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Woman Donation Box Stuff

28 Best Places to Donate Your Used Stuff (Charities & Thrift...

Few things make it easier to let go of possessions than knowing they’re going to a worthy cause. But to maximize the good your stuff can do, you have to know the best places to donate different types of merchandise. These charities have different niches, but they all allow you to help those in need.
Roommates Fighting

Managing Money With Roommates – 9 Do’s & Don’ts

Living with other adults isn’t easy. There are plenty of money problems that can ruin a roommate relationship, from arguments over who owes what to confusion over how to split groceries. If you want smooth financial sailing with your housemates, follow these simple dos and don’ts.
Stuffed Animal Stethoscope Wooden Blocks

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) – Coverage & How It Works

The Children’s Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, provides low-cost health coverage to kids whose families can’t easily afford health care but aren’t poor enough to qualify for Medicaid, providing coverage for 9.6 million American children. Learn about CHIP coverage, how it works, and how to apply.
Coronavirus Asian Toddler Student Going To School Back Pack Mask

How to Help Your Kids Prevent the Spread of Germs at...

Parents and caregivers need to show kids and teens what they can do to build healthy habits during the school year and avoid illnesses like the common cold. These habits are especially crucial right now, with COVID-19 cases rising and seasonal flu approaching.
Container Garden Tomatoes Pots Fresh Organic

Container Gardening 101: How to Grow Your Own Food in Plant...

More and more people are enjoying the benefits of food gardening. But you don’t have to dig a plot in the ground to grow your own fruits and vegetables. It’s relatively easy to begin container gardening. You just need a few basic supplies and some tips to get your garden going on the cheap.
Senior Citizen Gardening Vegetables Backyard Lettuce Rain Boots

35 Ways to Save Money on a Home Vegetable Garden

Penny-pinchers and green thumbs alike often tout gardening as a way to save on groceries. But it’s easy to spend a small fortune on it. Fortunately, with a few DIY skills, you don’t have to spend a lot. It’s possible to start your own vegetable garden for next to nothing.
Home Vegetable Garden Ideas Wood

5 Home Vegetable Garden Ideas & Types You Can Start on...

A home produce garden can have many benefits for your health and wallet. It offers a chance to save money on groceries while enjoying homegrown flavor and freshness. But the cost, space, and time requirements of gardening turn off some people. Fortunately, each of these problems has a solution.
Home Energy Effiency Calculation Calculator House Cost

How to Get a Home Energy-Efficiency Audit & Assessment – Cost...

Energy costs can really impact household budgets, but a home energy audit can lower your monthly bill. Doing a DIY audit is easy, or you can hire a professional to do it for you. Find out how to do your own home energy audit, how to save on a professional audit, and which you should choose.
Various Seeds On Spoons Sesame Flax Sunflower Pine

How to Have a Seed Swap With Other Gardeners in Your...

My husband and I are avid gardeners. Our yard isn’t huge, but it’s big enough for a 100-square-foot vegetable garden that provides us with fresh...
Home Generator

Home Generator Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best for...

A power outage is a nuisance at best. At worst, a blackout can pose an actual danger to life and limb. A backup power generator is the ideal solution. It provides emergency power so you can keep all your vital systems online. To get the right generator for you, read this guide to buying generators.
Girl Roommates Fighting

9 Risks of Living With a Roommate and How to Protect...

Roommates aren’t just for college students; housemates can help you lower your cost of living. But joining your household with another adult can invite new challenges. Learn about the most common problems and issues you might encounter when looking for a roommate and how to protect yourself.
Coeur Dalene Idaho Home Vacation

10 Best American Vacation Towns to Live in Year-Round

Not every tourist-friendly town is a good candidate for a full-time relocation, but some occupy a sweet spot with ample employment opportunities, reasonable living costs, and plenty of recreational opportunities. Here are the best tourist-friendly American towns that you can live in year-round.