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Visa Clear Prepaid Program Key Learnings

The Visa Clear Prepaid Program – Key Learnings

Sponsorship Disclosure: A huge thanks to the Green Dot® Reloadable Prepaid Visa® Card and Visa Clear Prepaid for working with us to bring you this content. My 30-day challenge left me with some clear lessons that can...
Visa Clear Prepaid Card

Visa Clear Prepaid Card – Taking Part in the 30-Day Challenge

To experience the versatility and ease of my Green Dot® Reloadable Prepaid Visa® Card firsthand, I planned and participated in a 30-day challenge, sponsored by Visa Clear Prepaid and Green Dot, that required me...
Radiant Heating System Costs Benefits

What Is a Radiant Heating System – Costs, Benefits & Drawbacks

Outside of tropical climates, every dwelling requires a reliable source of artificial heat. Depending on the type of dwelling, geographical location, and the property owner's budget, heating systems take different forms: forced-air ducts connected to heat...
Use Reloadable Prepaid Cards

How to Use Reloadable Prepaid Cards for Budgeting and When It Makes Sense

Sponsorship Disclosure: A huge thanks to Green Dot and Visa Clear Prepaid for working with us to bring you this content. I'm the first to admit that I'm not always faithful to my personal budget. While I'm...
Dif Insurance Massachusetts

What Is DIF Insurance (Massachusetts Depositors Insurance Fund) – How It Works

If you have a bank account - or even if not - you've likely heard of FDIC insurance. FDIC insurance is deposit insurance overseen by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a federal entity created by...
Types Theft Abroad

7 Common Types of Theft Abroad – How to Protect Your Money While Traveling

Though we aren't able to travel as often as we'd like, my wife and I love planning and taking trips, from outdoor adventure excursions and fitness vacations, to quick jaunts back home to reconnect...

FNBO Direct Review – No Frills, Online High-Yield Checking Account

FNBO Direct is the online banking arm of First National Bank of Omaha, itself a subsidiary of financial conglomerate First National of Nebraska. While First National Bank of Omaha's physical branches and account holders...
Tips Find Best Neighborhood Live In

11 Tips to Find the Best Neighborhood to Live In

I'm no stranger to moving. My wife and I have moved four times in five years, all due to her educational track (and eventual employment). With each successive move, deciding where we should live has...
Wine Collecting Investing

Collecting & Investing in Wine – Costs, Risks, How to Buy

When you hear the phrase "wine cellar," what pops into your mind? I picture a climate-controlled bunker attached to a gaudy beachfront mansion. Sure, wine collecting and investing is a popular hobby among the...
Flood Insurance Coverage Costs

Do I Need Flood Insurance? – What It Covers & Policy Costs

I grew up in a rugged, semi-rural area. My childhood home sat on a hillside above a narrow but energetic river. From our front window, the river was barely visible amid the trees. I...
Long Distance Wilderness Preparation

How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Wilderness Hike – Equipment & Safety

Even the most experienced hikers don’t jump into a long-distance hike without planning and preparing days in advance. For new hikers, preparation is doubly important. If you’re planning a multiday wilderness trip, be sure to mind these logistical, safety, and other considerations
Food Coop Costs Benefits Drawbacks

What Is a Food Co-op and Is It Worth Joining? – Costs, Benefits &...

When my wife and I moved into our new neighborhood last year, one of the first things we did was walk down its main commercial drag. We were happy to find a diverse hodgepodge of restaurants,...