My Top Ten Career Related Websites For Young People

Your career is the most important aspect to your personal finances, because without a good career that you enjoy, you’ll have a hard time finding earning a significant income over your lifetime. Without good income, it’s so tough to get ahead with your finances. I am constantly telling people that they either have an income problem or a behavior problem if they can’t get ahead with their finances. If you need some direction with your career path or just some tips and advice about interviews, promotions, or office culture, here is a good list of websites to help you:

  1. Brazen Careerist: This is more than just a collection of articles, it’s a community. The masterminds behind this website are Penelope Trunk (a syndicated work/life columnist) and two budding entrepreneurs, Ryan Healy and Ryan Paugh. If you are age 18 to 35, this is the place to be for everything career and life related.
  2. Employee Evolution: This was Ryan Healy and Ryan Paugh’s first career project, and it is a good blog article resource for Millenial generation folks in the work force.
  3. Escape From Cubicle Nation: Pam Slim runs this entrepreneurship and marketing blog, but she has a book and a consulting/coaching career for those who want to take the next step. She encourages and equips frustrated corporate employees to break away from corporate America and start their own business.
  4. Modite by Rebecca Thorman: What can I say, other than this chick is cool, knows her stuff, and has a lot of new, fresh ideas to help people with their life and career.
  5. 48 Days by Dan Miller: Dan Miller is another career and life coach, and he’s the author of a great book, “48 Days to the Work You Love”. I recommend this book to anyone looking to make a career change or find their passion and turn it into a career.
  6. Erica Douglass: She’s an internet entrepreneur and a millionaire at the age of 26! Erica started a web hosting company out of her garage and recently sold it for $1.1 million dollars! She now helps people start small businesses.
  7. Ms. Career Girl: Obviously, I don’t frequent this one, but the girl behind the words, Nicole Crimaldi, is a Brazen member, and I like her writing style. She’s in Chicago, she’s in tune with what’s hot and new, and she knows her stuff.
  8. Lindsey Pollak: She’s an accomplished author, speaker, and consultant. I like her blog, because she takes a different perspective on topics than you would normally find on a career blog.
  9. Penelope Trunk’s Personal Blog: Her latest creation is Brazen Careerist, but she still updates her original blog regularly. Her style of writing takes some getting used to, and she holds nothing back when it comes to talking about her personal life, but I’ve bookmarked many of her articles, and she’s one of the best when it comes to fresh, honest career advice.
  10. Ben Casnocha: Ben Casnocha was an entrepreneur as a young teenager, and he also has a book out called, “My Start-Up Life”. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s on my list. His blog is much more than just career advice. He’s one of the most thought-provoking bloggers and people I’ve ever followed.

Man, I can’t stand writing these lists. I always rack my brain about who to include. There are so many more, but I don’t find value in those mega Top 100 lists, so that’s why I try to keep them short. Let’s be honest, you only look at the top 10 or 20 from those mega lists, anyway!

  • Ryan Paugh

    Hey Erik,

    Thanks for the mention!

    EE, Brazen and Penelope’s personal blog all on one list. We’re honored.

    I am huge fans of some of the others on the list as well. Rebecca Thorman is a fellow Madisonian. I also had the pleasure of meeting Pam Slim and Erica Douglass at Mashable this year. Great people!

    Thanks again for including us in your list!


  • Nicole Crimaldi

    I’m honored to be on this list with such amazing bloggers! I also love the rest of your list and follow them regularly. Thanks!