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    It is the most basic things that trip people up when it comes to managing their credit score. You listed excellent points, and with the new CoreScore company entering the marketplace in 2012, everything you make a payment on will go on your credit report. This includes rent, payday loans, child support payments, etc. Any late payments will be noted and affect your credit score as well.

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    Any late and missed payments – absent a bankruptcy filing – hurt your credit three ways. First, you will continue to show late payments every month. Also, some of those creditors will charge off the account, which means write off the balance as uncollectible. Any charged-off accounts would likely be sold to collection agencies.I’ve had high times and low times with my credit history; but the best advice I know to offer people going through tough credit times is that credit history does indeed…heal.

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    I have an excellent payment record when it comes to applying for credit etc.

    I recently (about 3 months ago) applied for a credit card that had a 0% offer on it as I wanted to transfer an existing card (17%) to this scheme and pay it off. At the same time, I decided to close my previous card and open a new one that I would use in the future as the new card had a Standard interest rate of 6.9% so thought it would be a better proposition for the future.

    Last week I also applied for a car loan and was refused due to the credit score. This is a ridiculous state of affairs and the credit bureau’s need to look into this because they are excluding perfectly good clients who have bothered to organise their affairs in the most cost advantageous way.

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