Show Your Patriotism Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the pinnacle of the most important election of our generation. The best thing you can do is make an educated vote. Don’t go vote just because Leonardo Dicaprio told you to vote. Don’t just vote because Diddy says “vote or die”. Don’t vote just to vote.

If you are going to vote, make an educated one. The economy is the most important issue of this election, so choose a candidate that you believe will preserve the economy model that has made the United States the most prosperous, powerful, and giving nation in the world. Choose the candidate that will carry out an economic policy that supports and facilitates the free market. Our free market economy gives us the opportunity to create goods and services that we want, need, and desire without government restriction. It gives us the opportunity to be as successful as we can possibly dream and give back to others with three-fold abundance.

Choose the candidate that will take away the corruption on Wall Street and preserve our free market economy.