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G. Brian Davis

G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor, personal finance writer, and travel addict mildly obsessed with FIRE. He spends nine months of the year in Abu Dhabi, and splits the rest of the year between his hometown of Baltimore and traveling the world.
Employee Career Growing Stepping Up Promotion

How Older Employees Can Protect Against Layoffs & Forced Retirement

A multi-decade study by ProPublica and the Urban Institute found that over half (56%) of employees over 50 have been fired, forced to retire early, or otherwise pushed out of their jobs before they...
Portfolio Analysis Charts Graphs Laptop Research Businessman

Should You Rebalance Your Investment Portfolio? – Strategies to Consider hear it repeatedly from new investors: "I want to get more serious about my investments, but everything I read about investing sounds like a foreign language!" One of those new vocabulary terms that personal...
Equity Investments Reit Etf Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds Commodities

12 Ways to Reduce Risk in Your Stock Investment Portfolio

Nervous about bear markets, crashes, and corrections? Equities offer outstanding returns in the long term, but their volatility can be terrifying in the short term, especially for new investors. Fortunately, investors have plenty of options...
Personal Development Concept Soaring Flying

10 Personal Development Lessons I’ve Learned From 200 Hours of Audiobooks

I've listened to a lot of personal development audiobooks over the years. Despite listening to hundreds of hours, I've always been reluctant to write about personal development. I like the tangibility of facts, stats, actionable...
Investing As A Student Chalkboard Coins Jar

Investing as a Student: 7 Ways to Get Started Young With Under $1,000

The world of investing is a scary place for students with less than $1,000 to their name. Most don't know where to begin, and the idea of risking hard-earned money that took all summer...
Travel World Map

15 Ways to Travel the World for Free (or Even Get Paid)

Do you dream of seeing the world, but you don't have a fat travel fund to do it? Today, there are more opportunities than ever before to travel the world on the cheap - or,...
Stock Market Crash Stressed Trader

Sequence of Returns Risk – How It Can Make or Break Your Retirement

Every day, roughly 10,000 American baby boomers reach retirement age. But are they financially ready for retirement? According to data compiled by Comet Financial Intelligence, a shocking 42% of baby boomers have nothing – that's...
Retirement Cane Clock Coins Plan

Safe Withdrawal Rates for Retirement – Does the 4% Rule Still Apply?

How much do you need to retire? How much money can you pull out of your nest egg every year in retirement without worrying that you'll run dry? At the core of both questions...
European Countries Hearts Flag Map

11 European Countries to Visit While They’re Still Cheap

Everyone knows European travel is expensive - or is it? Far too many Americans take one look at the cost of a week in the Latin Quarter in Paris and abandon any hope of European...
Budget Income Expenses Pen Calculator

10 Steps to Switch to a Single-Income Family

Ever daydream about switching to a single-income household so you or your spouse could stay home with the kids? It's not as old-fashioned as it sounds. In fact, more millennial parents (21%) are staying home...
Rebuild Finances Credit After Bankruptcy

7 Steps to Rebuild Your Finances & Credit After Bankruptcy

Few life events are as stressful as bankruptcy. Every penny, asset, and source of income is put under the microscope for dissection. When it's over and you finally receive your discharge or dismissal, you...