• Udontcare

    Found it very interesting

  • Yipfrr

    Bullshit the girl was 15 when she started lifeguarding. Im 15 and ive taken my bronze madalion and cross and i need to be 16 to take the next course to become a lifeguard.. She was either older or underqualifyed

  • Oliver Terrero

    Good read, really motivated me to become a lifeguard although I’m having trouble with swimming. THANK YOU!

  • Stuart

    thanks for the article! When I grow up I want to be a lifeguard just like u! I’m also a junior lifeguard at the long beach high school even though I’m nine. Thank u Laura!!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    I would really like to be a lifeguard by next summer. I did hear that being a beachfront lifeguard is a super hard job to get, especially in southern California beaches

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