Win $500 In The Credit Card Chaser Love/Hate Credit Cards Contest

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Still need some extra cash for holiday gifts? Are you running out of cash and thinking of turning to credit cards? Well, wants to give you $500 in the form of an American Express gift card. The contest is easy. Tell them what you LOVE about a particular credit card and tell them what you HATE about a particular credit card. But you don’t have much time, the contest ends at 12pm tomorrow! So, get your creative juices flowing and submit your answers!

Here are the rules:

  1. Tell us why you LOVE a particular credit card or credit card company/bank (i.e. “I love my Discover More Card because I used my cash back rewards from my credit card to buy my son a Nerf gun, a new bike, and the Lord of the Rings DVD box set”) – NOTE: If you do not use a credit card then feel free to make your story about a debit card instead (i.e. “I love my PerkStreet Financial Debit Card because I get 1% cash back on all of my purchases and so I used the card to do all of my Christmas shopping”).
  2. Tell us why you HATE a particular credit card or credit card company/bank (i.e. “I hate Chase because they jacked up my interest rate and decreased my credit limit even though I have never made a late payment”).
  3. There are two ways to submit your entry and two different prize levels: A) Submit your entry by writing a blog post about this contest and telling your LOVE/HATE story (be sure to link to this page so I can show your track back comment – bonus points if you can also link to one of your favorite credit cards listed on our “Compare Cards” page) to have a chance at winning a $500 American Express gift card OR B) Leave a comment below telling your LOVE/HATE story to have a chance at winning a $100 American Express gift card.

Get writing to submit your entry before 12pm!!!

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  • Angie

    I love my Chase Freedom credit card because of the 1% – 3% cashback, PLUS the $50 bonus they give me whenever my rewards dollars reaches $200. This year my rewards dollars alone funded my summer vacation! Sweet!

    I hate Bank of America credit cards because they hike up interest rates to rediculous amounts even though there never was a late payment on the account.

  • Sarah R

    I can’t say I love any credit cards. I’m anti credit. But as for the ones I have, my Chase is my favorite. I happened into a Chase card when they bought WaMu and although I don’t have any of their special fancy member benefits, they are at least staying true to their commitments with me.

    My least favorite at the moment is my Target Visa. They just jacked up the interest rate to 29.99% even though I’ve never paid late, have never gone over my limit, and have kept my balance at zero. And they wonder why it’s the only card I never carry a balance on.

    • Debbie

      I agree.. I am trying to get another credit card so I can transfer my balance… I am making 50-75 payments each week to pay this off. I will be celebrating when this card is out of my life.

  • Judith V

    I use I use a discover card whenever I can. I get rewards for my purchases. I can use the reward in ways. Pay on my card, purchase gift card (with an additional 5 to 40% discount), donate to charity.
    There is no membership cost.

    I hate my Bank of America card. It was originally MBNA whih sold and resold. I have this card from 1986 with a $27000 credit limit. Never late but when B of A took over they reduced the credit limit to $2000. This in turn lowered my credit score (debt to available credit). Imagine that.

  • Bonny Sallee

    I hate Capital One because the interest rate is high.

  • Steva Spottswood

    I love my debit card because I can’t get myself into debt trouble. I use a simple Walmart debit card where I can cash my checks for free and deposit them onto the card. I only pay a $3.00 a month fee for the use of it.

  • Vickie Couturier

    I love my Disney Visa Card,it has NO yearly premium to use an if I pay it off at the end of each month there is NO interest charge an I collect disney points an yes I plan to use them this summer,I will NOT use any card that charges you for the use of it,an I have used cards before the same way as the Disney one an taken several cruises with them,only paying for my airfare or gas to drive to the ship,an ive NEVER paid a dime in interest or yearly charge to have the card,it can be done right IF you use your head an pay the balance promptly when you get your statement

  • Dee

    Actually I hate all credit cards….They have come and gone and come back again in my lifetime. I do like my Credit Union for many reasons, low interest and no fees. I am trying to use the credit union for more and more these days. I really think they are a safe bet and I like the personal service. I hate Chase…they have a monopoly on way too many things. They now own one of my credit cards and mortgage and they don’t care about anything except the bottom line. We have always tried to keep our eggs in more than one basket. Impossible with a company like Chase that goes around buying up everything. I really like the small guy more than the big guy. Big guy Chase comes in and changes everything in a polite letter. No thanks…..

  • Chrysostom

    I love all of my credit cards that give me cash back, so, between the set of them, I live at a 3.7% discount. I don’t like Fifth Third Bank very much after they accused me of stealing my own identity (seriously).