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Sally Aquire

Sally is a UK-based freelance writer. As well as personal finance, she also writes on health & beauty and lifestyle topics. When she's not writing, she enjoys reading, shopping, hanging out with friends and generally making the most of her downtime!
Best Natural Acne Treatment

4 Best Natural Acne Treatments & Home Remedies for Acne

As anyone who has suffered from skin blemishes knows, acne remedies don't come cheap and the costs really add up when you have to switch around to find something that works. As a teen, I...
Find Job Internship Opportunities

How To Find A Job Using Internship Opportunities

In my post on how to find a job that isn't advertised, I received a comment that inspired this post. For those who haven't seen it, Lauren shared her situation with us: "My problem is that...
Quality Time Tips Without Overspending

Naked Monopoly? 5 Tips for Having Quality Time Together Without Overspending

Being romantic doesn't need to be expensive. In fact, ditching the extravagant ideas can give much more scope for showing that special someone how much you care about them. This topic has been the...
Find Unadvertised Jobs

How to Find The Jobs That Aren’t Advertised

If you're looking for a new job, does your search start and end with job postings? If so, you're missing out on a whole host of job opportunities by not casting your net a...

Shoeboxed Review – Scan and Organize Your Business Receipts

Being self-employed, I have more than a few receipts to keep track of in preparation for completing the dreaded tax return. Unfortunately, I'm not always the most organized person in the world so I...
Manage Back School List

How to Manage Your Back To School List

If you were to buy all of the so-called essential back-to-school items featured in advertisements, it's safe to assume that you'd be either broke and/or staggering under the weight of it all. It's common...
Find Free Samples

How To Find Free Samples

Lately, I've been wasting far too much money on impulse buys that don't turn out to be anything nearly as good as I expected. Like most people, I can't really afford to do this...
Save Money 4th July Party

How To Save Money On Your 4th of July Party

Hosting a 4th of July party is a great way to get your friends and family together for the celebration, but many people are put off by the potential costs. If you assume that you'd...
Throwing Budget Baby Shower

Throwing a Budget Baby Shower

If you're reading this post, there's a pretty good chance that someone close to you has recently announced their pregnancy. Once the congratulations have been dished out, your thoughts might turn towards throwing a...

LendingTree Review – Taking The Hassle Away From Loan Shopping

As you can probably tell from the name, LendingTree deals with loans. More specifically, it acts as a convenient way for consumers to find loan options. I've had some personal experiences using LendingTree and want...
Graduation Ceremony Attire

Graduation Attire – What to Wear to a Graduation Ceremony (on a Budget)

Judging from the comments on my recent post about going to a wedding for less, it seems that graduation ceremonies are definitely hitting people hard at this time of the year. I've opted to...
Stop Friends Pushing You Into Debt

How to Stop Expensive Friends Pushing You Into Debt

Are friends with expensive tastes encouraging you to spend more than you want to? I have one particular friend who always insists on going to expensive restaurants while she's visiting. Granted, she only visits...