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ziprecruiter logoFor recruiters, it can seem as though there’s never enough time in the day. Combing through hundreds of resumes, posting jobs to multiple websites, conducting effective interviews, and keeping everything organized is a daunting task. However, utilizing a website like ZipRecruiter is a great way to streamline these tasks. It offers a fast and easy way to get your postings in front of millions of candidates, and you can manage all potential applicants through an online interface.

However, if you’re a job seeker, you too will want to check out ZipRecruiter. The website features a comprehensive job search function which allows you to look at thousands of jobs from multiple job boards, all in one place. You can also post your resume, get email job alerts, and apply for jobs with one click. Best of all, this section of the website is completely free.

How It Works

You can quickly set up an account by entering your name, email address, telephone number, and company name. To create your job listing, enter basic information, including job title, category, a job description, and company description. You can also include online interview questions, which candidates answer when they inquire about your job. ZipRecruiter allows you to post your job to more than 25 job boards with a single click.

Once you’ve posted one or more jobs, you will be able to view all your posted jobs, as well as the profiles of any candidates who have inquired. Furthermore, it is possible to add user accounts so other recruiters in your company can view jobs and applicants.

If you want to take a more proactive approach, you can search ZipRecruiter’s resume database for qualified applicants. Plus, if you’re hiring for multiple companies, you can customize job pages by uploading company logos or choosing a particular header color that matches the company for which you’re hiring. This makes organization a breeze. Lastly, you have the option of embedding a job widget, which lists all your open jobs, on your company’s website.

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Key Features

  • Broad Distribution. Post your opening to more than 25 of the top jobs boards, such as Indeed and Simply Hired, with just one click.
  • Branded Job Pages. Upload your job logo and adjust the colors of your ad pages to match the hiring company.
  • Searchable Resume Database. Search more than 500,000 fresh resumes and filter your search by keywords, location, or job category.
  • Candidate Screening Interviews. Pose questions to potential candidates to help eliminate unqualified ones. You can create custom questions and choose a multiple choice, yes/no, or free form answering system.
  • Embedded Resume Viewer. The viewer enables you to move easily back and forth between a candidate’s resume, cover letter, and answers from the screening interview.
  • Crowdsourcing. Team up with other hiring personnel within your company to share feedback; rate the candidate for other personnel to see and share notes via the ZipRecruiter interface.
  • New Candidate Alerts. You will receive an email every time a candidate applies to one of your posted jobs.
  • Social Network Integration. You can post job openings to your own LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.


There are four plans for ZipRecruiter, each based on the number of active job slots allowed. If you choose the Starter plan, you can post three jobs at a time. You can swap jobs in and out of these slots by closing jobs and posting new ones as needed.

  • Starter: 3 active job slots ($59 per month)
  • Team: 10 active job slots ($99 per month)
  • Company: 20 active job slots ($149 per month)
  • Big Hiring: 50 active job slots ($199 per month)

If you choose to pay annually and up front, you’ll receive two free months with any plan.

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  1. Unlimited Applicants. There is no limit to the number of candidates that can apply to the posted jobs.
  2. Convenient. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time to a different plan.
  3. Posting Fees Covered. Many job boards require a fee to post, but with ZipRecruiter, it’s included in your monthly subscription.
  4. Additional User Accounts. You can add as many additional users as needed.
  5. Free to Job Seekers. This section of the website is completely free. If you’re a job seeker, the site has a Search Jobs tab where you can search a variety of jobs based on your experience. Additionally, you have the option of posting your resume here.


  1. Job Boards Lack Major Players. Some of the larger sites like CareerBuilder are not among the job boards your listing will appear on. However, you can opt-in to post on at either $145 for 14 days or $195 for 30 days, which is actually a discounted rate compared to the normal fees you’d pay if you were go direct. Posting to is not part of the ZipRecruiter subscription, and thus incurs an addition fee.
  2. Limited Phone Support. Phone support and live chat are available Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm Pacific time.
  3. Brief Free Trial. The four-day free trail may not be adequate to decide whether the service is right for your recruiting needs.
  4. Limited Guarantee. ZipRecruiter advertises a 100% guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, you can send an email and your previous month’s payment will be refunded. However, since it can take longer than a month to find a suitable candidate, the guarantee seems to be a little less than 100%.

Final Word

The recruiting industry has been overwhelmed since the economy took a tumble, as over-qualified candidates apply for anything they see just to earn a paycheck. To sort your way through the madness, give ZipRecruiter a shot. It stacks up well against the competition, especially with its candidate screening feature. This is something that you typically won’t find with other services.

And don’t forget about ZipRecruiter if you’re on the other side of the table. It has a large job database you can utilize in your job search efforts as well.

Have you had any personal experience with ZipRecruiter?

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  • Ken Walker

    Hey Dave,

    Great summary of ZipRecruiter. I want to quickly address those disadvantages you outlined.

    1. Last week we launched the ability to post directly to Monster with one click. I think Recruiters and Hiring Managers will find it super easy and efficient.

    2. While we don’t have 24 hour phone support, we’re passionate about taking care of our customers and will respond to “off-hour” emails or calls within 24 hours. It’s actually one of our core strengths and a big reason customers continue to use our service.

    3. We have tested various trial periods and found that 4 days gives our customers enough time to see if ZipRecruiter will work for their business. With a free trial, they can post up to 3 jobs and get unlimited candidates.

    4. We can’t guarantee every job posted will result in a perfect hire. That said, we make it easy to distribute a job across the web to maximize the chance of finding good candidates. To further increase the chances of success, the ZipRecruiter Team can suggest ways to make a job ad more appealing. Plus we offer additional methods such as targeted emails to drive potential candidates. If all else fails, the last thing we want is to take money from an unsatisfied customer. That’s why we have a pay-as-you-go, cancel anytime policy.

    Ken Walker, Chief Product Officer

  • Paula Teck

    I had such high expectations for this product and was unbelievable disappointed. I would not recommend ZipRecruiter. I had a terrible experience with the service. I was really counting on the postings and paid for an account because I bought into what they said it could do. The positions were not posted out into the world web and my account was deactivated with no notice. They have zero customer service. My advice to anyone thinking of ZipRecruiter is to shop around. The concept is fantastic but the service leaves a lot to be desired.

  • rl

    After giving my c/card info and writing the ads, they email me to say my acct needs to be verified. Because I am a recruiter and not the principle doing the hiring/interviewing, they cancel my acct. I was hired by a company to do this as a recruiter (isn’t that part of their name too?). No where when you begin do they state any of this. A complete waste of my time and now they have my c/card info on file. Even the customer support person acknowledged that the issue is not good. Apparently it is not the first time.

    Be up front, post what the requirements are and purge all c/card #s that you keep on file that are connected to accts you deem should be cancelled.

    Thank you.

  • Nicholas Zucker


    they jacked up their prices, the $59 a month plan doesn’t exist anymore, the cheapest one is $260 – not worth it

    • Crystal

      I agree! Since their prices went up, we will see how long they last. You only get 25 resume views per month which means you cannot view contact information for more than 25 years. As a professional recruiter, sometimes those candidates don’t respond or are not currently seeking. If I need more than 25 resumes, support told me I had to pay $1 per resume view. Even if you buy a bigger package, you still only get 25 views. HORRIBLE model ZipRecruiter! We might as well pay the $500 that CareerBuilder charges and get unlimited fees. Indeed also hiked up prices and you can no longer post for free. smh.

  • bob sanders

    Jacked up the price is right!! You listed a 10 job plan for $99 that is $$365 each month!!! Outrageous for an electronic posting service. NO way is it worth it. We had signed up years back – but we keep getting people from AFRICA or INDIA or elsewhere outside of the USA applying blindly. Then we get folks who say “’re in Virginia, I thought you were in California…”. I’d say we average 70% NO SHOW on interviews! I questioned the $100-125 for the convenience, but the $300+??? NO WAY. I’m going to STRONGLY push to NOT go back in August. Bob.S – Dude Ranch.

  • Tony Beaman

    Terrible – they do NOT post to Indeed!!! ZipRecruiter was kicked-off Indeed 18 months ago, so no matter what you will NOT get decent candidate flow!!!!! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!