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Amy Livingston

Amy Livingston is a freelance writer who can actually answer yes to the question, "And from that you make a living?" She has written about personal finance and shopping strategies for a variety of publications, including,, and the Dollar Stretcher newsletter. She also maintains a personal blog, Ecofrugal Living, on ways to save money and live green at the same time.
Recession Red Stock Down

7 Things You Need to Do Now to Prepare for the Next Recession

In the TV show "Game of Thrones," the motto of House Stark is "Winter is coming." These words serve as a warning; even in a world where summer often lasts for years at a...
Woman Smiling Working Computer

How to Survive a Job Without Benefits: DIY Health Insurance, Retirement & Vacation

Around the time of the 2008 financial crisis, a new buzzword hit the scene: gig economy. It referred to the growing number of people who were no longer working full-time jobs, with benefits, for...
Pink Tax Piggy Bank

Pink Tax: 9 Things Women Pay More for Than Men (and How to Save)

It's not easy being a gal on a budget. Not only do women earn less than men, we sometimes have to spend more too. It's not just a question of women having different shopping habits...
Money Dollar Brain

How to Increase Your Financial Literacy & IQ – Why It Matters

When I think back to my school days, I can recall learning about lots of different things. Way back in grade school, I learned the parts of speech, the state capitals, and how to...
Universal Basic Income Banner Sign Hands

What Is Universal Basic Income & Could It Work in the U.S.?

Have you ever thought about what you'd do if you didn't have to work for a living? Maybe you'd take the opportunity to start that small business you've always dreamed about. Maybe you'd go back to...
Empty Room Wood Floor

9 Best Flooring Options for Your Home & How to Choose on a Budget

There's no home decorating challenge quite so frustrating as old, worn-out floors. You can paint the walls, add accessories, and even replace furniture on a budget, but replacing an entire floor is a much bigger...
Piggy Bank Wooden Table Saving Money

6 Things You Should Maintain & Take Care of to Save Money Long-Term

Think for a minute about the biggest purchases you've made in your life. If you're a homeowner, this list will include your house itself and probably some major repairs you've made to it, such...
Recording Taping Live Talk Show Television Studio

7 Best TV Shows to Watch to Learn About Money, Finance & Business

If you want to learn more about money, the easiest way is to pick up a book on the subject. Unfortunately, most books about finance aren't exactly pleasure reading. Some are very dull and...
Loan Shark Tight Rope Business Risk

Loan Shark Prevention Act – What It Is and How It Would Affect You

A 2018 study by Northwestern Mutual revealed some sobering statistics on consumer debt in America. It found that the average American has $38,000 in debt, and that figure doesn't even include mortgage debt. More shockingly, the study...
Scam Alert Sketch Pen Desk Keyboard

6 Home Utility Company Scams to Beware Of (Water, Electric & Gas)

A few years ago, a couple of young people came to my door dressed in a uniform I couldn't identify. They said they were from "the power company" and they were there because they'd...
Prime Interest Rate People Crowd Forming Letters

What Is the Current Prime Interest Rate & How It’s Calculated for Lending

Suppose you want to borrow some money for a home improvement project. As you look at the terms for different types of loans, including home equity and 401(k) loans, you notice that some of...
Piggy Bank Car Key Financing Loan

6 Tips on How to Negotiate Financing on a Car Loan (Interest Rate)

When you shop for a new car, what do you do first? If you're like most people, you start by looking for the car itself. You compare models, go on test drives, and decide...