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    I agree that many businesses make the mistake of broadcasting direct marketing info at consumers. People pick up and leave quickly when a brand’s social media strategy is really just a digital megaphone. I think the key is to be genuine and understand the bottom line: social media can help promote an outstanding product or service, but it won’t magically gain publicity if there’s nothing outstanding in the first place!

  • http://www.splashlabsocial.com/ Todd J Scott

    Great article Erik! I totally agree with you that some small businesses will often quit their social media campaigns because they are looking for direct results immediately – when it often takes some tweaking to find just the right approach to the specific crowd they are talking to. It’s a good idea to get more centered on a unique brand strategy.

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    Facebook Advertising has been a big plus to everyones business in todays world we can update our customer inform them instantly about any maintainance we are doing ..I mean things are instant in today world.. thanks .

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    Thanks for the tips

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