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HeyPiggy Review 2024

I’m always looking for new ways to make money, and surveys are always a great option. With so many survey sites available today, it can be hard to determine which is the best.

In this HeyPiggy review, I help you learn how HeyPiggy works, its features, and pros/cons to see if it’s right for you.

What Is HeyPiggy? 

Big companies often pay people for their opinions via market research surveys, and sites like HeyPiggy are the sites that aggregate these surveys. If you like sharing your opinion with companies to help them make better products, you can earn some cash doing this on HeyPiggy.

I tried HeyPiggy to see what it was all about and how easy it was to make money. Since I’ve used many other survey sites before, I know what to consider in this HeyPiggy review.

How HeyPiggy Stacks Up 

When it comes to market research surveys, there are hundreds of sites that do the same thing, but the largest and most popular is Survey Junkie. Here’s how HeyPiggy and Survey Junkie compare.

 HeyPiggySurvey Junkie
Rewards155+ Gift cards or PayPal cashGift cards, PayPal cash, or bank transfer
Currency paid inCashPoints
Average pay per survey$0.50 – $4.00$0.50 – $3.00
Minimum age14 years old18 years old

What Sets HeyPiggy Apart? 

HeyPiggy is one of many online survey sites, so understanding what sets them apart can help you decide if it’s right for you.

  • Less disqualifications: HeyPiggy claims that they have a special system to try and prevent disqualifications aiming to reduce the disqualifications by 10% or more compared to other panels.
  • Thousands of surveys: Some survey sites only have available surveys occasionally. HeyPiggy has thousands of surveys available daily worldwide. This increases your chances of qualifying for a survey and making money.
  • Low payout threshold: You can redeem your earnings when you earn as little as $1. Some survey sites make you wait until you’ve accumulated $20 or more to redeem your prizes.
  • Teens can sign up: Most survey sites require participants to be at least 18 years old. At HeyPiggy, you can be 14 years old with the consent of a parent or legal guardian. This allows teens to make money.

Who Can Sign Up for HeyPiggy?

Anyone 14 years or older can sign up for HeyPiggy. They recommend that only one person per household sign up, though. Choose the person who is most likely to check back frequently for new surveys, as HeyPiggy offers a large number of surveys daily.

To qualify for HeyPiggy, you must complete a profile. This is how they determine if you fit the demographics required of the company requesting the survey. If you can fill out a profile with as much detail as possible and regularly check the app or site for new surveys, you can make extra money.

Key Features of HeyPiggy 

HeyPiggy is available on your web browser on both your desktop and mobile phone. It’s also available as an app for Android and Apple phones and is free to download.

Here are some other key features of HeyPiggy. 

Works with Large Companies 

If you’ve ever wanted to share your opinion with large companies, you can do so with HeyPiggy. Some companies that work with them include Netflix, Apple, Starbucks, Amazon, and Nike. This means you could get paid to share your opinion with the companies you love. 

Great Customer Service 

When answering surveys online, you’re typically forced to use their FAQ section to get answers to your questions. While HeyPiggy suggests you check their FAQ first, they always answer members’ questions within a few hours. You can contact them after signing up and completing the contact form in your dashboard.

Fast Payouts 

HeyPiggy pays you instantly when you redeem your rewards. The method of payment you choose determines how long it takes, but many members receive payment instantly via email. If you don’t receive your payment instantly, it is usually within a few hours.


HeyPiggy shows upfront how much a survey pays and how long it will take. This allows you to choose the surveys you can complete to get paid. They also have a robust screener that takes only a few seconds. If you don’t qualify, you know immediately so you don’t waste time and miss money-making opportunities.

Advantages of HeyPiggy 

Understanding the advantages of HeyPiggy can help you determine if it’s worth your time.

  • No cost to join: HeyPiggy is 100% free. You must provide your personal information to qualify for the surveys but never have to pay to earn money.
  • Large selection of surveys: HeyPiggy has one of the most extensive selections of surveys available.
  • Easy way to make money: Sharing your opinion is one of the easiest ways to make money, and HeyPiggy pays fast, so you are rewarded for your efforts immediately.

Disadvantages of HeyPiggy 

It’s important to look at the downsides of HeyPiggy, too, comparing them to the positives to see if it’s the right option for you.

  • Moderate payments: Most surveys pay around $1, which may not feel like it’s worth your time. But with consistent effort, your earnings will add up.

Is HeyPiggy Legit? 

Using caution when signing up for survey sites is always a good idea since you share such personal information.

Thankfully, HeyPiggy is 100% legit. They are a German company that abides by strict German privacy laws. They don’t share or sell your information and promptly answer users’ questions.

On Trustpilot, HeyPiggy has a 4.4 rating out of 5 stars with almost 500 reviews. Most users claim they always have a large selection of surveys to choose from and get paid quickly after requesting a payout.

Final Word

My HeyPiggy review is that it’s worth your time if you love sharing your opinion. The surveys aren’t high-paying, but they are transparent and pay immediately.

These factors make it well worth your time, and who doesn’t love getting gift cards for fun spending just for sharing their opinion?

Grant Sabatier is a co-founder and CEO of MMG Media Group, which owns Grant is also the Creator of Millennial Money and Author of the International Bestseller Financial Freedom (Penguin Random House), which has been translated into fifteen languages. Dubbed the “Millennial Millionaire” by CNBC, Grant went from $2.26 to a millionaire in 5 years, reaching financial independence at the age of 30. Grant has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, BBC, CNBC, Forbes, Business Insider, Money Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, the Rachael Ray Show, and many others. He cares passionately about sharing his story to inspire others to build a life they love, reminding everyone that time is more valuable than money, and building cool stuff.
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