• anonymous

    The recession has had both positive and negative impact on our household.

    My husband is a pastor, when the giving is down it directly hits our finances. We have always been careful and now we’re really having to do even more with less. Our youngest said that lean times “makes you more creative”. That’s when he’s objective. It’s hard when he gets criticized at school for wearing thrift store clothes. The oldest is starting to grapple with earning his keep. Right now he’s got a small job. In January he’ll start covering his own clothing costs and at the end of this school year he’ll be paying into the household. These aren’t necessarily bad things, just uncomfortable. What makes it particularly awkward is we’re living unlike others in our sphere. How do you answer, “Just give me your cell phone number” or, “You really should see this show on ___” or, “Let’s go out for lunch”?

    • http://www.moneycrashers.com mattbreed

      Lean time definitely makes you more creative. And resourceful.

      If you don’t mind me asking, how old are the kids?

      Trust me (speaking from experience), I’m sure it is extremely hard to comfort your kids if they are getting made fun of, but they will likely be better, smarter and kinder than those kids in adulthood. It may be no consolation to them, but at least you know that it is the truth.

      • anonymous

        Thanks for your response. You know, your question is a good one. It helps put things into perspective. The younger one is 14 and, as you suggested, pretty insightful. The older one is 22 with some developmental delays. So even if he’s 18 or 19 in his thinking, the new responsibilities are not outlandish. Thanks again.

        • http://www.moneycrashers.com mattbreed

          Happy to share with you, anytime!

  • http://www.debtfreemarriage.org David Bibby

    Sometimes a recession can bring about positive changes if a couple or family can pull together. For example…many people don’t seriously think about their debt until they are faced with a forced changed upon their lifestyle. They finally “get it” that holding onto too much debt and spending on credit is not financially healthy.

    It may be the only time that they get serious about their finances.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Barbara-Friedberg/100000181675547 Barbara Friedberg

    There is usually a part time job somewhere to find and tons of ways to cut back. I know it’s not fun, but it helps to feel like you are doing something.

  • http://www.manhattancalumet.com/ Dennis The Menace

    I would like to comment about the current condition of the american economy. This is one of the hardest periods in the countries history. Their does not seem to be any consensus about the trends for the economy one week the economic news is good the next week its bad. Their seems to be no consistency what so ever when it comes to economic matters. Mcdonald’s recently hired fifty or sixty thousand people out of one million that applied maybe mcdonald’s should change their saying you deserve a break today at mcdonald’s to you deserve a job today at mcdonald’s. As far as those banksters go I say lets exchange those three piece suits and briefcases for a pick’ a shovel’ a bucket’ and some pinstripes.

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