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Best Credit Cards for Couples in 2024

Love and money don’t always go hand in hand. However, for many couples, sharing a credit card together is a solid choice that can strengthen finances and make life a whole lot easier!

Having access to the same credit card can offer protection, rewards, and other perks that are essential to any couple. It can also help you save on annual fees.

So whether you’re buying a house together or booking that long-awaited honeymoon, having a credit card with your partner can be well worth it.

11 Best Credit Cards For Couples

1. American Express® Gold Card

If you and your partner are world travelers or love to take regular date nights, American Express® Gold pays handsomely for dining out and traveling. The card pays 4x points at restaurants and 3x points on flights when you book directly with the airlines or You can also earn 4x points at U.S. supermarkets for those nights you like to stay in.

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  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Access to more Amex offers
  • Multiple payment choices to make it most affordable


  • High APR
  • High annual fee

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For rates and fees of the American Express® Gold Card, please visit this rates and fees page.

2. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

If date nights at home are what you and your partner enjoy, look for a card like Blue Cash Preferred® from American Express that pays 6% at U.S. supermarkets, up to $6,000 per year (then 1%), and 6% on U.S. streaming subscriptions. You can enjoy your nights in and earn cash back.

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  • Intro 0% purchase APR
  • Additional cashback opportunities on gas and transit
  • Credits for certain entertainment subscriptions, like Disney Bundle


  • Great credit required
  • Annual fee after the first year

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3. Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

If you have large purchases in your future, a credit card like Blue Cash Everyday® with an introductory 0% APR for 15 months can save you a lot of money. Plan your budget to pay the balance off before the intro period expires, and you’ll save money and be able to make your purchase.

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  • No annual fee
  • Pays upgraded cashback at U.S. supermarkets, U.S. online retail purchases, and U.S. gas stations
  • Extends 0% APR offer on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months (after that 19.24% - 29.99% variable)


  • Need great credit history
  • Rewards have spending caps

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For rates and fees of the Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express, please visit this rates and fees page.

4. Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card

Couples who like choice prefer the Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card because you can change the category you earn 3% in quarterly. This works great for couples whose spending changes throughout the seasons, allowing you to maximize your cashback.

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  • No annual fee
  • Extends 0% intro APR offer on purchases and balance transfers
  • Automatically earn 2% back on groceries and 1% on everything else


  • Spending caps on rewards
  • Only relationship customers can earn tiered rewards (25% – 75% rewards bonus)

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5. Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card

Couples who like to do it all can earn 3% back on dining, grocery, entertainment, and streaming services and 5% back on travel booked through Capital One. This covers all the bases of what couples do together, helping you earn cash back on almost everything.


  • No annual fee
  • Pays 1% back on all other purchases
  • Can redeem rewards on PayPal and Amazon directly


  • Requires excellent credit
  • Travel rewards are only available through Capital One Travel

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6. Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

Couples who like to travel can benefit from the Capital One Venture X Rewards credit card with its $300 annual travel credit, 10,000 annual bonus miles on your anniversary date, and up to $100 credit for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck®. You also get 10x miles on hotels and rental cars and 5x on flights booked through Capital One.

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  • High rewards rate
  • Includes lounge membership
  • Can earn miles on non-Capital One Travel booked trips


  • High annual fee
  • Requires excellent credit

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7. The Platinum Card® from American Express

Serious jet-setting couples should look for ways to save the most on airline tickets, and the Platinum Card® from American Express fits the bill. Couples can earn 5x points on flights booked directly with airlines or American Express Travel and 5x points on hotels booked on

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  • Premium status with the major car rental companies
  • Offers fee credit for Global Entry and TSA PreCheck®
  • Access to the American Express Global Lounge Collection®


  • Extremely high annual fee
  • Only pays bonuses on travel (minimal 1x points on everything else)

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8. Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card

If you and your partner travel often, don’t overlook the benefits of the Chase Sapphire Preferred® card with its upgraded points on travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards, plus basic rewards on regular travel (2x points).

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  • Can transfer points to partner airlines
  • Includes Lyft, DoorDash, and Instacart bonuses 
  • Pays cashback on almost all purchases, including travel, dining, grocery, and streaming


  • Requires great credit
  • Travel must be booked through Chase for the highest rewards

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9. Citi Premier® Card

For couples that want a simple card that doesn’t require thinking, changing categories, or worries that you’re using the wrong card, the Citi Premier® card is a great option. With 3x points earned on restaurants, grocery, gas, and travel, it’s a no-brainer.

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  • Points don’t expire
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Hefty intro bonus if you spend $4,000 in the first three months


  • Requires credit credit
  • Any other purchases only earn 1x points

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10. U.S. Bank Shopper Cash Rewards™ Visa Signature® Card

Couples with extensive shopping habits can earn 6% back on purchases up to $1,500 per quarter from their two most frequently shopped retailers. You can also choose another bonus category to earn 3% back on gas, EV, bills, wholesale clubs, and even bills.

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  • Offers a $250 bonus for only $2,000 spent in 120 days
  • Earn additional cashback in the Rewards Center Shopping Deals
  • Earn an additional 5.5% cashback on prepaid hotel and car reservations booked in the Rewards Center


  • Cashback has a low spending limit
  • Reward structure can get complicated

11. Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card

Sometimes couples just need a card that doesn’t require calculations or strategically choosing a category, and that’s exactly what the Wells Fargo Active Cash® Card offers. You can earn 2% cashback on all purchases without a limit.

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  • No annual fee
  • Provides cell phone protection if you pay your bill with your card
  • Extends 0% intro offer for 15 months on purchases and balance transfers


  • Charges a 3% foreign transaction fee
  • 2% can be low for categories you spend a lot in, like travel

How To Choose The Best Credit Card For Couples

Having so many different credit card options can be a great thing, but it can also be overwhelming. What is the best credit card for us? Which card will give back the most? 

Because of this, it’s essential to consider your spending habits and goals before choosing a credit card. Things to consider include:

Spending Habits

What do you spend the most on?

If you’re constantly fueling up your car, then aim for a card that gives you back at gas stations. If you’re constantly re-stocking your pantry, then choose a card that gives you back on grocery shopping!

Financial Goals (Short-Term And Long-Term)

Think about which credit card is the best fit for your financial goals – whether it’s putting down a mortgage, or making a luxury purchase.


Consider annual fees, interest payments, and other fees to see if you are getting a good deal (and whether it’s worth it!).

Keep in mind that there is often an annual fee if you plan to add an authorized user.

What Do You Want To Be Rewarded From?

Are you a foodie? Choose a card that offers dining rewards!

Do you love to travel? A card that earns points, miles, and/or other travel rewards could be the most ideal for you.

Should Married Couples Share Credit Cards?

As with many things in life, there is no one size fits all answer to this question. The one thing to consider is that it depends on you and your partner.

As a married couple, it might make sense to get a credit card together for numerous reasons. There are many benefits that come when sharing one credit card: earning rewards faster, combining expenses, and possibly building credit.

Managing a card together will also give you the experience of effectively managing your finances together. This can come in handy if in the future you want to buy a house together or invest.

On the other hand, if you are a couple who doesn’t like mixing love and finances, or you’re not too bothered about money, then sharing a credit card might not be the best option.

One positive thing to consider about not sharing a credit card is that both of you can earn separate signing-up bonuses, and each can choose their most desired rewards.

Authorized User Vs. Joint Account

So, an authorized user or joint account: What’s the best option? What do they even mean?

Authorized User

An authorized user is when one person is the primary cardholder and the partner is added as a person that can also use the card. Only the main cardholder is legally responsible for paying the bill, but both can make charges to the card.

Sharing a credit card as an authorized user is perfect if one partner has a lower credit card score and wants to build up their credit.

However, don’t forget that any charges your partner makes will affect your credit utilization and score, so make sure to keep an eye on the spending.

Joint Account

Most banks and major credit card providers no longer offer a joint credit card option. Currently, U.S. Bank is the only major bank that offers the ability to add a joint owner to an existing account.

Opening a card in a joint account makes you and your partner both legally responsible for paying off the bill and managing the card.

This option can help simplify finances and build credit together. However, before choosing this option you’ll need to come up with a solid plan so that you don’t overspend or ruin each other’s credit.

Pros And Cons


  • You can combine expenses with just one card. It’s easy, secure, and can save you a lot of time
  • Can help the spouse with lower credit to start and build their score, and you can build credit with your partner
  • Easily accumulate any rewards, points, cash backs, and air miles that credit cards offer
  • Transparency in your finances can build trust in the relationship
  • Save on annual credit card fees — just pay one, instead of two!


  • Risk of overspending and accumulating debt — do you fully trust how your spouse manages their money?
  • If your partner misses payments, this could negatively affect your credit

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can my spouse use my credit card without me there?

The answer is yes, whether your spouse is an authorized user or you have a joint account.

Having a credit card with your spouse means that they can use it whenever they want, whether you are there or not.

Will adding my spouse as an authorized user hurt my credit score?

No, adding your spouse as an authorized user won’t hurt your credit score. However, any charges they make to the card will affect your credit utilization, so keep an eye on that!

Is sharing a credit card a good idea?

Choosing a credit card that offers the right benefits for you can be a daunting task. However, with these tips, you’ll be able to find financial harmony and enjoy the universe of credit cards!

Keep in mind that sharing a credit card with your partner is a big commitment, so it’s not a decision that can be rushed. Sharing a credit card can bring you and your spouse closer together if it all goes well, but it also has the potential to cause unnecessary strife.

Always remember that the key to successfully sharing a credit card is open communication, honesty, and responsible financial management.

So whether you choose to share or not to share, always consider the benefits and consequences fully!

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