Personal Finance Round-Up: April Is Financial Literacy Month

finances glasses calculatorLearning about finance isn’t just for the people on Wall Street. We all deal with money on a daily basis – some of us better than others. We have bills to pay, the need to make money, and hopes of saving for the future.

If any time is the right time to start learning about money, no time is better than right now. April is National Financial Literacy Month, a whole month dedicated to learning the basics of financial literacy. National Financial Literacy Month isn’t just a blogger-backed national movement – it’s backed by the U.S. federal government, which offers several resources to help boost your financial knowledge. Check out and

In addition to the government resources – and Money Crashers, of course – here are more great articles to get your Financial Literacy Month started off on the right foot:

4 Ways to Eat Organic on the Cheap (No Trust Fund Required) [Financial Highway]
Eating healthy should include buying local and organic foods whenever possible. Eating products that are not as heavily seasoned with chemicals will do your body good. Here are some tips on buying affordable organic  products.

5 Lessons Every Child Should Know About Money [Money Ning]
Give your child a financial head start by teaching these lessons. Children are our future, and need all the help they can get.

Do Multilingual Individuals Earn More Money? [Consumerism Commentary]
Learning a new language can open a door to new experiences and opportunities. In business, does that translate to earning more money? Some think so.

Grocery Shopping – Down to Basics Edition [Mom’s Plans]
Shopping is one area where many people overspend. It’s easy to buy on impulse and shop without a plan, but that will negatively impact your ability to put money into savings. Learn the basics of grocery shopping here.

Financial Choices and Their Impact 5 Years Later [Couple Money]
You can’t see into the future, but watching what decisions others have made before you can help you to better judge the impact of your choices. Check out where this blogger was five years ago and where her decisions have led her today.

Dealing With Financial Grief? [The Wisdom Journal]
Financial grief may not be upon you now, but chances are that it will hit all of us at one time or another. Learn how deal with it, how to learn from it, and how to become stronger because of it.

Smart Ways to Start and End Networking Conversations [Wise Bread]
Your first and last words in a networking conversation will likely be the most important. Take a note from this article about how exactly to open and close in order to leave the best impression.

Should You Even Save Money in Your 20s? [The Financial Blogger]
Does saving money while you’re young make any sense, or should you live it up while you can?

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