• http://www.stacyscarlett.com Stacy

    Great article; it rings so true. This for sure was time well-spent. Thanks Suzanne.

  • Suzanne Kearns

    Thanks for commenting, Stacy!

  • Anonymous

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  • http://twitter.com/karmaCRM Karma CRM

    “Time is money” is something that will always stand true. Time management and organization is essential to increasing productivity. KarmaCRM a web based small business software that does the multi-tasking for you! It is easy to access from any computer, manages your clients/contacts, manages your email, and many other features.

  • http://www.investmentcontrarians.com/ Alex

    The more i read the more I discover that I have have left behind so many things that could make me more successful. I just realized I have not been organizing my day well for sometime now. I have just repented, thanks for this great post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/peter.mutiso1 Peter Mutiso

    Good management tips. I learned the art of not multitasking and has helped me a lot

  • Kevin Peter

    Time management is an art and we need to learn, cultivate and apply. We always would try to conquer the world at once, by running around all through the day, trying to build the company, stressing ourselves.
    Plan out, have time for unexpected events (I have experienced it the hard way), prioritize as you need to take care of a many little stuffs which are much important than others, schedule to complete it effectively.

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