• Bobby Allison

    I am in a midlife crisis and I can tell you that this article is right on!

    • Sebastian

      It’s a first world problem, you probably have to be rich and comfortable to have one, because those of us who aren’t are mostly just trying not to drown financially.

      You risk f*** up your perfect life with this nonsense by the looks of things.

      • Doodingston

        Says the person replying on a disqus forum. You are just as “first world” as him you fool.

  • Siva

    I heard this phrase ‘mid life crisis’ and tried google. This is the first article I came across and it exactly describes what i am going through. I was also not able to put together what i was going through and this article helps me identify that.

  • frustrated wife

    I think this is a crock! I am here taking care of our 5 kids and he gets to have a “crisis.” How convenient.

    • joe35

      Women can have them, too, you know. So it’s not simply an “excuse” guys of a certain age can take advantage of. It can easily affect both sexes, but manifest itself in different ways.

  • Frustrated Wife

    My husband is 36 and i believe he is going through this. because during the start of this year all of a sudden he is really into losing weight and happy one day and miserable the next. also he is wanting to do things he never did before. it is putting a strain on our marriage and causing issues with our 6 year old daughter. i just let him be but it is really hard to deal with because i have health issues and it is like i don’t even want to ask him because he seems like he doesn’t even care about me anymore. needless to say it is a very stressful time and i hope that it ends soon before something happens.

  • Guest

    I think the only symptom of this my spouse has is increased alcohol consumption. I don’t know what to do about it though It’s not affecting their occupation, but it’s every night. Not an unpleasant drunk at all, but still I worry.

  • Sebastian

    Sorry. :-(

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