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11 Best Part-Time Jobs with Health Insurance Benefits

By Kevin Mercadante

starbucks part-time jobWhat are the two biggest reasons most people are afraid to lose their job? Loss of a paycheck is number one, of course. But close on its heels is the loss of health insurance coverage.

Employers are required by law to offer continued coverage to laid-off employees under the COBRA Act, but such coverage is offered at premiums that can be as large as a house payment. And it only lasts for a limited period of time. Private plans are an alternative, but these also require hefty premiums, and people with pre-existing conditions may not qualify.

Fortunately, there is a great solution that most people overlook. In difficult economies, and for people with other obligations, full-time jobs are not always an option. The solution? Part-time jobs. To the surprise of many, a handful of employers offer health insurance plans for their part-time workers. Part-time jobs with health insurance coverage can be the answer for the self-employed, freelancers, parents, and workers whose employers don’t offer health insurance.

Part-Time Jobs that Offer Health Insurance

Health coverage with a part-time position is offered through an employer-provided group plan, which has significant advantages over private insurance. Group plans do not require pre-qualification and thus accept all prior health conditions. The plans are comprehensive, and if there is a waiting period, it’s far shorter than it is typical for private plans.

But finding part-time employers who offer this incentive is difficult. Below are 11 that provide some form of health insurance for their part-time employees. All are national companies with operations likely in a location near you.

1. Starbucks
starbucks logoThe coffee giant has more than 11,000 outlets across the U.S. and that means there are plenty of part-time jobs – with health insurance – right in your neighborhood. Employees are offered a choice of two PPO plans through Premera Blue Cross. The plans are available to all eligible employees living in the United States, except Hawaii, and can also cover dependents. Coverage begins after the first two month period in which at least 160 hours have been worked. Employees must work 240 hours per quarter to maintain coverage, which works out to be about 20 hours per week.

ups logo2. UPS
The company confirms health insurance for part-timers, but does not publicly divulge the details. Those in the know say you must work 32 hours per week to be eligible (i.e. the UPS definition of part-time), but that the benefits are close to the best available with part-time employment.

3. Walmart and Sams
walmart logoNot only is health insurance available for part-time workers, but they also offer $4 prescriptions on more than 2,000 generic brands. According to the website, “associates have more than 70 ways to personalize their healthcare coverage options” and coverage extends to employees’ children.

4. Costco
costco logoPart-timers are offered the “Choice Plus” plan after 180 days of service. Dental insurance is also available as well as a vision and pharmacy program. As a bonus, the employee-paid portion of insurance premiums are taken out pre-tax, which reduces taxable income.

5. JCPenney
jcpenney logoThis is my favorite on the list because my wife has been a part-timer there for over a year (not for the benefits, just because she enjoys it). Part-time is defined as anything less than 35 hours per week, and employees are eligible to participate in the “Additional Benefits Choices program,” which offers medical, dental, and vision along with accident, critical illness, and term life insurance.

6. Barnes & Noble
barnes noble logoThey offer part-timers a PPO plan that includes an annual physical, well-child care, vision, and prescriptions. The dental plan covers 100% on preventative visits as well as “basic and major dental services.” There is also a flexible spending account (FSA) that allows the payment of medical expenses on a pre-tax basis.

7. Lowe’s
lowes logoThe company reports a “Limited Benefit Health Plan” for part-timers and they offer term life, vision, and dental insurance as well. Employees become eligible within the first 31 days of employment, but the employee portion of insurance payments are “after-tax,” meaning there is no favorable tax benefit.

home depot logo8. Home Depot
Home Depot offers medical, dental, and vision insurance to part-timers. Dependents and domestic partners may be covered, but the company isn’t explicit on this point.

9. Macy’s
macys logoMedical and dental insurance are available, and coverage can be provided for domestic partners as well as other family members. Employee premiums for health coverage are “pre-tax.”

10. Safeway
safeway logoThis one was a surprise, only because of its industry. The second largest food chain in North America – with more than 1,700 stores – states that part-time employees are eligible for benefits, but that “benefit offerings vary by location.”

kroger logo11. Kroger
The largest food chain offers health benefits to their part-timers as well. But, like Safeway, you’ll have to contact your local store for details.

Final Word

If health insurance coverage is an issue for you, give some of these employers a try on a part-time basis – even if the position does little more than provide you with needed coverage. Given the cost of private coverage, or going without these days, it could be an effort well worth taking on.

Have you worked for one of these companies? Do you know of other employers who provide health insurance to their part-time staff?

Kevin Mercadante
With backgrounds in both accounting and the mortgage industry, Kevin Mercadante is professional personal finance blogger, and the owner of his own personal finance blog, OutOfYourRut.com. He lives in Atlanta with his wife and two teenage kids.

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  • JJ

    Bank of America offers medical, dental, and vision to employees working at least 20 hours per week.

  • Keyofdeborah

    What about previous conditions???? I have 2 crowns missing and cavities a broken tooth my last dentist caused to break but won’t admit! It! Dentists greedy sob sabotages our teeth for future work!! Like car mechanics

    • Mojdeh05

      tell me about it…I swallowed my bridge because of his F… .., then the SOB has the nerve to say you need a new bridge….they are all thieves and layers…. not lawyers…
      do you want to gather up people and take it to congress… we only get one set of teeth… we need to have some rights…

  • A Schelling

    All Darden restaurants (Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Longhorn Steakhouse, etc) offer all benefits (medical, dental, vision, life, etc) to all employees no matter how much you work at a very reasonable price. It is also available for your dependents. They also have a ridiculous amount of discounts at random places, such as a percentage off of cell phone bills, hotels, etc.

    • Jbuz

      Darden changed their medical & now the employee pays much more & gets considerably less for their money as of the beginning of 2013.

  • Karagardener

    I have worked at UPS for 5 years and know about there insurance and benefits…
    You have to work five days a week (Mon- Fri). You are garentied three and a half hours a day but work more like four and a half to five and a half. If you work over five and a half you are payed time and a half for that days overtime. Employees pay $0.00 for benefits (NOTHING). And it covers you and your family. It is also very good (full coverage) insurance. They have a pension plan that thay pay into for you and if you work there five years you are vested. Also some locations give up to $3,000.00 a year for schooling.
    Employees do not have to work 32 hours a week! Part time supervisors salary is based on 27 1/2 hours and they work much longer then hourly payed employees. The only draw backs to the benefits are thay you must now work there a year before you get them and a few months longer for your family. Also it is very hard work.
    A side note is that you are garenteed a pay rais every year and you do not top out inside of operations in my location until you reach $25.5 an hour. If you still would like to make more you can become a driver and they can make $90,000 to $130,000 a year.
    You also have two weeks paied vacation after one year. You can work your way up to 6-8 dependaing on what you do.
    All of this is without going into Supervision of Management and with out working full time. Not bad for needing no education!

    • Jordosaxman

      Yeah it’s a unionized job, which means there’s no INCENTIVE to go into management, as managers in union driven jobs get shafted. It’s also why Fedex has been and will always be the better carrier :)

      • http://twitter.com/BocaRatso Boca Ratso

        Horse Dung. You can’t even be a part-time employee of Fed-Ex.
        They hire independent contractors who buy their own trucks.. then the independents hire subcontractors..underlings like me.. to drive and deliver packages for $11-13/hr. No pension. No insurance. No nothing.
        The rah-rah sessions are annoying and when we had a question about benefits, they’d remind us that we were not really working for Fed-Ex, just wearing the uniform and driving the trucks.
        Give me a union job anytime. If a contract and lawyers are good enough for business, they’re good enough for the worker.
        Any failure to draw managers from the ranks is purely the choice of management. And at most non-union companies Ive worked at, the lack of respect for workers is palpable.

  • Donnie

    Just so you good people know. Wal-Mart , as of 5/14/12 anyway, doesn’t offer any benefits to its part-time employees and gives no extra pay- points. . . what so ever for any experence you may have in the area you apply, Unless its cashiers.

  • Deb

    Bassett Furniture offers full benefits to employees working 20hrs/wk or more.

  • Jordosaxman

    I know this article is old, but it should be updated to reflect the fact that FedEx Ground now offers health insurance to part time employees too.

  • lovemyjob

    I have worked part time at UPS for the last 12 years. They cover all employees and their families with good medical, decent dental and vision, and awesome perscription coverage (100%). They want their employees to be covered.I work approximatly 17.5 hours per week. I know some people who only work 12 to 15 hours a week pretty much just for these great benefits.
    Excellent wages too! But don’t apply if you are afraid of hard work. This is hard physical labor and they expect everyone to give 110%. If you’re the kind of person that gets personal satisfaction from working hard and doing the job right this could be a good fit for you.

  • Tabitha

    Staples offers benefits to its part time employees as well

  • Lookingforhealthcare

    UPS Health Insurance is available to new hires AFTER a one year wait…their dependents must wait 18 months – I interviewed with them Aug 29, 2012 in Louisville. They said that the policy has been in affect since 2008

  • eri

    Einstein/Noah’s bagels offers basic health insurance to workers who do over 30-32 hours per week

  • Jenn

    walmart offers insurance to part time associates after 1 year and they must maintain 30 hours a week

  • Christina8fruit

    Barnes & Noble no longer offers benefits to part time employees. =(

  • Debbie R

    Chase offers full benefits for part time employees after the first 90 days of employment.

    • me

      ‘f’ jp morgan chase, greedy bastards


    Just a little note, UPS not only offers full health benefits to ALL employees no matter the hours they work, it is as of now, absolutely free

  • Sara Foxx

    Barnes & Noble no longer offers medical/dental benefits for part-time employees as of 2012.

  • dinesh

    Hsir i doctor imwant to wok vt u

  • dinesh

    Sir my no9960211677

  • Monkeyboo

    White house/ black market offers health insurance to all their part time employees.its Aetna. I did not take advantage of it the first time around but i will now .

  • randhir kumar

    sir my number is 0801020607329

  • RachaelMall

    Home Depot no longer offers insurance to part timers.

    • standardwilly

      Walmart (and Barnes & Noble and Home Depot) recently dropped part-time healthcare coverage due to Obamacare.

  • Heidy Gomez

    Sams club walmart do not offer insurance or any benefits at all to part timers, that is why they don’t give full time positions and they say it’s because that way they can give more people employment opportunities, I didn’t even get maternity leave.

    • standardwilly

      Walmart recently dropped part-time healthcare coverage due to Obamacare.

  • Fred

    I didn’t see where the article defines PPO plan, so I looked it up elsewhere: “PPO plans, or ‘Preferred Provider Organization’ plans, are one of the most popular types of plans in the Individual and Family market. PPO plans allow you to visit whatever in-network physician or healthcare provider you wish without first requiring a referral from a primary care physician.”

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