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Warrior Trading Review – Is This Education Platform Worth the Price?


Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading Pros

  • World-class educational materials
  • Access to expert traders
  • Easy to use stock screener

Warrior Trading Cons

  • Membership is expensive
  • Trading simulator isn’t free
  • Appropriate for high risk tolerance only

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Warrior Trading is a trading education and signal service that has been actively serving traders since 2012. Above all, the service has its foundation in education and community, providing solid ground from which to build.

With a Warrior Trading membership, you’ll have access to a trading simulator, trading courses that many colleges would have trouble competing with, and live mentoring from well-respected experts in the industry.

Key Features of Warrior Trading

Founded by Ross Cameron, who is an active live mentor to this day, Warrior Trading has earned an A rating as an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Not to mention that with 250 customer reviews at the BBB, the company has earned a superb 4.98 out of 5 stars.

Although the service has thousands of happy customers, and the technology, community, and education you’ll have access to are hard to ignore, it is pricey. The lowest price you’ll pay to get involved in a Starter course is $997, and those who want to go Pro with an annual subscription will have to shell out a whopping $5,997.

Nonetheless, if you’re an aspiring day trader with a goal of making the stock market your full-time job, or you’re an expert looking to hone in your trading skills, you’ll likely find the services offered at Warrior Trading well worth the price. Here are some of the most compelling benefits of membership.

Warrior Trading Community

Educational Materials

Most people who learn how to day trade do so by teaching themselves. Unfortunately, this leads to high rates of failure and stories that start with, “I lost thousands of dollars…” being spread across social channels.

Although anything is possible with practice, and trial-and-error can be an effective if unforgiving teacher, learning seems to happen much faster with guided education.

At the core, Warrior Trading’s offering is its educational material.

The trader education courses users have access to come in the form of both articles and videos, and are far more involved than what you’ll normally find on the Internet. Each course comes with a video that goes over everything you need to know to implement the strategy the course is teaching as a tool to improve your profitability in the market.

One step Warrior Trading courses take that many others don’t is testing. Once you feel confident in your knowledge of the subject matter for the course, you move on to take the quiz associated with the lessons provided. If you pass the quiz, you’re ready to implement the concept into your trading strategy and test it out in real time using the Warrior Trading simulator.

Live Group Mentoring

With education being the core of the offering brought to the table by Warrior Trading, it only makes sense that the service comes with live group mentoring, albeit with a Warrior Pro subscription only.

Nonetheless, the mentoring programs are worth the added cost.

Even Ross Cameron, the founder of Warrior Trading, is an active mentor, sharing his deep knowledge of the market with those that take part in his service. The live mentoring sessions are webinars where traders learn all about charting, how to use the tools provided in the company’s platform, and about defining short-term opportunities to tap into large-scale profits.

During these live mentoring sessions, members within the group can ask questions, getting the answers they need to better understand some of the most complex — but profitable — short-term strategies active traders use in the market today.

Warrior Pro Benefits 1

Day Trading Chat Rooms

This is yet another area where Warrior Trading shines. Members have access to live trading chat rooms. These rooms are where the community really comes out.

When you sign into your account during market hours, you’ll have access to multiple chat rooms hosted by moderators with different styles and skill sets. Aswith the trader training webinars, one of the most popular chat rooms — a room focused on trading small-cap stocks — is moderated by Cameron, the company’s incredibly hands-on founder.

If you’d like to trade stocks with large market caps, you can also join the trading room led by Mike Herman, an expert in trading large cap stocks.

Regardless of which you choose, you’ll have the benefit of taking part in conversations with the trading community. While that’s powerful in and of itself, it’s only the icing on the cake. The real value of these rooms is the live trading that takes place within them.

While the trading community chats, Cameron, Herman, and other expert traders share their screens while they actively trade, explaining everything that’s going on in the process. Not only is this incredibly educational, it provides traders with the opportunity to follow the leader, so to speak, which comes with two key benefits:

  • Win With the Best. The moderators on the Warrior Trading platform are highly-respected experts with years of experience and proven track records of compelling performance. Making trades alongside these experts gives you the ability to tap into the profitability they enjoy.
  • Volume Moves Markets. The chat rooms offered to members are incredibly active. Although one individual investor doesn’t necessarily have the clout to cause big moves in the market, buying and selling among a large group of traders can really move the needle. As seen with the Big Short Squeeze, retail investors that band together can, and often do, tip the scales of supply and demand. With such a large and active member base, Warrior Trading gives you the ability to take part in activity with a large group.
Warrior Pro Benefits 2

Courses Based On Proven Trading Strategies

Warrior Trading offers an intuitive educational platform, but it’s far from convoluted. In fact, the lessons provided are clear, concise, and teach you exactly what they say they’ll teach you before you start. The courses provided include:

  • Warrior Starter Course. The 15-chapter starter course is a crash course in day trading from a high-level perspective. In this course, you’ll learn how to find the right opportunities as a trader, the basics of fundamental and technical analysis, and other foundational information.
  • Small-Cap Day Trading. This 20-chapter course is designed to teach you the basics of trading stocks with market caps of less than $1 billion. One of the first lessons you’ll learn in this course is how to manage risk as you trade. The course also covers complex topics like chart patterns, taxes and accounting, and detailed strategies for those looking to trade stocks with smaller market caps.
  • Large-Cap Day Trading. This 13-chapter course is similar to the small-cap course. However, many traders prefer large-cap stocks because they believe these assets make more predictable moves in the market. As with other courses created by Warrior Trading, the lessons are designed to turn the novice into a pro.
  • Swing & Options Trading. This course comes with three chapters that cover swing trading and five that cover options trading. It provides a detailed breakdown of what these types of trading are and how to use them to expand your profitability in the market.
  • How to Day Trade an IRA Account. Finally, this is a single lesson course that teaches you how to day trade with your retirement account. To most experts, that seems to be a conflict of interest, as day trading is a risky process and retirement investments should generally be more stable. Nonetheless, if you are interested in taking a high-risk, high-return approach to saving for retirement, this course is for you.

Trading Simulator

One of the key trading tools that subscribers enjoy on the Warrior Trading platform is the trading simulator. The tool makes it possible to test your trading skills in a paper trading environment rather than using real money. It works just like a live brokerage account, showing you what your moves in the market would do in real time.

It’s always best to test new strategies in a paper trading environment before risking your hard-earned money in a real brokerage account. However, it’s worth mentioning that the trading simulator is an optional add-on to both the Warrior Starter and Warrior Pro memberships, which give 30 days and 90 days, respectively, of free access with membership and a normal rate of $79 per month or $197 per quarter to renew.

Customizable Stock Scanners

If you had to comb through every stock on the market to determine whether each falls within the parameters you need to make reliable price movement predictions, you’d never have enough time to actually make trades.

Successful traders use stock screeners to solve this problem, and the Warrior Trading screener is incredibly powerful. Many screeners offer fixed criteria, giving you little control over the exact types of stocks you screen, which makes specific kinds of moves in the market appear. That’s not the case with this screener.

Warrior Trading members have access to a fully customizable screener, making it possible to search for specific types of stocks, in specific industries, and making specific types of moves. Being able to screen the entire market for the exact opportunities you’re looking for is highly valuable.

Warrior Trading Modules

Warrior Trading Membership Levels

There are two membership levels offered for the Warrior Trading platform. These include:

Warrior Starter

Features offered through the Starter subscription include:

  • On-Demand Education. With this membership, you’ll have access to a long list of master classes, all of which offer a user-friendly approach to learning the intricacies of trading in financial markets.
  • Live Trading Chat Rooms. During market hours, Starter members have access to live trading chat rooms to communicate with others in the community and follow along as the moderators of the rooms execute trades.
  • Partial Access to Stock Screeners. Starter members don’t have full access to all the customization capabilities in the stock screeners, but do have access to use the screeners with limited features.
  • The Warrior Starter Course. Finally, Starter members have access to the Warrior Starter course, a 15-chapter crash course in day trading, managing risk, popular strategies, and other foundational knowledge.

The Warrior Starter membership comes with an initial price of $997. After the first 30 days of membership, you’ll be automatically enrolled into a monthly service with a cost of $197 per month. As with all memberships, you’ll have the option to cancel at any time.

Warrior Pro

If you take advantage of the Pro service, you’ll have access to everything above plus the following:

  • Full Access to the Stock Screener. Pro members have complete access to all the capabilities offered by the company’s stock screener. This means you’ll have full control over customization to find the exact opportunities you’re looking for.
  • Additional Pro Courses. The additional day-trading courses Pro members have access to include Small-Cap Day Trading, Large-Cap Day Trading, Swing & Options Trading, and Day Trading in an IRA.
  • Live Group Mentoring and Mentor Session Recordings. Pro members have access to six live group mentor sessions each month. You’ll also have access to unlimited recordings of live group mentoring sessions.
  • Live Trading Archives. Ross records all of his live trades and offers them in an organized list for Pro members.

The Warrior Pro membership comes with two payment options.

  • 1-Year Membership: If you decide to pay for a one-year membership up front, you’ll pay $5,997. The 1-year membership does not auto-enroll into a subscription.
  • 90-Day Membership: If you’d rather sign up for a 90-day membership with a subscription model following the 90-days, you’ll pay an up front fee of $4,297. Once the 90-day period is up, you’ll be automatically enrolled into a monthly membership at a price of $197 per month.

While the 1-year membership may seem to make more sense, that price breaks down to $499 per month. If you plan on keeping access to the chat rooms for the long haul, the 90-day membership followed by a $197-per-month fee becomes a discount in the second year of services.

Advantages of Warrior Trading

With more than 500,000 subscribers and 5,000 paying members, Warrior Trading is a popular source of trading education. Some of the most significant advantages members enjoy include:

  • World-Class Educational Materials. Successful traders will tell you that their success was built on education, whether from courses or trial-and-error. The educational materials offered through the service are some of the best in the business, designed to give you everything you need to become a full-time trader.
  • Mentoring By Experienced Traders. The mentors and moderators on the platform are obvious experts in technical analysis. Their expertise isn’t just proven in the amount of popularity the platform has achieved, but in the returns generated as members watch the pros trade in real time.
  • Access to a Community of Traders. Money often isn’t talked about openly. For most people, it’s an uncomfortable conversation. Through this platform, you’ll have the ability to build relationships with like-minded traders who enjoy talking about the process. Not only does this add a fun factor, it gives you the ability to learn from a vast community of other members.
  • Find the Opportunities You’re Looking For Quickly. There are plenty of free and paid stock screeners online. However, few are as intuitive and capable of as much customization as the one you’ll find on this platform. The Warrior Trading screener makes finding trading opportunities a breeze.

Disadvantages of Warrior Trading

Although there are plenty of reasons to consider diving into a membership with Warrior Trading, there are also some disadvantages to the platform:

  • Membership Is Expensive. Although there are more expensive educational platforms out there, this service is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Many novice investors won’t be willing to shell out nearly $1,000 for the Starter membership.
  • Designed For Those With a High Risk Tolerance. The educational materials are second-to-none, but they’re all centered around the high-risk world of short-term trading. If you have a low or moderate risk tolerance, these strategies won’t be best for you.
  • Simulator Is an Optional Add-On. There are tons of free simulators online today, and although the Warrior Trading simulator is intuitive, it really should be free with a membership at any level.
  • Stock Market Focused. The trading education provided is specific to the stock market. If you want to learn to trade forex or futures, it may not be the best fit.

How Warrior Trading Stacks Up

Warrior Trading isn’t the only educational suite for day traders. Nor is it the only place on the web where active investors can get together and swap stories, ideas, and tips.

Here’s how Warrior Trading stacks up against two unnamed competitors that take very different approaches to trader education.

Warrior Trading Vs Competitors

Note key Warrior Trading benefits like:

  • A chat room for traders
  • A real-time trading simulator (though this costs extra)
  • Mentor sessions with seasoned traders
  • Trading archives
  • Trade reviews

And more.

Final Word

Due to its extensive educational materials and popularity among both novice and expert traders, the platform was nominated for the “Best Educator” award at the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Benzinga Fintech Awards.

The Warrior Trading education platform is a compelling offering, best for those looking to make a full-time income trading, novice investors looking to learn how to day trade, or even expert traders who want to improve their skills. But it’s not a fit for everyone.

If you’re not willing to take on the significant risks associated with day trading, or to spend nearly a thousand bucks to learn how to trade, you’ll want to seek investor education elsewhere.

Nonetheless, with top-of-the-line educational materials, a massive community, and an ability to take part in live mentoring sessions, this platform is worth serious consideration for those who want to learn to trade.


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The Verdict

Warrior Trading

Warrior Trading Pros

  • World-class educational materials
  • Access to expert traders
  • Easy to use stock screener

Warrior Trading Cons

  • Membership is expensive
  • Trading simulator isn’t free
  • Appropriate for high risk tolerance only
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