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Marisa Bell-Metereau

A grant writer and personal finance fanatic, Marisa is an avid traveler who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. When she’s not reading or writing for work or play, she enjoys running, thrifting, and searching for the most authentic Mexican food in the city.
Diy Beauty Avocado Sugar Honey Grapefruit Natural

11 Green Alternatives to Disposable Beauty Products

A good green beauty routine includes reducing your plastic use to the bare minimum. Zero Waste Week, a U.K.-based organization, estimates the cosmetics industry produces over 120 billion units of packaging, including plastic wrapping, cases,...
Instagram Phone Money

How Instagram Influencers Are Making You Overspend and How to Resist

While our real-life friends may not give us immediate opportunities to purchase the products they share with us, some of our online “friends” do. If you’re on Instagram, it’s likely that some of the people you follow are constantly showing you new products to buy and a lifestyle to aspire to. Instagram has a whopping one billion active monthly users worldwide and growing. It's easier than ever to fall into the trap of keeping up, and overspending as a result. Here's how you can avoid that.
Digital Detox From Electronics Phone

How to Use a Digital Detox to Reset Your Spending & Save Money

Could you go an entire day without using your smartphone? What about a whole weekend? Do you remember what you did with your spare time before you had your phone attached to your hand...
Non Profit Business Organization Phone Laptop Business Strategy Planning

Working for a Nonprofit Organization – Types, Jobs, Pros & Cons

If spending your days helping people or working for a cause you feel passionately about sounds like your dream job, then working for a nonprofit might be the best career path for you. However, depending on the organization and your role there, they can also pay less than a similar job in the private sector, and some may be understaffed and underfunded. If you’re considering working for a not-for-profit organization, here’s a detailed look at the benefits and drawbacks to consider.
Money Transfer International From Laptop Remote

6 Best Ways to Send or Transfer Money Internationally With Less Fees

People send money overseas for many reasons. According to data from the World Bank, migrants living in the U.S. sent an estimated $625 billion to friends and family members in their home countries in 2017 alone....
Camping Essentials

16 Camping Gear Essentials – Checklist of Outdoor Supplies & Equipment You Need

Make sure your next camping trip doesn’t go awry by knowing exactly what you’ll need for your pre-camping checklist. Here’s a comprehensive list of the essentials you need, from survival gear to sleeping bags and eating utensils. Use this checklist to prepare efficiently for your next outdoor adventure.
Pile Mobile Phones

Planned Obsolescence: How to Resist This Sneaky Tech Manufacturing Tactic

An industry term used by marketers and manufacturers, planned obsolescence is the practice of making a product out-of-date or archaic within a specific period. It’s done by introducing a newer, “better,” or more fashionable version, or by intentionally designing the product to break and become useless quickly. Planned obsolescence spurs consumer demand and ensures future sales. You can avoid this sneaky tactic by using smart strategies.
Hotel Room Key In Lock

10 Cheap Hotel Room Alternatives to Consider When Traveling

Every savvy traveler knows that behind airfare, lodging is often the biggest expense when you're planning a trip. The good news is that if you're traveling on a budget, there are many great alternatives...
Runner Practicing Racing Speed Training

9 Tips to Keep Running Affordable When You’re on a Tight Budget

Running is one of the most popular forms of exercise, with its low barrier to entry and myriad health benefits. But when you factor in all the expensive accessories, training plans, and high-dollar fitness challenges...
Letting Go Endowment Effect Woman Tossing Hat In Field

The Endowment Effect – What It Is and How It Can Sabotage Your Budget

Have you ever been reluctant to let go of something you knew you didn't need, just because you paid good money for it and don't want to give it away for free? Do you...
South America Map Compass

10 Best Places to Visit in South America – Inexpensive Travel Destinations

From dazzling beaches to breathtaking mountains, South America is full of things to see and do. It's also full of inexpensive destinations that will knock your socks off. Whether your interests include hiking through...
Negotiating Negotiation Table Of Employees Meeting Laptop Data

10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Negotiate on Price

Most people know you shouldn't pay the sticker price on a car and that it's important to negotiate a job offer, but there are plenty of other things you can haggle for that you...