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    Many of the Katrina suits involve people who had flood insurance, but not for the full value of their homes. Insurers are not proving that flooding caused all the damage. They are denying wind coverage anywhere they can possibly blame the surge. They are denying coverage of any portion of losses caused by the combination of wind and water. So, they paid hundreds of thousands of wind claims inland, beyond the reach of the surge, but no wind payments on many coastal homes that suffered both wind and water. Many people who bought every policy available to them still have large uncovered losses.

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    I agree with all four of these. Especially with the life and disability insurance, people need to think about how just one tragic event could devastate them and their family. You can get a good term life insurance policy for relatively cheap if you can afford it. Don’t even mess around with variable or whole life insurance – it’s not worth it. Although it costs a little more, disability is still very important. The nice thing about all insurance is that you can really shop around for some pretty good deals year after year to keep your premiums low.

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