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How to Deal with a Lying Spouse – Financial Infidelity in Marriage

By Casey Slide

woman lying moneyIn a recent survey, 31% of women and 27% of men admitted to lying to their spouse about money. It seems that lying about money in marriage is epidemic these days.

Many people find themselves telling little white lies until those start to snowball into larger ones, and soon all trust is lost. Considering the numbers, it’s no wonder that money is the number one cause of divorce.

But there are things you can do to prevent this problem from spreading to your marriage. The first step is to understand why people lie about money.

Why a Spouse May Lie About Money

People lie about money to their spouse for a number of reasons, including:

1. To Avoid Confrontation
If you buy a brand new 55-inch LED TV when you and your spouse are trying to save for the kids’ college, you might figure your spouse won’t be pleased. To avoid an argument, you may tell him or her you got an amazing deal at an unheard of price. Whereas in reality, you spent $1,000 more than what you admitted.

This is a very common scenario. A spouse knows they shouldn’t be spending money or making unplanned purchases, so they lie about it to avoid confrontation. They may lie about the price or cover up the purchase completely. Regardless, if the lie is successful, a bad habit may be born.

2. To Cover an Addiction
Gamblers, shopaholics, alcoholics, drug abusers, and other addicts commonly lie to their spouse to hide their problem. For instance, many gamble from the comfort of their own home in online casinos. Housewives and white-collar workers get addicted to prescription drugs. These are average suburbanites: your neighbors, your coworkers, your friends. It is another all too common scenario that will most likely require professional help.

3. Because of Fear
Sometimes lying occurs simply out of fear. Perhaps you are afraid that your husband will find out about the new pair of shoes you bought and think you’re irresponsible. Or maybe you don’t want your wife to know about your new set of golf clubs for the same reason. Ultimately, you fear that whatever you are doing with your money, especially if you are mishandling it, will cause your spouse to see inadequacies in you. You may fear the repercussions, or prefer not to deal with the inadequacies you’re already aware of in yourself.

Problems with Lying About Money in Marriage

A relationship without trust is like a car without gas. You can stay in it as long as you want, but it won’t go anywhere.

The immediate problem with lying is that trust is lost. Even if your spouse isn’t fully aware of it yet, you know you’re not trustworthy, and you may begin to suspect that your spouse isn’t either. When trust is lost, the relationship becomes stagnant. Most couples will either separate or divorce out of a marriage that has remained stagnant for too long. It’s just too hard to live with and rely on someone who doesn’t have your back.

Additionally, if serious financial damage was done, the future may look grim. Perhaps one spouse cashed out the 401k in order to cover credit card bills. The retirement fund they worked so hard for is now gone. Had the spouse admitted to his or her spending spree, perhaps an alternative method of payment could have been discussed.

marriage argue money

Potential Solutions

It can be hard to forgive a lying spouse for the damages they cause. But if saving the marriage is possible, here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Love Your Spouse. When you got married, you vowed to love your spouse for rich or for poor. Well here you are, possibly poor, so this is your chance to live up to your vows. If you find out your spouse is lying about money, approach him or her lovingly. Seek to understand, help, and not blame. Simply invite your spouse to start communicating honestly with you.
  2. Seek Counsel. Get help because you cannot do this alone. Marriage counseling can work wonders. Be open and honest during counseling sessions. This is a safe place for you to discuss your feelings.
  3. Find a Support Group. If an addiction is at the root of the lying, then a support group needs to be found. This will give the addicted spouse a way to seek recovery.
  4. Educate Yourselves. If money mismanagement was a contributing factor, educate yourselves on personal finance and money management.
  5. Set a Budget. Sometimes spending can get out of control if no budget has been agreed upon. Examine income and expenses, establish spending limits, and make a budget using a tool like Mint.com.
  6. Open A Joint Bank Account. By combining your accounts and opening a joint bank account, it is much easier to see your spouse’s financial activity. You don’t need to monitor it excessively. Your spouse knows you can see what they’re doing and may feel more accountable for their purchases.
  7. Allow Fun Money. Spending money is not a bad thing, as long as it is within reason. Allow some money for each spouse to splurge and use as fun money. That way, no one feels like they need to lie about wanting to spend.
  8. Take Baby Steps. Healing from the loss of trust in a marriage might take a long time. Take baby steps and congratulate yourself and your spouse on your progress. Maintaining a positive attitude will help you move forward.

Final Word

If you suspect your spouse is lying about money, do not delay and take action right away. The longer the situation continues, the worse off you will be financially and the worse off your marriage will be. Gently confront your spouse with your suspicions and lovingly seek the truth. Consider support groups or professional help as soon as possible to save your marriage.

Have you ever experienced lies about money in a marriage? What are some of the things you did to deal with it?

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Casey Slide
Casey Slide lives with her husband and baby in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from the University of Florida in 2005 with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and worked for a prominent hospital in Atlanta. With the birth of Casey’s son in February 2010, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom. Casey’s interests include reading, running, living green, and saving money.

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  • Elizabeth I

    I believe part of this problem comes from the fact that many married couples do not have a concept of “our money”. It is either “my” money or “your” money. Having “our money” comes hand in hand with having a budget. Financially healthy (and emotionally healthy) couples pool money together and then decide jointly where the money is spent. They are accountable to each other for spending appropriately.

    Having separate accounts takes out this accountability factor and responsibility factor. You are no longer accountable to your spouse because you spouse has no say or even knowledge of what is in your bank account or on your credit card.

    When talking amongst friends the subject of having joint accounts has come up a couple of times. One friend’s husband does not want a joint account because he said to his wife “What if you took all my money?”. If you are worried about your wife taking all of your money, I think you have perhaps married the wrong person. Another friend said “What do you do if you have to buy a gift for a friend?” I replied “I buy a gift” and I explained that buying “x, w, or z” isn’t a problem because we have discussed making these purchases ahead of time and these items are in the budget. If the items are not in the budget, then we have another conversation.

    I would strongly suggest to any couple thinking about getting married is to meet with a financial planner. Do this while you are engaged. Most financial planners will not charge you for a meeting. What this will do is give you and your future spouse an overall view of what you should be doing (this is important in case either one of you has no knowledge or interest as to what to do with $$$). Additionally, you be given information at the same time by a third party. Hopefully having a third party involved will get you both on track to creating a financial plan and sticking to it.

    Second, each party needs to create a budget for the other person. What do you spend money on? Food, clothes, sticking it into savings? Then you need to look at your fiancee’s budget and ask questions. Why is there “x” amount of money being spent on “x”? This way you will have a realistic understanding of how much money you will have in the future.

    Third, make sure each person has some discretionary spending money or has the ability to generate some spending money. For my husband and I we have a set amount to spend each month and we have agreed that any money I make from my part time job (not much), I can spend as well.

    Fourth, realize that finances are a work in progress. It doesn’t all happen the day you get married. If you are 80% satisfied with your financial plans with your spouse, consider that a success.

    • Scott Bela

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  • Tara RH

    My husband has a problem with money, and lying about it. I have tried everything I know of to address the problem, including sending him to rehab for a month for his “addiction.” He continues to lie and spend ridiculous amounts of money on credit cards. I am left with no option but divorce–to protect myself and our son. It’s unfortunate, but that’s just how it is.

    • Robert

      I just told my wife to leave because she is entirely derelict with her finances. She not only wastes money on food and material things, but does quite abit of gambling. She told me that she works hard for her money, and she can do what she wants with it. She also has a vicodin addiction, and is on my work place health insurance so she can get 200 vicodin/mo. I asked her to go on her companies health insurance, but she would only get 30 vicodin/mo. It is costing me $558.00/mo to pay for this. Now she is gone and paying for her own expenses and is complaining about not having enough money. Out of the goodness of my heart, I told her to just give me $300.00/mo to cover some of my cost, but is giving me a hard time because it probably cuts into her gambling. She told me that I only wanted her money throughout the marriage, but she helped me get into $56,000.00 worth of credit card debt. I am now filing for bankruptcy because I can’t afford the $1,400.00/mo minimum payments, $558.00/mo for her on my insurance plus the rest of my expenses. Even though I almost took my life because I got so depressed for telling her to leave; I am felling stronger because now I have a chance to repair my life even though I will wreck my perfect credit score for awhile. I will definately choose much more wisely next time.

      • Erik Folgate

        Robert, wow, that’s some heavy stuff. I really think you should go see a counselor to talk through things. There might be hope for your marriage if you and her sit down with a marriage counselor, but it sounds like she needs to wake up and have a revelation that her vicodin and gambling addiction is destroying your marriage and ultimately her life.

        I’m really sorry to hear it. If you want to discuss further or if you’d like to have me help you get hooked up with the right people to talk through your life and financial situation, email at erikfolgate @ moneycrashers . com

      • Anonymous

        if you ever contemplate suicide, there are people who will listen and talk to you. suicide is NEVER the answer, because it gets better!

  • Repose

    I found out that my husband of 24 yrs was having an affair and in the process of gathering the financial paper work necessary for me to make a safe exit, discovered stock accounts that valued 2.3 million! I filed for separate maint. because he took the money from our savings account and changed the number on the credit cards. Now I am out of money and cannot have a fair trial, I will have to accept his pitiful offer in order to settle and move on. I accept my contribution to the break down, I did not hold him accountable for our money. I trusted his handling of it all.
    Great article and one that I wish I had read a long time ago!

  • happysoon

    My husband was a liar when I married him I had no idea I found out later when he would lie about everything under the son from money to being in contact with past girlfriends (which I told him I had no problem with but if he was gonna talk to them he needed to do it when I was there as well then of course he would decline the calls when I was around but make them and accept them when I wasn’t) I put a lot of effort into our marriage and for that my credit was ruined and I am stuck until I finish nursing school and get my license. It will be very difficult for me to trust another man ever….men like my husband make it hard for the good guys to catch a break….

  • vilyla

    I foubd out after my husband died he’d been using 3 bank accounts I knew nothing about.What steps do i need to take to be able to see if those accounts were left with monies in them when he died?

    • Casey Slide

      I’m so sorry to hear about that. Contact your lawyer or bank to find out if you are a beneficiary.

  • Earl

    I am considering taking my wife off of our bank account. I have tried talking to her about budgets, counseling, ect. She says she understands and then continues to overspend on things she wants. Not things we need. I need advice.

    • Casey Slide

      Maybe it’s time to speak to a counselor since this seems to be an issue you’ve been trying to deal with for a while. They’ll have the best advice tailored just for your situation.

  • Lemonpeal121276

    my husbands mother has been getting monthly amounts of money from him since he was 15 years old and now that we are married she still keeps getting this money by lying to him that she has no money for her bills. We make a total of 1756.00 after taxes easch month and she makes just over 7,000.00 a month, not counting what she gets from my husband each month. It has made our life really hard since we do not have enough money to pay our own bills because she gets more and more money each time by guilting him into it. How do I help him to tell her no and to stop sending her money each month? We pay her phone bill and send her money that is supposed to pay for her car insurance, but she ends up calling all the time and saying she has no money. she does not pay rent where she lives so that is not an issue for her not paying her bills. She has a cable bill, groceries, and gas for her car, and utilities each month. how can she not pay them with just over 7,000.00 of income? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!

    • Shasha Marten

      If you are for sure she has that income you should tell your husband that there is no more sending money, I would not even pay for her phone bill. she has a much larger income than the two of you and should deal with her own finances without taking money from you two.

      She has been taking money from your husband since he was 15? How old is he now? And why does he allow her to ruin your family by manipulating him into giving her money when you two have soo little in income?

      I would call the police, because it is financial abuse and if the elderly can call the police when people do this to them you should be able to as well.

      If your mother in-law is that bad with money do not send money to her it will only make things harder and harder on you and your husbands marriage and the financial well being of your family.

      • Casey Slide

        Your priority here should be your marriage, and the best way to do that is to get on the same page as your husband. Tell your husband what you told us, and discuss from there. Don’t let this situation drive a wedge into your marriage! Once you and your husband have an understanding of the situation, then you can work as a team to deal with your mother-in-law. Good luck to you.

      • Casey Slide

        Your priority here should be your marriage, and the best way to do that is to get on the same page as your husband. Tell your husband what you told us, and discuss from there. Don’t let this situation drive a wedge into your marriage! Once you and your husband have an understanding of the situation, then you can work as a team to deal with your mother-in-law. Good luck to you.

  • rwhite456

    My wife constantly lies about money spent. I’m disabled—have been for 8 years. Before getting married to her I lost 4 jobs because of my disorder—-epilepsy. She is the main support//provider. We had an income of $86,577.00 in 2009 and were evicted from out home. ( A letter from the IRS proved this amount). Other than a few clothes nothing was bought. 3–4 months of utilities weren’t paid. When I ask her about where all the money went to she responds with something like: I don’t know what you are talking about; or you always pick the worst time to talk about this. ( there never is a good time; no matter when it is). We filed and got bankruptcy because of this. We bought a car one year ago on 3-23-11 and it was reposessed two weeks ago. She won’t pay bills until threats of turning off the power or cable or whatever it is. She spent money we didn’t have and last year from August to November she made nearly $1000.00 in overdraft//insufficient funds charges. But, again she refuses to see she did it or that it is true. I’ve tried to get her to go to counseling with her but she refuses saying she doesn’t have a problem. Being disabled I feel I am trapped in a hopeless situation. I am at the end of my rope, so to speak and don’t really know what I can do except to live with it. IDEAS?

    • Casey Slide

      Since she always says you pick the worst times to talk about things, ask her when a good time would be to talk. Also, I see that you tried to get her to go to counseling, but have you tried to get her to go with you as a couple to marriage counseling? That way it would not be her having the problem but both of you having a problem. I would start there.

      • Rwhite456

        Casey, thank you for your response. I have Tried on more than one occasion tried to get my wife to go to a counselor//therapist that we both agree to. Not someone I have been going to previously; someone new to us both and new to our situation. She REfuses. This week she stole $440.00 I was saving to fix our only car. (She didn’t make payments to the car we bought in 3-11. It was reposessed on 3-12). She just tries to live from one lie to another. The problem now is that we have legal custody of our 2 year old grandson and 7 year old granddaughter. It’s not just the two of us; it includes the two very young children. Probable child abuse????? YES!

        • Casey Slide

          I am definitely not a professional in this area. I would go talk to someone who is and who can give you solid advice. It sounds like it is a serious situation. Good luck.

    • Jt32073

      Man im in the same situation I am losing my house my car is gone all utilities are in the thousands and i make $90,000 a year. I ask and she says your so smart figure it out.

  • Fizzygirl63

    My husband received his inheritance from his parent’s estate & has gone through all of it withn the year. He did not anticipate the taxes that would be charged for his “choosing” to take a lump sum from a trust rather than discussing it with me. He has nothing in his bank account & lies to me about the bills he says he has paid. I cannot get his name off the mortgage because we applied for credit together. When I try to discuss this, he gets defensive & his response is “Whatever” when I try to have a conversation. He’s not gambling, doesn’t spend his money on drugs or alcohol; he’s just stupid about money. We’re more in debt than before he got his share of his parent’s estate. I’m losing respect, trust, & love for him. I find myself just resenting the hell out of him & don’t really even know if I want to try to help him work this out. My credit score is dropping, I am working extra hours to keep up with the household bills & he just keeps acting like everything is fine. Do I stay? Do I leave? Did I do something that made this happen?

    • Casey Slide

      I’d do whatever it took to keep the marriage together. When you marry it’s for richer or poorer. Try to convince him to go to couple’s therapy with you. If you can’t get him to go with you, go by yourself for a while. Sorry you are going through this. Good luck!

  • South68

    My husband lies about paying bills, gets credit cards behind my back and then gets cash back at the grocery store little by little to pay it. I’m constantly finding him in some kind of lie or another. He then vows to come clean and apologizes only to repeat the behavior. I’ve completely lost trust in him. It’s not just with money, either. I’ve decided to divorce him. I simply can’t continue to live like this, never knowing which way I’ll be side swiped. It’s torturous. I so wish I could magically fix this but I’ve tried everything. I hate that he has thrown away the trust between us so callously. It’s as if he feels the need to be sneaky. He did he same in his past marriage.

    • Pguest

      I am in this position right now. You are so right, it is torturous and I feel so betrayed that he does not care enough to quit.

  • Chris


    Thanks for the great article. Unfortunately, I put myself in a bad situation and am trying to figure out how to repair it.
    My wife and I have had a marriage that goes in cycles of love and health, and then sometimes weeks of frostiness (more on her part than mine. I’m an actor, writer and tour guide – three professions that don’t provide a steady income. She is a well trained professional that makes over 100K a year. She resents me for not being a better breadwinner for her and our two young boys. I was told numerous times that she has no respect for my work ethic.)
    For years, she would get bad headaches and panic attacks when bills were due. Two years ago, I told her I would take over the bill paying to ease her stress. That’s where the problems started. It wasn’t deception or theft (I wasn’t buying motorcycles or drugs or anything) I just led her to believe that our ship was above water and that it was Ok to go to concerts, take the kids to restaurants all the time, get theme park season passes, etc., etc.) Long story short, we lived above our means, the bills started to back up, and I was getting swamped.
    At this point, I didn’t want to tell her how bad things were getting because I didn’t want to bring on a panic attack. My big (dumb) plan was that their would be an acting job, big book sales or some other sizeable income stream from me to catch up before time ran out and the bill collectors came calling and foreclosing.
    Time ran out last Friday.
    I was out with the boys, and she was served in our driveway with foreclosure papers by our mortgage company. This put my wife in the hospital for the weekend.
    Today she took over all the bills, changed account access and tried to repair the damage done, which she was – miraculously – able to pull off.
    She treated me (rightfully so) like an infant who didn’t know how to handle finances and – worse yet – said that she wants me out of her life and home because I broke her heart and lied to her all along. She says she can’t ever trust me again, and that’s doom for a marriage. (I didn’t fight back, I took all the blame and tongue lashing because I deserve it.)
    I know I screwed up, but my heart was in the right place. I don’t want our 17 years together to come to an end, but I think I might have sealed my fate by not discolsing our problems earlier.
    Her family and friends are telling her it’s only money problems and can be overcome, that love will win out, but she is deeply wounded right now and won’t even talk.
    What can I do to regain trust, if it can be regained at all?

    • Casey Slide

      Thanks for telling your story. It’s good to hear from someone on the other side of this type of situation. I am not a professional so I can’t tell you what to do, but I do suggest that you speak to a professional, such as a counselor or perhaps a clergy-person. They will be able to point you in a better direction. Good luck to you, and I hope you are able to save your marriage.

  • i need ur help

    please i need ur help i have comment here.can u suggest me any thing

  • ABCProducer2012

    I work for a Nationally Syndicated Talk Show and we are planning a show for that will focus on financial infidelity. We are looking for a couple whose marriage is suffering because of one spouse over-spending or keeping the severity of their debt a secret. We are planning on doing a house call to this couple’s house with a relationship expert.

    I wanted to reach out to you to see if you may be interested in sharing your story. I know it’s a sensitive topic but I’m hoping to find one or two couples brave enough to discuss their situation and receive help from our relationship expert, so that we can also help the couples quietly suffering through this at home— as you know this is very common and that’s why it’s so important for us to cover!

    Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested!

    • Jt32073

      email me a [email protected] I have been married for 15 years and have 3 kids. I work and leave bills up to my wife. I just found out that our com ed bill is 7000 and nicor is 2800 so i looked into mortgage and we are in foreclosure. My wife still tells me everything is ok even when i show her the papers I found. I believe she has a mental illness and I really dont know what to do. Divorce is probably the answer but i really do love her and being a former Marine I find it hard to abandon her. Im just now trying to talk to companies i owe money and hope they give me a break of some sort but my life is upside down.

  • Pguest

    After being lied to by my husband yet again about money, and his refusing to show me what he has going on with his private account (usually overdrawn and pending collection on a loan at said bank that is linked to said account) I have come online for advice until I can get to counseling. I am so surprised at how many people have this same problem!!
    Where does this come from? Selfishness? Never having learned responsibility?
    So for me, I feel after yrs of being ‘duped’ and trying to get him to listen, now sitting on 40K worth of debt with few options to repay it, I have little choice but to file for divorce to save myself.

  • jim

    Me and my family moved to CA for a better job but before moving there we agreed that both of us would work. Unfortunately, those were all lies, she never looked for a job, refused to get her drivers license. So I ended up working 2 jobs, doing all the errands while she sat watching tv all day. Across the street was a day care center so no excuse on who will watch the kids. After being depressed and sad that I wasnt getting by with one salary and all her arguing just to move back to NY to be closer to her mom who also hates me , I quit my job and now back in NY with no job and 2 kids. She ruined my kids life , we could’ve had a great life. While I’m unemployed, she got a job at a bank and opened up her own checking account just so I wont see how much she makes. Dont know what to do. I need help :-(

  • Shantelle Capelle

    We’ve been married for 3 years now and even before we got married i knew that he had some money issues, but i loved him and have married him still. Tha thing is, i got shocked when he refused to let me know how much his monthly salary is and has refused to share finances budgeting with me. He said if for married couples sharing finances like having a joint account and budgeting together works, it doesnt mean its going to be the best set up for us too. So im living a married life for 3 years with “my money, your money” set up, not because i want to, but because i gave up on convincing him to let me do the budgeting so we can have better and managed financial life. I never had issues with mine, i never ran out of money, i geuss im the lucky one who knows how to manage my own all along, i just dont get the reason why he refuses to let me do this for us … And now he has borrowed so many money from me and have affected my own credit standing too… Im running out of patience and is nearly, nearly letting go of him.

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  • Liiyla

    I lied to my husband about charging my credit cards, he asked me to confess and i was so scared of his reaction i still didnt confess, he is saying he is going to move out because i lied in his face. I feel horrible and willing to do anything to save my family. I made wrong choices and regret lying to my husband about charging my cards, help me what can I do?

    • bdc777

      How about you tell the truth. Seriously, have some common sense. You need to be honest and accountable for your actions. Have some integrity and fess up. If not you might as well resign yourself to the fact that you will be divorced.

  • Anna Lewis

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  • sunny_girl

    My husband and I are newly married. He has recently got a job in the mines which is 5hours drive from where we have built our first house (and where I live and work) His mining job is close to his parents house, so he lives with them when he is out at work (5 days at a time). My concern is his gambling habits with his mother. His mother takes him out to play the pokies. Apparently it is their way of having ‘fun’. I have already explained to him on a number of occasions that I don’t appreciate him doing that and I have a zero tolerance about wasting money we need to use to pay our house mortgage off. He has no respect for how I feel about it, and says that he can do what he wants with his mum. What makes it even worse is that his mother KNOWS how much I hate them doing it. So I guess I am coming on here for any sort of advice because he has started lying to me about what he’s doing, and I’ve found out. I am completely torn apart and dissapointed, and cannot believe he is lying to me about what he’s doing. We need to pay off our debts!! And set up a life. How can I build a new marriage when I can’t even trust him?? Help..

  • me

    I have lied to my husband about money for last 22 years, the whole time we have been married. Please stop lieing. He walked out tonight for the first time in 22 years over 2 months behind house payments. And he also said its not about the money, it about the fact that I dont trust him enough to come to him with any problems. He is right Im broken and dont trust people. I have no idea if he is willing to work this out or if I finally have broken our marrige.

    • Scott Bela

      I had my long distance relationship for almost 4 years now, Our
      relationship was okay and good, but for some reasons I couldn’t understand
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    I had my long distance relationship for almost 4 years now, Our
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    My ex boyfriend broke up with me for almost 3 weeks now, and it me sad,
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