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G. Brian Davis

G. Brian Davis is a real estate investor, personal finance writer, and travel addict mildly obsessed with FIRE. He spends nine months of the year in Abu Dhabi, and splits the rest of the year between his hometown of Baltimore and traveling the world.
Alternative Home Models Molds Miniature Colorful

7 Alternative Real Estate Investments Most People Ignore (and How to Invest in Them)

Quick, name three ways to invest in real estate. You probably jumped straight to real estate investment trusts (REITs), long-term rental properties purchased through a company like Roofstock, and short-term house flipping. These are all reasonable...
Property Investment Home House Keys

7 Tips to Follow When Buying Your First Real Estate Investment Property

Real estate comes with incredible benefits for investors. As a source of passive income, it never dries up or matures, but instead provides ongoing income with no loss of assets. In fact, the underlying asset...
Short Term Investment Coins Savings Jar

10 Best Short-Term Investments to Safely Park Your Money for Under a Year

"I have a little cash in my bank account, and I'll need to access it in under a year. Where can I invest it short-term for a better return than my checking account?" I hear...
Enabling Grown Adult Child

How to Stop Enabling Your Grown Adult Child & Promote Financial Independence

Parents spend twice as much on their adult children as they invest for retirement. Where do the financial obligations of parenting end? For many parents, it’s clearly not when Junior turns 18. As a parent, it’s up to you to draw boundaries and give your adult child the push they need to become an independent grown-up. Here’s how you can wean your adult child off the Bank of Mom and Dad and get your own finances back on track.
Timing The Market Stop Watch

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Try to Time the Market – What to Do...

Everyone feels the temptation to try to time the market - the stock market, the housing market, any market. It's human nature to try to be cleverer than everyone else. And it's only the...
Financial Goals Priorities Notebook

Setting Your Long-Term Personal Financial Goals & Priorities – Examples

There's no one-size-fits-all financial advice because everyone's financial priorities are different. And even when two people share similar financial goals, they can take several routes to reach the same destination. So how do you determine...
Man Working Remotely On Beach Laptop Summer Ocean

Lifestyle Design: How to Create Your Perfect Life on a Budget

It’s far too easy to drift on life’s current rather than steer your own ship. But if you don’t define and create your ideal life, you end up living your boss’s vision, your parents’ vision, your spouse’s vision, “the Joneses’” vision — everyone’s idea of what your life should look like except your own. It’s time to take back control over your own life, from your career to your finances to your personal life. And you can do it all while living frugally.
House Horizon Sunset Cityscape

House Hacking: 10 Real Estate Strategies to Live for Free

According to Business Insider, Americans blow an average of 37% of their after-tax income on one expense: housing. Imagine what you could do with all that extra money if you no longer had to...
Millennials Money Phones Coffee

15 Surprising Facts About Millennials and Their Money

There’s a lot of hype around millennials, especially when it comes to money. Are they richer or poorer than previous generations were? Strapped with more debt? Better or worse educated? Here are the facts about millennials that range from troubling to promising to surprising.
Home Equity Loan Vs Heloc

Home Equity Loan vs. Line of Credit (HELOC) – Which Is Right for You?

You have several options to pull equity from your home, the two most common being home equity loans (second mortgages) and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs). Like any other debt, each of these come with their own risks and advantages. Here’s what you need to know about home equity loans and HELOCs before signing on the dotted line for additional debt.
Morning Brew Newsletter Logo

Morning Brew Review – Boost Your Career & Finances With This 5-Minute Business Newsletter

Want to be better-informed about business and financial news, but don’t want to read The Wall Street Journal cover to cover every morning? You’re not alone. Over a million subscribers to Morning Brew feel similarly, preferring their business news quirky rather than murky. Morning Brew dispenses with the typical dull, overly professional tone and brings a youthful swagger and hefty dose of humor to the news.
Hobbies That Make You Money Paint Brush Cash

31 Hobbies That Can Actually Make You Money

Everyone needs time to unwind, but not every hobby has to be expensive. Many hobbies are virtually free, and some can even pay you money. Whether you've already thought about monetizing a hobby or the...