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The Coupon Clippers Review – Find & Buy Grocery Coupons Online

By Kira Botkin

If you’re new to the world of extreme couponing, you probably don’t have weeks of coupons saved up yet, but you’re taunted by listings on The Grocery Game for sales on items you use frequently. “Oh! If only I had the coupons for those items!” you lament. Well, some industrious ladies in Florida have got you covered.

The Coupon Clippers gathers a vast array of coupons and provides them for purchases that can be used towards thousands of different items. Prices are very reasonable at usually about 10-20% of face value of the coupons. There are also usually over a thousand of each individual coupon available, so you can stock up big time! I’ve made two purchases from them and received the coupons very quickly with no issues at all.

Woman with a bag of groceriesWhat’s available?
The Coupon Clippers provides access to coupons available in the Sunday circulars as well as in other papers and magazines as well. You can find coupons on many different items, from pet products and baby items to canned and baked goods. Many coupons are from different circulars than you might have access to at home, so The Coupon Clippers will frequently have coupons you won’t get in your local paper.

How do you order?
Each coupon on the site is listed by category, such as dairy, frozen, laundry, or pet. Click a category and go through the list of coupons available. You’ll see the face value of the coupon, its expiration date, what purchases it can be used towards, and the price of the coupon itself. Enter in the number of coupons you want to purchase (the more inexpensive coupons frequently have a 5-coupon minimum purchase) and when you’re finished looking through that category, click the “Add to Cart” button at the bottom of the list. All the coupons for which you entered a quantity will be put in your basket. You’ll also see on each coupon the number that they have remaining in their inventory – so if that number is low, you better checkout fast!

Checkout is quick and simple. You must have an order total of at least $3.94 including the administrative fee of 50 cents. Shipping is 44 cents and up depending on the number of coupons you purchase – they’re sent by regular US mail unless you choose to upgrade to a faster shipping method. On the left sidebar, there’s a notice stating when the orders will ship, which is usually one to two business days from the date of order. The Coupon Clippers accepts Visa and MasterCard directly, but you can also use PayPal as well.

Why would I buy coupons? Don’t I get them in the Sunday paper anyway?
The obvious answers to these questions are that 1) you simply don’t have access to all the coupons available on Coupon Clippers and 2) it’s almost impossible to keep track of all the coupons that comes through your mail. On the latter of these points, the Coupon Clippers provides an easy way to navigate coupons by category to see what fits your needs at any point in time.

But there is another significant advantage as well: if you’re on your way to becoming an extreme couponer, you know that you can never have enough coupons to get the very best deals. For example, did you know that you can use both a manufacturer’s coupon and a store coupon on the same item? Or that you can use two coupons on a Buy One Get One Free deal? Also, if you see a coupon in your paper for an item that you buy in large quantities and go through quickly, you can order “extras” of these coupons and use them on multiple shopping trips.

My one word of caution is to make sure that the coupons you buy are ones that you actually need. Don’t let good deals or coupons pressure you into making purchases that you wouldn’t otherwise make!

Final Word
The Coupon Clippers provides a really neat service that can save all of us a ton of money. It makes couponing not only much easier, but also considerably more effective. I’d suggest at least giving the service a shot and seeing what kind of positive financial difference it makes in your life. It has saved me a ton of money and, perhaps more importantly, removed a lot of the inconvenience that normally accompanies coupon clipping.

Are you ready to coupon your heart out and start saving some sweet money with The Coupon Clippers? If you decide to try out the service, definitely let me know how the experience goes. I’d also love to hear feedback from anyone that has used The Coupon Clippers before.

The Coupon Clippers

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Kira Botkin
Kira is a longtime blogger and serial entrepreneur who enjoys gardening, garage sales, and finding stray animals. She lives in Columbus, Ohio, where football is a distinct season, and by day runs a research study for people with multiple sclerosis. She hopes that the MoneyCrashers team can help you achieve your goals and live a great life.

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    Dear Kira,

    Your blog was very informative. I didn’t realize that you could actually buy coupons or that you can use a manufacturer coupon and a store coupon at the same time.

    I’d now like to return the favor by helping you save money too. When I got involved in the day-to-day care of my parents, I discovered they were spending almost $250.00 per month on deductibles for their medications – even though they have insurance!

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    Maria ?

    PS – if you have any constructive criticism, PLEASE let me know your ideas.

    • Kira

      Thanks for the tip! My two prescriptions are actually on there. :)

      • jessica

        just wondering how to use coupon codes…do you just wright it down or what i dont have a printer so im unable to print anything at this time;0)

        • Kira Botkin

          I’m not sure what you’re referring to.. a coupon code is an online coupon, so you just copy it into a box during checkout when you’re purchasing something online. You don’t have to write it down or print it out.

      • jessica

        just wondering how to use coupon codes…do you just wright it down or what i dont have a printer so im unable to print anything at this time;0)



  • Kira Botkin

    Hi Maria, generally you can’t use two identical coupons, but some stores will let you use a store coupon (like the ones that print out at the register) and a coupon from the Sunday circular (a manufacturer coupon) at the same time. Store coupons are pretty hard to come by though, so most people will get greater mileage out of combining Sunday circular coupons and store sales. That is where you get the great savings! No store will honor multiple manufacturer coupons for the same item, and some stores won’t let you use more than four of the same coupon in one transaction even if you are buying the appropriate number of items. So sometimes you have to be creative and make multiple trips. :)

  • nicole

    I made a coupon list, went to buy them, and guess what? they don’t ship to Canada.

  • joan

    of course they wouldn’t even work in Canada (as a fellow Canadian living in the U.S)… Mostly they would only be valid in the United States. ‘sure there is some similar Canadian site.

  • Kira Botkin

    I was going to post some links, but Googling “canadian grocery coupons” came up with just so many great sites that I can’t list them all. Try it out!

  • h. smith

    do you know how long it takes them to ship the coupons…i dont want to be waiting so long that the sale i wanted them for is over

  • Kira Botkin

    On the top left of the site it tells you when they’ll ship coupons if you ordered them now. You can choose to have them shipped faster, but regular first class mail usually got me the coupons within five days. Unless you order the coupons the second you see the sale, I wouldn’t count on getting them in time for a weekly sale, but a two-week sale is plenty of time.

  • Drew_r_u

    It’s a disaster for Mac users, don’t even try downloading the clipper software, it doesn’t work, on either of my Macs, despite having downloaded it from 4 different browsers. If you’ve got a Mac, just don’t bother with this junk, I wouldn’t be surprised if contained viruses.

    • Kira Botkin

      This site sells physical coupons and you don’t need to download anything to use the site.

    • Guest

      I have a mac and the coupon sites work fine for me.

  • Carolyn Parker

    This sounds great. cant wait to start saving

  • Guest

    If the idea is to save money then why the heck would you want to buy coupons or buy more then one paper to get them. There has to be other ways to get the coupons without having to spend money to get them

  • Goose213

    I just want to clarify before I try it- if you have 2 bogo coupons you can take those coupons and 2 of the items and they will end up being totally free? Thanks!

  • Alicia D

    Hello my names alicia I’m 29 with 4 growing boys and would love to start couponing can you help me? Please email me [email protected] thanks

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