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FlexJobs Review – Features & Pricing for Remote Job Seekers

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  • Cost: Access partial job listings for free; $6.95 for one week; $14.95 for one month; $44.85 for three months; $179.40 per year
  • Features: Employee profile to attract employers; expert job search tips and resources; thousands of jobs across more than 50 categories
  • Advantages: Advanced job search filters; daily job postings, high-quality listings; career coaching options
  • Disadvantages: Monthly cost compared to free job boards; job search resources don’t necessarily help experienced employees

Whether you’re looking for part-time work, a new office job, or a telecommuting position, online job boards are one of the most efficient ways to start your job search. According to Linkedin, online job boards are also the most popular method people use to find new opportunities.

However, there are hundreds of online job boards, and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. Additionally, not all job boards properly vet postings, so it’s important to work efficiently by only applying to quality jobs and to avoid scams. This is particularly true for finding remote jobs, where work-at-home scams are an unfortunate obstacle.

Thankfully, with FlexJobs, you can find high-quality, remote, flexible working arrangements at thousands of companies. This platform comes at a premium, but if you can find your dream job by using FlexJobs, the price is certainly worth it.

Key Features

FlexJobs began in 2007, and the platform has grown into a popular job board for people seeking a remote job or flexible work schedule. Currently, FlexJobs has thousands of job listings across more than 50 categories, and the website caters to a variety of professionals, including:

You can find jobs across dozens of industries on FlexJobs. There are also listings for entry level positions, experienced employees, and senior-level positions. Fortune 500 companies, startups, and medium-sized businesses also add a range of potential employers.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for a flexible work schedule, FlexJobs has thousands of job opportunities. Additionally, there are several features that help make your job search more efficient and successful.

1. Quality Job Posts

Job listing quality is a distinct aspect of FlexJobs. While many job boards are a sea of expired listings and low-quality postings, FlexJobs emphasizes reputable employers and putting job seekers first.

All listings are manually screened to ensure legitimacy, so it’s a safe way to start your job search and to skip the aggravation of encountering scams. Employers also need a complete company profile and working website. This means you can use FlexJobs to find a legitimate job without having to worry about scammers.

2. Flexible Plans and Frequent Discounts

Many freelance websites and job sites are free for job seekers. Employers pay per listing, but this means employers are the real clients. This employer-first relationship can jeopardize the integrity of a job board and make it so job seekers are just an afterthought.

FlexJobs requires employers to pay. However, to unlock all of the job seeker perks and listing information, you pay for a monthly membership. According to FlexJobs, this helps maintain a high standard for job listings and makes job seekers the clientele that matters most.

Paid plans include:

  • One Week: $6.95
  • One Month: $14.95
  • Three Months: $44.85
  • One Year: $179.40

It’s worth keeping an eye on promotions before committing to a plan. Historically, FlexJobs has run discounts of over 50% on their annual plan.

FlexJobs has a 30 day money-back guarantee that covers the cost of a weekly and one month plan. Three-month and annual plans are only partially refunded, so it’s best to try FlexJobs for a month before committing to longer plans.

3. Comprehensive Job Board

FlexJobs has more than 25,000 listings from nearly 5,000 companies. Additionally, the platform serves a range of industries and job types, so there are opportunities for anyone seeking a work-at-home job with a flexible schedule.

It’s worth noting that free members can view short descriptions of jobs to get a sense of what listings are like. This is useful for gauging whether FlexJobs is right for you. However, to read an entire listing, you need a membership.

4. Advanced Search Features

FlexJobs has numerous advanced job search options to help you find the perfect job. Examples of search filters include:

  • Specific keywords to include or exclude in your job search
  • Location
  • Job category
  • Career level
  • Work schedule and remote-friendliness
  • Travel requirements

Plus, FlexJobs also lets you search for award-winning employees. Awards include accolades like the top remote companies, best companies in various states, and the most ethical companies. Award badges are displayed on job listings.

5. Personal Profile

Another advantage of becoming a FlexJobs member is creating your own profile. Your profile lets you upload a resume, work sample, and list of skills. If you want to make your application stand out against the competition, this is a quick way to do so.

You also enter basic information that helps FlexJobs promote jobs that match your profile in your job search feed. Information includes:

  • Job categories you’re interested in
  • Your career level
  • Your education level
  • The type of role you’re looking for

Once you create a profile and choose to activate it, employers can find you first. If they think you’re a strong candidate, they can contact you to ask for additional information or schedule an interview. Finding a new job is often a time-consuming process, so features that let employers do the work are a bonus.

Finally, you create a title for your FlexJobs resume. Ideally, your title helps employers quickly identify your skills and career goals. Examples of strong resume titles include:

  • “Writer and Creative Professional Seeking Project-Based Remote Work”
  • “IT Support Technician with Three Years Remote Experience”
  • “Flexible Customer Service/Office Professional typing 80 WPM”

This seems like a minor feature, but a carefully crafted title can make a dramatic difference in how many employers reach out.

6. Skill Testing

Most online job boards let you list your proficient skills. While this is another way to draw attention to your profile, listing skills doesn’t produce much confidence if you can’t verify them.

Thankfully, paid members can use FlexJobs’ skills tests to advance their job search. There are more than 170 tests across 30 categories. As you complete tests, your successful results appear on your FlexJobs profile. These completions are viewable by employers, so it’s another way to elevate your profile.

Categories for skill tests include:

  • IT
  • Transcription
  • Finance and accounting
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Data entry
  • Office skills

Ultimately, this feature helps you make yourself more marketable to employers.

7. Expert Job Search Tips

FlexJobs sends email alerts for job postings that are relevant to your career goals and skills. Additionally, FlexJobs also sends emails with career advice and resources to make your job search process more successful.

Resources include guides that cover topics like:

These resources are as useful as you make them. Offering these resources sets FlexJobs apart from most free online job boards, especially if you’re just entering the job market.

8. Career Coaching

A lesser-known advantage of using FlexJobs is its career coaching service. Using headhunters and career counselors to find a job on your own can be expensive. By contrast, you can schedule a 30-minute career coaching session for $64 on FlexJobs, which is an affordable way to get your job search back on track.

This service isn’t the same as hiring a headhunter. However, if you’re struggling to land interviews, it’s helpful to have an outside perspective to give you advice. You also complete a questionnaire before having a virtual meeting with your coach to let them prepare suggestions in advance.

Common takeaways from a session include:

  • An action plan to continue your job search
  • A resume review
  • Cover letter advice
  • Practice interview questions
  • Answers to job search question or concerns you might have

If you’re already an experienced job seeker, you probably don’t need this service. However, $64 is a small price to pay to revamp your resume and develop a plan for finding your next job.


High-quality job posts and a range of tools for making your job search more efficient are perks of using FlexJobs. Additionally, there are several other advantages that help justify the platform’s cost:

  1. Regular Updates. Industry-specific job boards are tempting because the jobs are automatically relevant to your search. However, many smaller job boards lack the clientele to frequently update their listings. In contrast, FlexJobs updates jobs every day. Email alerts and a new job section also help you find the latest postings.
  2. Flexibility. Unsurprisingly, FlexJobs is a versatile job board that emphasizes remote jobs and flexible work arrangements. However, there’s still part-time work and regular office job listings on the site. Additionally, you can search for international listings, so FlexJobs isn’t exclusive to U.S. job searchers.
  3. Quality Job Listings. FlexJobs listings have a human employee screen information to filter out spam, scams, and listings that don’t provide enough information about the company or role. This means FlexJobs is an efficient way to search for jobs compared to many free job boards because you won’t encounter listings that waste your time.
  4. Helpful Training. If it’s been a while since you’ve hit the job market, FlexJobs’ career tips and coaching service help you improve your resume, cover letter, and interview skills.


FlexJobs is a premium online job board that emphasizes quality and provides resources for job seekers. However, there are several disadvantages to keep in mind:

  1. Cost. FlexJobs usually has discounts for its plans, but a membership is still an ongoing cost for your job hunt. Weekly plans are available, but according to Indeed, it takes nine weeks on average to find a new job. Additionally, there are scores of free freelance job websites and regular job boards you can use if money is tight. FlexJobs is a premium service, so it isn’t for everyone.
  2. Too Broad for Some Job Seekers. FlexJobs has enough variety to satisfy most job seekers. However, if you’re searching for a highly technical position or only want job posts for your industry, there might be better options. For example, industry-specific job boards like cater to software developers. Similarly, Mediabistro only posts jobs in marketing and writing.
  3. Salary Information Isn’t Always Included. FlexJobs doesn’t require salary information for its postings. Many postings still include hourly pay or salary information, and FlexJobs rejects listings that offer low pay or don’t meet minimum wage standards. However, there’s a chance you have to negotiate your salary if you land an interview and reach the hiring stage.

Final Word

There are several places to look for a job. Options like networking and seeking internal promotion are often the most effective way to find a new position.

However, when your personal network falls short, online job boards are your next best avenue. You can use free options if you have more time to search and want to save money. But if you want to maximize efficiency and find high-quality jobs with flexible working arrangements, paying for a FlexJobs membership is certainly worth it.

The Verdict

Flexjobs Logo

Our rating



If you’re searching for a remote job or flexible work arrangement, FlexJobs is one of the most efficient job boards you can use. High-quality listings ensure you don’t encounter scams, and the sheer quantity of listings and industries means there’s something for everyone. Coaching services and job search resources are also useful if you’re struggling to land an interview and need guidance.

However, the monthly price is a downside. Additionally, if you don’t need assistance with finding a job, many FlexJobs features aren’t a selling point. If you want to save money or take your time with your job search, you can rely on free online job boards. If you’re serious about your job hunt and want to maximize efficiency, FlexJobs is worth its monthly cost.

Quality is the name of the game with FlexJobs, and this is evident with its hand-screened listings and job requirements. If you’re on a tight budget, free online job boards are a better fit. However, FlexJobs is worth the cost if you want to find quality remote jobs.

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