• Adam Gainer

    Hey Chris,

    Great article! I just recently started a second job myself and this post has made me really think about the implications of my second job. My regular 9-5 job is working IT for a fortune 500 company. My web work while able to pay for my expenses leaves little room for my savings and debt payment goals. I decided that perhaps I should get a second job to help me pay off these debts.

    I found a perfect secondary job. It’s weekends only and maybe once or twice a month. I got a job working with a sky diving company. I really want to get my license and they will help me towards this goal. Also after initial training I can pretty much work this job anywhere in the country. The pay is also better than most part time jobs considered the amount of work. Also the environment and attitudes with my coworkers is more than anyone could ever ask for.

    Thanks for your post it’s given me incite on what I need to keep in mind while working.

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