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    buying second hand can be a big saver. In fact, you can often find some very good quality things in second hand stores. Sometimes, you can even find brand new things.

  • Casey Naiduk

    Jacqueline – great tips. Some of these should be common sense, but for so many of us, they’re a perpetual struggle. I think the simple (or maybe not so simple) task of just understanding where you’re money goes is a healthy way to overcome financial hardship and build healthier habits for a financially-smart future. Something else to consider, which your article does seem to imply, is to know how to save on those necessary costs, like auto insurance for example. Shopping around is the best way to find out if your family is paying too much. They’re available only in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but CURE Auto Insurance is a not-for-profit insurer and they often save families with new drivers up to $2,000 a year. I suppose not everyone will look into them, but I don’t yet understand why. What could you be saving?

  • http://becoming-me.com/ Heather C Stephens

    Hi Jacqueline! Great post! Involving our kids in the family budget has been a big help for us. I love your shadow box idea you mentioned. We put our savings goal on the fridge and let the kids help chart our progress toward a goal that benefits the whole family. It’s also been helpful to let them be a part of our financial discussions as they get older. Our 11 and almost 15 year old seem to be more understanding of us now when we have to say no about something that’s not in the budget or exceeds it.

  • Cao Rainy

    Yes, you can save money little by little, with considerable care to every consumption in daily life. With one year’s persistence, you’ll be astonished with the accumulated savings and thereafter you keep a habitual life like this, without the first year’s pain and pressure. This is living a frugal life.

    Every time I shop online, it’s sure to find relevant coupons on AnyCodes, RTM and buy everything on my shopping list. It’s the key to save money.

  • Tayler

    One big way to save more money is to cut your driving costs. Americans pay too much to drive, IMO. Try these tips:
    1) Drive a Honda Civic or some other cheap car to repair, fill up at the tank, etc.
    2) Always use GasBuddy to find the cheapest gas in your area
    3) Use Insurance Panda to find cheap insurance (I got $33/month full coverage)
    4) Drive it has little as you possibly can.

    Hope these help.

  • Isaiah Garcia

    Wow! Definitely alot of good saving money tips here. When I think about being being smart with your money, this is what I think of. I come from a family of 7 and this is very helpful to all of us.

  • Alliance Bank

    Great tips! When trying to save money these tips would definitely come in handy. It’s amazing how far some of these tips can go such as being energy smart. Thanks for sharing!

  • Alliance Bank

    Solid tips thanks for sharing these! With families it is so vital to save do to more expenditures. These tips seem to help with that!

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