1 Million Chinese Made Cribs are Recalled Due to Infant Deaths

If you own a Simplicity brand crib, you may want to take it down right away. According to the article from CNN Money, 3 infant deaths have been reported because of design flaws in the cribs. The instructions for building the crib may have allowed people to build the crib incorrectly, causing the crib to collapse and potentially entrap and suffocate infants.

It may be cheaper to buy Chinese products and resell them in the U.S., but is it worth it to sacrifice quality? How many Chinese made products have been recalled or caused deaths recently? Think of the dog food recall that recently killed and made many dogs and cats sick. I think that the U.S. needs to be more cautious about what they buy from China and hold higher standards for them. We can’t be putting our children at risk just because it makes cribs more affordable.