• Thomas

    Great Article! And very timely for us because my wife and I (both 25) are in the process of moving from the east back to the midwest while expecting our first child. We are moving to Cincinnati, OH to be closer to my in-laws and to be able to afford a home. A few years of saving every spare penny and living simply allows us to be able to afford a nice home in Ohio (we can barely afford an older townhome in Philadelphia).

  • Eric

    I’d like to add that when looking at a house, drive past it! Our realtor drove us right to the house and right back to her office. It looked great and the houses around it looked fine. Crime rates were great, yet the town line, which ended 40 feet from our back door, seperated our crime for the county crime. A quarter-mile from our house is some government sub-housing and has all kinds of crime problems. Now that we are selling, we are having problems because others are driving past our house and looking around the neighborhood. That was one lesson learned the hard way!

  • RAY


  • Mpfister

    Thank you so much for this article and the many helpful resources! I am 25 and will soon be graduating as a pharmacist (finally..), and I am currently in what I believe to be a quarter-life-crisis. I have been greatly struggling with where I should live, at least for this next part of my life. My mom, grandmother, a few aunts, and a few friends are all discouraging me from venturing outside of my home state of Georgia. But, I am not in a relationship, and I know I need to try something different while I can. Just me and my dog trying to find our way in the world:) So, thanks again for this info!:)

  • Yousuf Baig

    Thanks a ton for such a useful article.

  • Rasouli_yasaman

    Thanks a million for this useful article.

  • Patrice West

    This article is very useful. Thanks.

  • Hayley

    Such a great article.

  • Rainie

    Great article! But here’s some advice. If you want to live in NM, stay away from Artesia, especially if you have kids. There is nothing to do here. The kids here get into drugs, drinking, etc etc. We have the highest drug (especially meth) addiction rate in the whole state. We have high pregnancy and STD rates among not only adults, but teens as well. This town has nothing to offer that your children will love, unless you and your children are extremely religious (we have AT LEAST 50 churches in town), STAY AWAY!

  • Skye

    Ashland, OR has sales tax.

  • George Washington

    A list or article on how to enjoy where you live might help many people who cannot move. This situation typically is due to family obligations or employment ruling out any long distance move. I moved from the DC suburbs when I could because it was hurting my finances, although i liked the area. Now I’m in Las Vegas, less expensive and close to family, but decidedly not a place i like very much. So far Ive been unable, after nearly two years, to enjoy the living conditions and living close to family does not overcome the many negative aspects of having to live in this fake city in the desert that is only viable through its huge visitor income.

  • Lioness

    Thank you – this was a really great article.

  • Jenny Seeker

    worst recommendation ever. KC is a small town???

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