The Carnival of Personal Finance #228: Halloween 2009 Edition


Welcome to the 228th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance! This week’s theme is Halloween, even though I think Halloween is a big waste of time and money! I’ll try not to be the Scrooge of Halloween, because I know it’s fun for kids, it gives us something to do before Thanksgiving and Christmas, and there have been some great scary movies spawn from the Halloween “holiday”. I have included a couple of scary images, so if you don’t like those, then I apologize in advance! So, does your bank account scare you? Does budgeting give you the creeps? Is your credit report haunted with collection ghosts? If so, use this collection of spook-tacular articles to help you improve your financial situation.

Here are my favorite submissions:

  1. MLR from My Life ROI presents Gifts for Kids: Who Do They Belong To?

  2. JLP from presents Bill Miller vs. the S&P 500 Index.

  3. Jim from Bargaineering presents True Power of Compound Interest.

  4. David from Money Under 30 presents Seven Signs You’re At Risk for Identity Theft

  5. Kyle from Suburban Dollar presents When Debtors Go AWOL

  6. Mighty Bargain Hunter tells us to Do this and you’ll manage your checking account successfully

  7. Peter from Bible Money Matters presents 10 Attributes Of The Perpetually Broke

  8. J. Money from Budgets Are Sexy presents Does it matter who the “breadwinner” is anymore?

  9. Baker from Man Vs. Debt presents 92 Quotes About Debt That’ll Make You Think, Laugh, & Tweet! Here’s a massive compilation of 90+ famous quotes on debt that are all less than 120 characters long!

  10. Patrick from Cash Money Life presents The Early Adopters Tax. Electronics are very expensive when they are first released and you can save a lot of money by waiting until the second generation of the item is released

Halloween/Spooky Themed Articles:


The rest of the best…


  • Free Money Finance reveals Who Doesn’t Pay Taxes Only half of Americans pay for income taxes. Yikes, this makes me angry that only half of us contribute to the luxuries that our community provides.

  • Michael B. Rubin from Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck tells us that the First time home buyer tax credit may actually expire. Rumors flying around Congress that it will be saved and that it will expire. Which is it?


  • Susan from Brain Dead Simple tells a story about a Financial Organizing Soap Opera Episode #1. Meet Holly & Jack, fictional characters facing a real-life financial organizing and planning challenge.

  • Henry Stern from InsureBlog explains Budgeting for Healthcare. He asks, “What could be more scary than facing a big bill for unexpected health care?” I don’t know, maybe a blood-sucking vampire? Check out the video!

  • Jason from One Money Design presents The Bucket Budget: A Simplistic Approach to Budgeting. The bucket budgeting is a great approach to budgeting for those who like to keep it simple or don’t like to budget.”



Being in a lot of debt can be scary, but not quite as scary as the Jigsaw character from the scariest movie I’ve ever seen, the original “Saw”.



  • The Credit Toolbox presents Debt All Rolled into One. Is your debt spread out in a million different places? Consider consolidating it!

  • Carrie On The Cheap reminds us What You May Be Forgetting When You’re The Victim Of Identity Theft Carrie was a victim of identity theft, and she has learned some tough lessons!

  • Brad Chaffee from Enemy of Debt presents his EOD Challenge: Need Motivation To Pay Off Debt? I think that by challenging yourself to take a “nice challenging” hike, you will give yourself a glimpse into how getting out of debt feels.”

  • Craig Ford from Money Help For Christians explains How Not to Recover From Bankruptcy. This post challenges some conventional beliefs about the best ways to recover from bankruptcy.

  • Xanthia Berry from Becoming Zofie presents Catch 22: Student Loans.

  • Clint from Accumulating Money explains How Balance Transfers Work

  • The Smarter Wallet presents How 0% Balance Transfer Credit Cards Can Save You Money

  • Banker, Saver presents Should You Get Branded Retail Credit Cards?

  • Cecil Dellison from Clear Choice Credit Cards explains that a Tougher Credit Card Situation Helps Pawn Shops.

  • Mr Credit Card from Ask Mr Credit Card reveals that Citibank closes Shell Credit Card Accounts.

  • Economy

    Money Management



    Personal Finance



    • Adam from Rabbit Funds outlines a Review of writing a Will on LegalZoom. He gives his honest review of what he liked and didn’t like about preparing a last will and testament on

    • Silicon Valley Blogger from The Digerati Life presents Free High Yield Checking Accounts A review of several quality checking accounts that offer a return on your money.

    Next Week’s Carnival will be hosted by: THE CENTSIBLE LIFE

    Happy Halloween everyone! I hope it is very safe for you and your kids. Remember, you can do a lot of fun stuff with the family without spending much money at all!

    photo credits: officially dead, Hub Pages, Night Side, and Life In The Present

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