• http://www.makemoneyyourway.com/ Clarisse @ Make Money Your Way

    We don’t use a dryer, we just hung our wet clothes outside our house. And I see to it that my clothes are folded properly.

  • http://www.loansolutions.ph/ Marie Torres

    Nice tips Jacq! With it comes to my clothes I am very hands-on, I do the laundry. I hate seeing damage especially on my favorite clothes like tee shrinking or damage lace on dresses. It’s not that I don’t trust laundry some, but no one could pay more attention to your clothes than you.

  • Nik @ Midlife Finance

    In our country, people often use dryer. Most of the time, we just hang it outside the house and let the sun do the thing (I mean let it dry under the sun), clothes last longer and it smells good.

  • greenandchic

    Apartment living so there is no line to dry anything but I try to hang certain things indoors if possible.

    • Thee Gooch

      Same here. My laundry room is really a small closet with just barely enough room for me to squeeze in and out of between the washer and dryer.

  • http://www.frugalteer.com Jeanie@Frugalteer

    Great tips! I totally agree with line drying extending the life of your clothes. We have found that we save a considerable amount on our gas bill and then added savings in the life of the garment.

  • Toby Fouks

    I’ve saved a lot of money by rarely using the dryer even in the winter. I have a wooden clothes dryer. Put the clothes in the dryer on air [no heat] for about 20 minutes so that they are fluffed up, put them on the wooden dryer, and when they are dry if you want return them for another 20 minutes to air drying. This way towels are not hard, a lot of money is saved, and there’s way less lint in the lint trap — a sign that clothes will last much longer.

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