A Review Of the Mint.com iPhone Application

You’ve read my reviews about the Mint.com personal finance applicatioo, I believe it’s the best personal finance web application. It gives the user a great snapshot of their net worth, helps track budget goals, and accurately categorizes most purchases. Mint also has a free application for the iPhone, but it’s functionality is nothing like the web application. It serves the purpose more as a complement to the web application, rather than a replacement for it.

First, download the application for free and log in with your existing account. If you don’t already have an account, you’ll need to create one on the website.


The next screen that pops up is an overview screen that shows you your current cash on hand in all accounts linked to your Mint account and total credit card debt. It also has an overview of your budget, cash flow, and amount in investments.

Touch the budget overview, and the next screen looks like the screen below. It gives you an overview of all of the budget categories you track on your Mint.com account.


Touch the Cash Flow overview and this screen pops up. It’s an overview of where your money is going based on either general categories, or categories you’ve already set up. It’s nice to see what categories you’re spending too much money when you’re too busy to sit down and look at your Mint.com account.


The Accounts overview button will expand to show you an overview of all of your checking and savings accounts if they are accessible online. This gives you a nice real-time view of all of your accounts if you are on-the-go and need to know what your cash reserve is looking like.

What The iPhone App Needs

  • the ability to make changes to your budget goals
  • the ability to see checking account transactions
  • see graphs and charts made regarding spending trends

I am not that impressed with the iPhone app, but I know it’s because Mint doesn’t want it to take away from their web application. The app will probably get an overhaul in the coming months, and this is a decent first try.