• from Sweden

    thank you for all the detailing that you gave. now i know what to do next :)

  • Officerjag55

    thanks for the info, but where do i go with my drivers lic. to start.

  • smokiescfi

    If you can obtain a medical, then Sport Pilot is false economy. If your intent is to earn a license, then hang it on the wall, never fly again in other words, then you might have saved some money, assuming you actually master all of the required skills in 20 hours. If you plan to continue renting or owning an aircraft, then the only savings is an additional 5 hours with an instructor – $200 by you accounting. That extra time is spent flying in the dark, and with limited visibility, both excellent training experiences, even if you never plan to fly at night or in clouds. Sport Pilot’s have a much more difficult time renting aircraft readily. Low useful loads severely limit travel capabilities – try to get two adults, fuel, and enough baggage for a vacation, into a Sport Plane legally.

  • Ritwik Singh

    Thanks for the info. The light sport aircraft looks damn cute!!

  • Hi Everyone You good? I Am

    Finally someone says what a sport licence actually means. A lot of articles state how much easier it is to get a sport licence but they don’t tell you the limitations!

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