• Heidi

    Don’t forget to check out your local library for reading materials at no cost to you. Also, let friends and family know what you want to read – they just may have a copy of “Total Money Makeover” and would be more than willing to lend it to you!

  • http://www.moneyobedience.com/site/home/index.php Money Obedience

    Other available and free resources: family members and financial professionals at your bank, for example, who talk to you about your financial situation free of charge. (Sometimes financial professionals try to push products on you that are not suitable.) I have found that talking to people about their area of expertise has given me much good information that I could use to research a topic further on my own.

  • http://ownthedollar.com Hank

    I would also add taking classes at your local community college too.

  • Secure Trust Bank

    Choose a bank that lets you create pots for different expenditures. You can easily split your monthly allowance and know exactly what you have left to spend each month.

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