6 Ways to Save Money On Your Holiday Party

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The holiday party season is coming up, and your friends and family might be pressuring you to throw the Christmas party this year. Are you strapped for cash? You can still throw a pretty nice party on a strict budget. They key is spending less money on the small details. Don’t spend money in areas that most people don’t give a crap about. Here are 6 ways to save money on your party this year:

  1. Send e-vite invitations either through Evite.com or Facebook. Some of your guest might not have facebook accounts, but for those guest that you know are facebook junkies, set up an event and invite friends and family to join the event page. It’s a great reference for them to look up the details of your party.
  2. Do a pot-luck dinner. I know it sounds bad to be the host and ask people to bring food, but most guest don’t mind bringing one item. As the host, take care of the main dish, and prepare your own menu for side dishes and desserts. Then, give guest a specific dish to bring. They will appreciate the fact that you already thought through everything, and all they have to do now is follow directions.
  3. Get a keg of beer. if you’re planning on having alcohol and you have a lot of beer drinkers coming, don’t buy cases of bottled beer. Beer cans look cheesy, so buy a keg and dress it up nicely in Christmas attire. You can get a keg of Bud Light for $40 to $50 at the grocery store. If you’ll be drinking wine, ask guests to bring their favorite bottle.
  4. Buy in Bulk. Go to a wholesale store such as Costco or Sam’s Club to buy items in bulk that you’ll need for the party. Ask your guests to RSVP to make sure they are coming, because you don’t want to buy too much food that you won’t use.
  5. Make your own decorations. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a bunch of extra Christmas decorations. Use what you have, and make extra decorations. Using outdoor lights inside is a good way to set the mood of your party, and if your house is decorated well on the outside, consider moving your party outside if the weather permits.
  6. Plan Ahead. I always believe that when you have the time to think of ways to save money, you’ll save money. We often fall into the trap of spending more money because it’s convenient or we can get something quicker. If you want to throw a holiday party, start planning for it now and create a budget for it. Put a dollar amount for how much you want to spend on it.
  7. Just talking about this makes me excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s such a great time of year!

  • http://www.do-it-yourself-invitations.com Delilah

    I like to make my own decorations, my own greetings cards and postcards, and even hand sew a lot of decorations like our Christmas stockings. You save so much money and it makes everything so much more sentimental and traditional.

  • http://www.high-interest-saving-account.com.au click4credit

    not just plan ahead but buy ahead. If you would like to do your own decorations or want to give your guests some keepsakes or DIY gifts, you need to buy the materials even before the holiday bug hits everyone. Buying ahead of the holiday season will give you a chance to purchase somethings at a lesser price.

  • chelle

    I have never heard of Evite.com. What a terrific idea. It saves money and all those invitations ddon’t end up in the trash. I totally agree about buying in bulk. It is a big money saver.

  • http://madsaver.com Mac

    When we have holiday parties (at other peoples houses), it usually consists of a pot-luck dinner. The host usually provides the main dish (ham during Easter, Turkey on Thanksgiving, etc) and asks each family to bring a particular dish. I always hope for dinner rolls or chips, but usually end up having to bring dessert or fruit salad. Oh well, it does work well and there is always enough for all without forcing the host to do everything.