existing customers a discount,” she says. “It cannibalizes their client base.”

Think beyond cash. Not every group deal amounts to a discount. A restaurant manager might not give you 10% off for bringing in a party, but they may throw in two free trays of appetizers, Oza says.

Use Social Media To Find Group Members

Facebook and Twitter would be great places to search for people or friends/followers in your area and contact them to see if they are interested in getting a group discount. I live in Orlando, the theme park capital of the world. Theme parks and water parks are always running group discounts, and I am sure I could round up 15 to 20 people to go to Disney or Wet ‘n Wild together. Start a Facebook group and invite a bunch of people in your city called “Groups Discounts With Strangers”. I am sure you’ll attract quite a few people. You’ll probably make some friends and business contacts along the way!