• http://www.quickquote.com/ Tracy

    Great article, love the negotiation strategies!

    • Angela Colley

      Thanks Tracy! People love to negotiate at a garage sale. I’m not very good at haggling and have let big ticket items go for way less than I should in the past. It is a way better strategy to just use reasonable prices from the start and say no if you have too.

  • Casey Slide

    This is a very helpful article! I love the tip about making sure you have change before you start your sale. I am throwing my first garage sale next month. Thanks for all the great advice!

    • Angela Colley

      Thanks Casey!

  • Reyesdorta

    I did retail work for several years and this is great advise. Had my first garage sale last year, it was great! looking forward to my second in September. I can appreciate the tip on allowing people to come and look around freely….. thx.

    • Angela Colley

      Thanks! Good luck on your next garage sale!

  • Wendy Hendricks

    At our garage sales, we use a carpenters apron (two large pockets in front) for carrying around the cash and change. They cost only a few dollars at a hardware store. You never have to worry about leaving your money unattended if you need to walk around and help a customer or do some rearranging.

    • Angela Colley

      That is a great idea Wendy. I’ll have to try that at my next garage sale. I feel like I’m always worried about the money box the whole time.

  • http://quickquote.com/ Laura

    Excellent ideas!

    • Angela Colley

      Thanks Laura!

  • Natalie

    I am only 12 and I’m going to run a yard sale because we are saving up to move to our dream house. Your tips are great thanks!

  • Natalie

    I am only 12 and I’m going to run a yard sale because we are saving up to move to our dream house. Your tips are great thanks!

  • http://yardsalehelper.com/ Allbert

    Proper advertising and presenting all selling items in an organised manner are the two main things in yard sale that helps to get a successful one. Apart from this, pricing stuff properly is also another important thing to consider in yard sale field. Very useful tips.

  • Sarah

    One of the things that works great for me is having a men’s table. A lot of my garage sales have mostly women’s and kids’ items, so I have a table with only men’s items such as hardware and tools. Men are immersed in this stuff while the women do the ‘real shopping’!

  • Ann

    Hi Angela! I hope you are still watching this post. I love it!
    My question for your is the hours you mentioned friday and sat 6 am to noon. Did these times really work for you???
    Lots of garage sales I see are from 8-4 pm. what is the advantage to close early?
    thanks for your time.

    • Peg D.

      This is my 7th Annual “FINAL” yard sale Ha! They are a ton of work but I have something for EVERYONE! Even brand new, never opened items and my time limit is 8am to 2pm. If you say “later than 2, all the other yard sales will be visited first and the $ will be spent. The shorter the time, the better

  • Janey

    I understand not having garage sales in the heat of summer. We need to have one within a few weeks and is it the same for the cold weather? In Jax FL so need to wait for weather that is a little warmer since we are having a cold snap? What is the rule of thumb on cold weather?

  • jyladvik

    Don’t give your stuff away. When you do this, customers then expect other sellers to do the same. It hurts business for everyone who does garage sales.

  • Cruz Smith

    Super helpful tips. Just purged one of my closets and got rid of thousands of dollars in clothes, some with tags still on. Don’t want to “give away” $$$ so am having garage sale. Will donate whatever doesn’t sell to a woman’s shelter.

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