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One thing that I have recently learned regarding online shopping for airfares, car rentals, and hotel reservations, is that no longer do the “heavy-hitters” always give you the best rates. There are a lot of newer, lesser-known sites that a lot of times will have better pricing. I just finished researching the online booking website CheapOair. In addition to airfares, they offer great travel information and rates on cars, cruises, hotels and packages. 

All the Same?

My initial reaction to checking out CheapOair was that they must be like all the rest. I am sure you know the routine. You need to book a flight so you think you’ll do your research to find the best fare. After you go to all of the major websites, you come to find out that all of their “special” and “hot” deals are the same and you just wasted a bunch of time. 

This is not the case with CheapOair. I first spent quite a bit of time looking at their site for more information and user-friendliness. I found several items of interest that seem to be unique to this site alone.

The Perks

CheapoAir offers the following that I have not seen too much of on other travel booking sites:

  • $10 money-back guarantee if you find a cheaper flight or hotel reservation
  • $5 Inconvenience coupon if your flight is delayed more than one hour, or your baggage is lost or delayed
  • Variety of automatic discount coupons, ranging from $10-$15
  • Airport parking reservations

The money back guarantee and the inconvenience coupon must be submitted for within 12 hours of the booking of your flight or the occurrence of your flight delay or baggage delay. This is a great option as there have been many times when I have found a cheaper airfare fare shortly afterbooking my flight, and thinking that I had no recourse.

Regarding the $5 coupon, I could probably get rich from this discount alone considering the recent performance of the airlines, so I found this to be particularly appealing.

During my two or three day viewing of CheapoAir, I found advertised discounts on their site ranging from $10 up to $15. That’s not a massive discount. However, this is what set them apart to me because their fares were very close to most of the other booking sites, besides this discount. This is what allowed me to determine that they had the best rate in a lot of cases.

Another very interesting feature that I found to be unique to CheapOair is that they offer rates and reservations on airport parking. If you are travelling to an unfamiliar destination, this could really save you a lot of time and money. This is a great feature.

CheapoAir also offers a lot of the services that you will find on most other booking sites, including:

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Email updates for travel deals to top destinations
  • International travel listings
  • A user-friendly site

Buyer Beware

CheapOair seems to offer very competitive prices and they do advertise several discounts that the others do not. But, during the course of my research, I did find quite a few review sites out there that didn’t have great reviews posted about CheapOair. Some people had issues with customer service; some had issues with the veracity of the discounts mentioned. There were several others as well. As with any website out there that you are considering giving a try, be sure to do your due diligence and know on the front end what you’re getting into. If it were me and I were going to give CheapOair a try, I may give them a call before booking to go over all the discounts they offer, and any other questions that I might have. This could prevent any future issues you may have.

Yay or Nay?

These are my thoughts regarding online booking sites in general and specifically CheapOair. When dealing with airfares, I found that most sites offer just about the same rates. I usually try not to waste too many hours searching for the best fare, because most of them seem to be the same. However, you can find cheaper rates if you go to some of the smaller, lesser-known sites. I tend to limit my searching of online airfares because if you’re searching for that “golden” rate out there that is going to beat everybody else by some huge margin, it usually just isn’t there.

Lately, I have landed upon and have used a different online booking site for my air travel. It is often smaller site such as CheapOair. So the question remains: Would I use CheapoAir? The answer is “yes, but with some due diligence.” I would certainly consider booking with CheapOair. However, if I ever decided to actually use them, I would probably invest some time into a phone call either before or after booking to their customer service department. I would go over with them the discounts that apply to my fare or that I may qualify for during my trip. I would double check all aspects of my reservation, and I would make sure to note the name of the person that I spoke to.

Just because an online booking site out there is not a “heavy hitter” or does not get as much publicity does not mean you should never consider them. It just means that you should go into things with your eyes wide open. Have you had any experiences with CheapOair, or any other feedback you’d like to share? Please feel free to let us know below.

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  • Darylproulx

    I purchased a plane ticket through CheapOair. When I arrived at the airport, I was informed that I didn’t have a ticket. I had my assigned seat, but no ticket. I don’t understand. So I contacted CheapOair, and they contacted AeroMexico. They got into a blame the other guy argument. AeroMexico finally denied my claim because I wasn’t at the airport 3 hours before the flight. What about the other 20 people in line who were on the same flight. I was 1 1/2 hours early. CheapOair would not give my money back. I PAID CHEAPOAIR, and they stole my money.

  • Davidbakke


    All I can say is “Wow”! Contact your credit card company to see if there is an option of disputing the charge. If there is, i am sure you will win. That is about the best advice that I can offer going forward.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    • Darylproulx

      Contact the credit card company? It’s a little bit late to dispute the charge, it’s been seven months since I purchased the ticket, and about 3 months since the flight. This “dispute” has been going on that long. CheapOair is a scam….and don’t forget it.

    • Randrews

      What Daryl didn’t explain is that he showed up at the aero mexico counter according to the airline employee late, so he was denied boarding. We tried to get a waiver to release his tickets, or a refund, the airline requested documentation from him, he refused to submit any supporting paper. Therefore, aero mexico denied the reuse of his airline tickets, or a refund. Cheapoair is not responsible for customers arriving late for a flight, or what takes place at the airport. We do not work for the airlines, nor responsible for their employees. Our responsibility was to assist him in getting a refund in which we did.

  • Luv2travel

    cheapoair is a scam! Buyers please beware! Do yourself a favor and book directly from the airline. Don’t let this company sucker you in!

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for commenting! Our readers will appreciate your insights.

    • Davidbakke


      Thanks for commenting! Our readers will appreciate your insights.

  • Larisa

    I booked a flight to paris for the end of September. These comments scared the heck out of me so I checked the airline website and we appear to have tickets. Hopefully it will be alright!

    • Davidbakke


      Yeah, I hear ya! Good luck and enjoy the trip! And thanks for commenting

  • Sherrie

    I have used Cheapoair for the past 3 years or so and have not had one glitch. My experience has been the best ever. I totally recommend. I noticed some complaints were in clicking on a wrong time for flight. You must double check your final to ensure you clicked on the right one. I have had no problems whatsoever.

    • Sherrie

      I also have an upcoming round trip flight to Mass. and I am quite positive it will be no different to my other trips to Tenn., Florida, and Mass. in previous years.

      • Davidbakke


        Thanks for sharing your experience. Our other readers will appreciate it!

  • Tceccu


    Incedible long wait times when you call, min 20 minutes EACH TIME I CALLED. they must do it on purpose to dessuade people from calling.

    Flights get cancelled and they don’t advise you!!

    The employees talk to you like your an idiot

    When they offer alternatives to cancelled flights be very careful because they won’t tell you u are allowed a refund, there was a better flight, but they wouldn’t give it to us, they wanted us to pay a fee…this kind of thing has happened with Expedia and they will absolutely make sure u are happy with the alternate flight. These guys have me getting up at 3:00 in the morning for a flight…i don’t even know if I PHYSICALY CAN !

    Between rude employees, long wait times, cancelled flights, HORRIBLE HORRIBLE…..

  • The Wren

    I purchased an international flight booking through them a few months ago, failing to notice all the poor online ratings out there. The booking went through without a hitch, and I received flight confirmations for both bookings soonafter.

    Just yesterday, I went to the airline website, and the reference numbers for my bookings were not recognized as valid by the website. I called the CheapoAir hotline, and waited 8 minutes before hanging up and trying their online chat. Their online chat was not functioning, so I went back to the phone hotline, and spoke with a representative after roughly 5-10 minutes wait. The man I spoke to checked the bookings, said that everything was fine, and he suggested I call the airline to confirm from their end. I had no trouble understanding him, although he did say “P as in pita” when verifying my confirmation number!

    Today, I called the airline reservations line, and they confirmed that both bookings are in the system (their online system does not recognise external bookings). I was able to arrange seat assignments and verify that CheapoAir had included my request for a GF meal. Everything was in order, and my mind was greatly set at ease.

    We have not traveled yet, but I thought I would post this to alleviate fears for others out there who also have booked through CheapoAir. We’ll see how things go with the flight, but so far (apart from stress related to seeing all the online warnings), I have not had problems with my booking. Depending on how the journey goes, I might consider using them again, but I will certainly look more carefully at reviews before pulling the trigger next time.

    • Davidbakke

      Thanks for taking the time to share your story! Our readers will appreciate it.

    • Cheapomom

      Thank you! I, also, did not do due diligence before using Cheapoair and am concerned for the international reservation I made for my daughter. It is 1/3 the price of the nearest competitor for the same flight. Since it is not for several months, I will take your advice and try to confirm with the airline.

  • ZG

    Do not use this company. I went to Hawaii and was left stranded there because my return flights were canceled. Calling customer service is a joke. I did get a reply using email but they simply blamed the airline. Reserve tickets directly with the airlines to avoid these kinds of problems.

    • Davidbakke

      Wow–pretty scary. Sorry about your experience, but thanks for sharing!

  • Npk

    I had a terrible experience with CheapOair and will never use them again. I booked flights with them for a flight out of Denver back in January (flying in August) and noted from an email that they sent that my itinerary had changed. I made not of the change but did not realize they wanted me to call them and verify that the change was okay with me. I don’t care how I get home – I just want to GET HOME. I got the the airport after two weeks of travel with kids in tow only to find that no tickets have been assigned and my family of four were stuck. When I called CheapO – I was on the hold for OVER 60 minutes at which point I had to hang up. United managed to find us tickets the next day but we had to spend the night at a hotel which we had to pay for. I called CheapO again – had to wait at least 20 minutes on hold – when I finally got through the person blamed United for changing the schedule. But, I pointed out – I paid for tickets with YOUR service and you told me I had tickets. Any other time I”ve used a discount ticket broker and the flight times have changed – they’ve just notified me of the changes and it’s all good. I was in the mountains rafting and hiking and they expect me to check emails for changes in flights and call them back to confirm??????? And be on hold for an hour???????
    DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Randrews

      NPK, I’m very sorry for the inconvenience. But the airlines do have operational changes all the time. As you mentioned, you didn’t have access to emails, so weather or not we emailed you or the airline, it seems you would not of known either way until you reached the airport, or called to reconfirm your flights 24 hours in advance.

  • H.I

    I just had a booking with them. for September 20. i canceled the booking 1 hour after i made the online request. because of the verification process.

    The Process:
    1- I booked through my UK HSBC Credit Card
    2- CheapOair wanted a verification, so they called me and asked to conference the bank in the same call to verify my account, and started asking for my passcode, sort code, account no……!!!!!

    so what i did is:
    1- I hanged up and called my bank to hold the transaction
    4- Called CheapOair to cancel the booking

    Honestly, i am worried from their verification process, I have been travelling a lot and never this this before.

    I will never use them again.

    • traveller

      Hi i just had the same exact experience with you. I want to know if after cheapoair sent cancellation email, they managed to charge anything to your credit card?

  • HappyCustomer

    I had a great experience with them. I booked on a week-end and within hours, my husband was very sick. I called on a Sunday to cancel. They gave me a full refund, including insurance, and within 2 days, the refund was back in my account. As far as I’m concerned, this is above excellent service.

  • Karl

    I have been traveling for business for over 25 years and have flown over 300,000 miles! I tried CheapO air for the 1st time. I had my wife go with me on this trip and booked two round trip tickets. I serparated the tickets because my work paid for mine and paid with my personal card for my wife. Booked the two round trip tickets and we both flew out with no problems. On the return flight we called the airline to verify the night before and found out Cheapo only had me booked back home with my wife seeming to only have a one way ticket which they charged us both $330 for our tickets! They would not accept our complaint which almost stranded my wife and then they wanted to charge us an additional $580 to get a one way ticket for my wife to get home …. unbelievable! I eneded up going directly to the airlines and booking the flight cheaper than what Cheapo was offering. I have never been so furious and I’m usually an easy going traveler. You get what you pay for with Cheapo Air! I have never put a service down like this but in this case I am compelled to warn any of you to stay clear of them!

  • njersey5389

    Cheapoair stole my money. I booked my son to fly from Charleston to Wilkes-Barre. The airlines would not let him on the plane as an unaccompanied minor, since there was a connecting flight. Cheapoair was aware of my sons age and that he was travelling alone (there is a field for birthdate on the online reservation page). They should be responsible for being aware of the airlines policies; that is what I pay them for. They told me to fax over my son’s birth certificate and that they would refund my money. Since the fax, they do not take my phone calls or return my phone calls and I have heard nothing from their waiver department. That is $400 that I could not afford to lose. These guys are theives and I can’t believe the authorities permit this kind of behavior to continue for as long as it has.

  • Chrisbui2013

    Hi there,
    Never buy a flight Ticket from Cheapoair, if you buy their insurance cancellation $24, It will work only if you are in the hospital or you died. it’s a joke. The only deal and it’s another joke it’s yu will pay $25 for cancelation and they will give you a credit back but for re-booking you will have to do with the same company and have $100 fee. I book 2 flights, one for $150 with Great Lake so I will $25 to spend in Great Lake but booking only through Cheapoair. and the other $265 with Frontier same deal $25 dollars cancelation and $100 re-booking fee.
    Never buy a ticket from them, the company team is in India, and they have zero care of what’s happen to you.

  • K


    Re: Cheapoair

    yesterday, 23:59

    21. Re: Cheapo Air

    today, 19:22

    Cheapoair is not a company you want to buy flights through. I
    recently bought 2 flights for my new employees arriving from overseas to
    my home here in Canada. Because of a U.S. immigration technicality, I
    had to cancel their flights through Cheapoair but chose to rebook
    through Cheapoair so that my new employees could fly a different route
    that wouldn’t have them touch down in the U.S.A. Cheapoair said that
    they would arrange a credit for the first flights that were booked and
    then cancelled. Within the hour I received the credit. The credit said
    that there was a $0.00 USD cancellation fee and that I had a credit of
    $876.22 USD for the unused flights. I decided that I would like to use
    that credit with Cheapoair this coming weekend and fly return from
    Calgary to San Francisco.
    When I placed my call I ended up speaking with someone from India. The
    Cheapoair representative in India said that they didn’t have the credit
    and that I should talk to West Jet because that’s where my credit was. I
    called West Jet and they said that there was no credit with them. I
    called cheapoair back and ended up speaking with someone in India again.
    The Cheapoair representative at that time told me that West Jet had in
    fact refunded my flight back onto MY Visa card. I didn’t recall ever
    seeing a credit on my Visa so I placed a call to Visa to inquire if
    there ever was a credit that I may have missed. My Visa representative
    said that there definitely wasn’t any refund on my Visa from West Jet or
    Cheapoair. I called West Jet and they advised me once again that I
    wasn’t in their system anywhere. West Jet advised me that all of their
    ticket numbers start with “838” and that I should call Cheapoair back
    and get the flight numbers for my two new employees. At this point I
    feel like I’m in a game of “piggy in the middle”. I don’t blame West Jet
    for this. I call Cheapoair back and once again my call lands in India.
    The Cheapoair representative confirms two ticket numbers that I can then
    take back to West Jet. I call West Jet and they CONFIRM that a refund
    was sent to the visa number that was provided to them by Cheapoair. The
    problem with the Visa number was that it wasn’t my Visa number, but a
    Visa number that belonged to Cheapoair. I learned this when I called
    Cheapoair back to advise them that West Jet had already released the
    money to a Visa card but the Visa card wasn’t mine. The Cheapoair
    representative put me on hold like they had done all day. ON HOLD AGAIN!
    The representative came back on the phone and confirmed that West Jet
    IN FACT had refunded the money back to Cheapoair’s Visa. I asked when
    they planned on forwarding it to me. The Cheapoair representative said
    that two billing cycles (two months) were needed to execute the refund.
    The Cheapoair representative said that he would have to put me on hold
    AGAIN so that he could transfer me to their admin department. I held and
    then got cut off. As you can see in my account of the day so far, I’ve
    called Cheapoair several times and found myself on hold for a minimum of
    five minutes. Then when I do get through to someone, I have to go
    through all the details again and then guess what? I’m back on hold. I
    finally insist on speaking to a supervisor from North America. I figure
    maybe the office in India is too far removed from this American company.
    I finally get a call from the American office of Cheapoair and they
    agree that two billing cycles is needed to refund but then recognized
    that I was well past the two cycles (two months). The representative
    from Cheapoair takes down all of the details AGAIN and says she will go
    to her manager with the issue and get back to me. I wait and then
    finally get a call back. The American Cheapoair representative advises
    me that the credit they sent me was a credit and not a refund. In short,
    they got the refund from West Jet but were only “obligated” to give me a
    credit. I said “fine! Put the credit towards my flight from Calgary to
    San Francisco that leaves this Thursday and don’t delay because there is
    limited space left and prices keep climbing. The Cheapoair
    representative then advised me that they refunded within 90 days if I
    wanted the refund instead of the credit. I asked her what happened to
    the two billing cycles that I was quoted earlier. She said that she and
    the people in India were mistaken and that it was a 90 day waiting
    period for all refunds. The whole time I’m dealing with this Cheapoair
    representative she’s reminding me that she’s going to work for me and
    that she’s my friend and that I shouldn’t be short on patience with her.
    She advised me that once again she would have to go to her managers and
    “fight” for my cause. I waited a few minutes and got the call back from
    her. This time she pointed out that she would like to apply my credit
    in place of the refund but couldn’t because the ticket’s were issued to
    the two new employees, and pointed out that she recognizes that my Visa
    bought the flight’s, but the credit was for the use of the two employees
    because it was their name on the ticket and not mine. She said that if I
    waited another month I would get a refund of $720.00 USD. I asked why I
    wasn’t getting the full $876.22 USD because the refund voucher from
    Cheapoair CLEARLY stated that I was being charged $0.00 USD for the
    cancellations of the said tickets. She just mumbled that I had to pay a
    cancellation fee. So the summary of this experience with Cheapoair is
    that I have to pay a cancellation fee even though their voucher CLEARLY
    states that there is no cancellation fee. I have to wait 90 days for a
    refund that they have long collected from West Jet. In essence Cheapoair
    is sitting on my money and collecting interest of which I will see none
    of it. Cheapoair has collected the refund from West Jet but chooses
    only to give me a credit, but not to me, but to the names of the
    passengers at that time? In short I’m out of pocket for my flight to San
    Fransisco this weekend and I may or may not get a refund from
    Cheapoair. All Cheapoair had to do was apply the money owed to me to the
    flights I needed this weekend and things would be fine and I wouldn’t
    be adding to the long list of blogs warning people to stay away from
    doing business with Cheapoair. When I pointed this out to Cheapoair they
    weren’t interested. I plan on reporting Cheapoair to both the BBB and
    to West Jet. I will NEVER do business with Cheapoair again and I suggest
    you don’t either.

    • cheapoair

      We are assisting on getting the refund put onto the customer’s credit card. For future reference name changes are not allowed on airline tickets, regardless of who paid for it.

  • JF

    Cheapoair is by far the shadiest travel company I have ever dealt with! I spent about two hours of my day trying to book a flight for my family to St Thomas, only to find out the tickets they had advertised on their site were never even available for purchase. Each time I tried to select them and order them, I was taken to the checkout with a much higher price than the original quote. Then some guy from India called me to try to get me to book…at the higher prices. This is typical bait and switch tactics and they are incredibly dishonest. I can not believe that they do not have a class action lawsuit against them, considering all of the complaints I have found online!

  • Dom

    A long story short, I understand when you make a change in your flights you pay an extra fee. I totally get that, but… when they put another person’s name on the ticket that’s for you, please help me understand. These clowns still expect you to pay for their mistake and more. If you like throwing your money away… This is the agency for you! They should check for the recorded conversation I had with their customer service rep. While I stated several times is for Dominick… They put Camilla?!? Please anyone correct me if I’m wrong but even when you pronounce those two names they are spelled different and sound nothing alike. Yet, they still expect me to pay extra to fix their mistake. Caution for all travelers! Unsafe! I would not trust them, not even to feed themselves.

  • Adam

    I would definitely stay away from CHEAPOAir. After missing an international flight, the customer service rep insisted that “it would be a cheaper fare” if I got a refund and re-booked a new ticket. She said it would go into my account in a couple weeks, so I assumed she meant my bank account. After she processed it and charged me a $150 penalty fee, she said that my money is now held with the airline (Copa and Lan Ecuador). Realizing she meant that I just received a voucher, I tried to explain that is not what she explained earlier, but she said that it is too late because she processed it already. Knowing I wouldn’t use the airlines again, I tried to use the voucher for the new flight, but I was then charged another $115 for using the voucher. I then had to pay the difference in the new flight, which was then another $400. Leaving me with an additional $600 charge, when my original ticket was just $900, I was left wondering how that whole process was supposed to be cheaper. I realized later that the whole thing was a scam and the airline told me that it would have only been a $75 fee. I have come across many similar stories in which cheapOair has taken advantage of their customers while insisting that they are helping. They took $600 from me, but I will never use them again. Neither will my family and friends. They are going to lose more than $600 in business because of this whole ordeal and based on similar experiences from other customers, they may go out of business entirely. I hope it was worth it. They aren’t very smart..

  • john

    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!! This company shoul be called CheapOtrick.
    I’ve booked 4 tickets with 2 credit cards. They declined both cards. I called the banks and they told me that they had allready release the funds and the company should see it.
    After many calls and waiting i manage to speak with cheapotrick and of course i couldn’t find a solution.I ended up speaking with a supervisor and he told me that the best he could do is give me the tickets for 700$ more!! (now they didn’t have a problem with my cards?)
    Meanwhile in their site the tickets was 300$ more.(i understand that prices rising etc..,blaah,blah). So, i cancelled my booking and booked again for 300$ more. But guess what…its was declined again on the one card. The other one was charged. And the first card was declined because they haven’t release the funds from the first booking. So i’ve paid for 1and1/2 trip and i dont have tickets.I cancelled again and they say that i am going to get my money back in 7-14 days!!! I run a businees and know that this isn’t the way that credit cards work. Why do they keep the money for so many days?
    I’ve spent at least 15 hours in the phone in the hold and trasfering me from one department to another(90% of their representatives has difficulties communicating in English) and no solution came up. I believe they give fake declines so they can increase the tickets.
    STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnny O

    DO. NOT. USE. CHEAPOAIR.COM. I’m waiting two billing cycles (2 months!!!) for a refund on two tickets which cheapoair (from now on referred to HorribleAir). What I find amazing is that we all know nothing takes two months to refund, ever. They’ll holding my cash and all I can do is share this warning on every blog, review site, friend, and family I know. DO. NOT. USE. CHEAPOAIR.COM DO. NOT. USE. HORRIBLEAIR.

  • Greg M-

    Greg M

  • Greg M-

    CheapTrick sums it up….For me its one an done with cheapoair.
    I Booked a room and car for 2 nights with cheepo…The room on their website was $133 per night…It was the same $133 on the Sheraton’s site. My cc was charged $420.25…When I called cheepos billing I was told the quoted rate was $165 and the remaining $100 was tax. I received every other cheepo email but never a price confirmation that they now claim to have sent….As for the car, my reservation states I would be charged 184.75 for the car for 2 days.. My credit card was charged twice in the amount of $203.00. Unhappy and will not use cheepo again

    • cheapoair

      Greg has been assisted and there was a misunderstanding regarding the car. He had not bee charged twice, customer was under the impression that his car was pre-paid by us, and the car company also charged him, that was not correct. But glad everything worked out!

  • Kathryn

    CheapOair just lost all our business – second half of a vacation flight was changed so I and the rest of my group had to spend extra to get back together at our destination. Then the deeply discounted hotel room included hidden fees resulting in it costing more than the hotel advertised rate ?!?

    • cheapoair

      Customer booked her own flights on our website, and ultimately chose the wrong return from her travel companions. We offered assistance which she declined. As for the hotel, we were unable to locate a hotel on the booking number she provided, so that is still pending.

  • bourdin

    just booked with cheapoair,paid ,got confirmation.Then discovered by chance that the flight has been cancelled as cheapoair did not informed me.I contacted them and was told that it will take at least two months to be refunded .The cost was more than$1500 for a flight on Qatar airline from South Africa to Spain.How is it possible to take two month to refund a cancelled flight?..

    • cheapoair

      Bourdin, refunds have to go through an airline accounting firm. We set up the refund request, and then it goes directly to the airline to process. So with the many steps involved and credit cards billing cycle, we do mention it can take upto 2 months. It is not processed like a store credit. We have your booking details and have tried to reach out to you to address your concern.

  • Guest

    sounds like david is a shill for this company in my opinion.

  • Rokgoo

    CheapoAir showed me a flight price for $1458. After I went through the whole booking process and gave them all my personal and credit-card information, the website told me that the price is changed to $1680 and asked me to accept and the booking. Surely I canceled because I think it is just a scam. Now I am concerned that they have all my information and credit-card and I don’t know what they do with my personal information.

  • Diana Wahid Mounir

    I booked a ticket then cancelled it in less than 24 hours they said i will get my refund in 7-14 days now im callimg cheapoair by chance and their automated system says it can’t locate my refund cheapoair !! What is that supposed to mean!!

  • Arturo Ochoa Matheus

    They use cheap airlines
    and the airline continued changing the schedule until colliding with my next
    flight. I have to buy another expensive flight and cancel the previous flight.
    I have not received any satisfactory response from this virtual agency despite
    of being called several times. They are joke. Never more. I won’t recommend this company to anybody
    unless I wish him/her a very bad client experience.

    This is the information that I have been claiming for
    already 8 months.

    Refund Booking 19891500
    Claimed on October 29th, 2014

    E-Ticket: 2497356262552

    Flight 1515

    From: Caracas, VE (CCS)

    To: Miami, FL, US (MIA)

    Airline Confirmation: Santa Barbara : TIDEQC

    Date: Sun, Nov 02, 2014

    Total Cost:US$ 530.49

  • Patty Mcroberts

    Run! I booked a flight to Orlando and was told it was $333.70 I received an email telling me to book my seats and they were charging me $12.74 each leg of my trip to book the seats. I contacted the airline directly to add my FF#. They informed me I could book my seats for free online. I went to do this and saw the cost of my airfare was $303.70. After being jerked around for 5 hours being told to call this number and that number I finally got somebody send me an email that the $30 would be refunded. I am terrified to see how my flights turn out after reading these comments.

  • suetiggers

    I WISH I had seen this site before I booked.. I just had a cancellation BY THEM for the Xmas holidays… I’m waiting to see if they charge me anything for canceling the flight and offering one I cannot use. I’ll come back and let you know.

  • Jim Butler

    Horrible. This company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, but their owner (a company called Fareportal) has 680 complaints against it in the last three years. Over 6 times more then the next worst company in the travel category.

    First Google it to confirm Fareportal = CheapoAir… then look up “Fareportal” on BBB. It is criminal this company is still operating. Use ANYBODY but them.

    • anonymous

      Jim, sure about that!

      BBB Accreditation

      A BBB Accredited Business since 4/20/2015

      BBB has determined that Fareportal Inc. meets BBB accreditation standards, which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaint

      • anonymous

        I saw A+

        • Jim Butler

          Yep. It’s insane. An embarrassment to BBB. This crappy company has MULTiPLE TIMES more complaints than any other company in the category and keeps a high rating.

          it makes the BBB rating meaningless.

      • fred

        we did voluntary work for the BBB several yrs ago–I assure you all the the BBB is interested in is the annual fee–they let anyone join if they have the fees–do not put any faith in this (another scam) BBC also–

  • Carlen

    Do not use them.

    I purchased a ticket form them. They sent me an email saying my flight was booked. Then 3 days later I got an email that they didn’t book my flight and the price has gone up.

    I ended up having to use another agency to get a ticket at a comparable cost and add on 14 hours of layover just to find a flight with a comparable ticket.

    I called and they did nothing to accept responsibility for their system not booking my flight when I purchased it.

    Save yourself a headache and use another website to book tickets. I ended up using Travelocity. No problems. They told me when it was pending, and told me when it was booked. All set. Would have saved myself 14 hours of layovers if I just used them the first round.

    • LARRY


  • Alice

    I had to change an Air Canada flight I booked with them. Although I confirmed with Air Canada that my penalty for changing the flight was $210. CheapOair is charging me almost double this charge, saying this is set by the the airline, which is a bold face lie. They also won’t follow up with the airline with the cue number Air Canada has provided to verify the penalty amount. I have tried to call CheapOair’s corporate office, but I just loop back to the customer service department. It seems to be a shell company. The fees that I am forced to pay in order to not have to lose the cost of the flight I booked, are absolutely outrageous and not explained. From now on, I will book all flights directly through the airlines. CheapOair is a terrible company. Bring it down …

  • Putty

    Add me to the list of victims who have tried to book with this company. On two separate occasions I booked a flight through them, only to be told afterward it was unavailable, but an alternate flight could be booked, at a significant increase. These folks are the masters of ‘bait and switch.’ I’ve now gone back to booking my flights directly through the airlines.