Find The Career You Love in 2009

I am excited about 2009, because I am expecting big things to happen in my life. I have the opportunity to start a business and we will be spending a full year in Orlando, a town that I’ve never lived in before. In October, I left my day job as a claims adjuster. There were many factors that went into the decision, but the main one was that my wife took a position as a physician’s assistant for a prominent neurosurgery practice in Orlando, Florida. I did not have an opportunity to transfer my job to Orlando, but I was thankful, because I got out of an industry that I was not passione about. I am a firm believer that we should all strive towards careers that we love, not careers that pay a lot of money. During my job search in the past few months, I realized that so many people take opportunities solely for the compensation and not the work they will be doing. Then, when they fail at that career, they wonder why it happened. It happened because they hated what they were doing.

Are you in a career that you hate? Did you wake up on New Year’s Day thinking about changing careers or starting your own business? The beginning of the year is the best time to develop a plan that sets you up for doing work that you love. I read this great book called 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller, and it has helped me re-think my entire approach to developing a meaningful career. Miller teaches people to identify things they are passionate about in their life and turn it into a career. We often look at a career based on the earning potential and growth of the industry. We hardly ever evaluate a career based on whether we would devote our heart and mind to it.

If you are having a hard time coming up with a career to pursue based on your passions, check out these top 30 careers from the U.S. News and World Report

Here is the list:

* Audiologist
* Biomedical equipment technician
* Clergy
* Curriculum/training specialist
* Engineer
* Firefighter
* Fundraiser
* Genetic counselor
* Ghostwriter
* Government manager
* Hairstylist/Cosmetologist
* Health policy specialist
* Higher education administrator
* Landscape architect
* Librarian
* Locksmith/Security system technician
* Management consultant
* Mediator
* Occupational therapist
* Optometrist
* Pharmacist
* Physical therapist
* Physician assistant
* Politician/Elected official
* Registered nurse
* School psychologist
* Systems analyst
* Urban planner
* Usability/User experience specialist
* Veterinarian

Is 2009 the year when you will wake up on Monday and be excited about getting up to start your week? Will you give up a steady paycheck to pursue what you love? Will you start working with a purpose that gives meaning to your life? If I am speaking to you right now, know that I am with you. This is my number one goal this year, to start a career that I will pour my heart and mind into each day. The business that I will be starting is a financial counseling business. There is no better time than now to start a business that helps people start a budget, get out of debt, save money, and work through financial crises such as foreclosure, collections, and bankruptcies. The difference between me and a financial planner is that I will target the average American that struggles with their finances. I will work with high net worth and low net worth customers, and I will be devoted to helping the people of this city, state, and country gain control of their finances to build long-term wealth. This is it, so if you have an idea and you want to discuss it with me, feel free to Contact Me.

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    heck yeah! librarians are cool!

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    I noticed accounting isn’t on that list – lol. (I’m an accountant)
    I can definitely say that change is in the air for me … what, I’m not sure yet.

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    heck yeah! librarians are cool!