• http://www.everypennyisimportant.com Derek Batterbee

    I think that one of the most important aspects about securing your self financialy is using discipline. Personaly I try to use my dredit cards as much as possible, with my credit cards I get free cash and vouchers. The difference is, that when I get home I log onto my internet banking and pay the purchases off straight away. A bit odd I know, but you DO NOT have to wait for a credit card bill to make a payment. This is no harder than logging into your e mails…just needs discipline. However, you are quite right, if you don’t have discipline CUT THEM UP!! Good common sense post…Thanks

    • Matt Breed

      Discipline is very important, without a doubt. You will never, ever, ever hear me deny that. But, I was citing specific goals, and discipline is necessary for every one. You will not get any of these without discipline…or a lot of luck. Don’t ever count on luck.

      Thanks, Derek

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