• Noah

    Any idea what happens to people who are unemployed and honestly don’t have the money? Lots of people out there have been unemployed for at least a year and can barely put food on the table. I’m curious as to what happens to them.

    • Kira Botkin

      Well, the first thing I would think is that if you’ve been unemployed for a year, you’re unlikely to have run up much of a tax bill.

      However, in rare cases where you genuinely have no money and won’t have any for the appreciable future, sometimes the IRS will write it off. It’s a long process, though, and requires exhaustive documentation. Otherwise, they’ll want to at least try to set up a payment plan with you – even if it’s not very much per month.

      • K

        Hi Kira,
        when you owed taxes,due to hardship and you make payments when ever you can. And in your credit it said tax lien,does it make you a tax evader ( tax evasion ). ??

    • Lainie Petersen

      The IRS also offers payment plans to those who need them. The problem is that the IRS can also file a tax lien against you, even if you make payments as agreed, and the lien can stay on your credit report for seven years *after* you pay it off. Not good.

  • Guest

    What a bunch of Jews thieves run this IRS business.The world know that is call legally stealing.

  • Freddie May

    I was on unemployment all last year, and I owe over $1,000 in taxes and cannot pay it. I’m about to become homeless. How can the government threaten me? Send me to federal prison? That would be better! Free housing, food, and healthcare. It was the governments fault I was unemployed in the first place. It was they who passed free trade deals with cheap labor countries that drove my company to Mexico.

  • I’m friends with my accountant

    My tax accountant just won a $50,000 scratch-off in the NJ state lottery and she asked me if in additional to normal state and federal withholding, they also do a search for federal & state tax liens and deduct that amount, too.
    I know it’s bizarre that she should ask me (I’m a writer who knows nothing about finance) but there we are. I said I’d ask around on the internet, so here’s the deal:
    Her NY State and Federal tax liens total about 70k. She’s owns no property, not even a car, and she’s been trying to pay them off in installments while disputing the them but she can’t always keep up (she’s got serious mental issues). When she misses payments they often seize her Social Security disability checks.
    Is it normal practice for lottery offices to run a search for such liens or do they just withhold the usual amount of state and federal taxes that apply to her 50,000 prize? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide!

    • Kira Botkin

      I don’t know anything about this directly, but I’d say there is a pretty good chance of the IRS finding out because they do check for tax debts before they send you a tax refund, and since this is going through the state I would not be one bit surprised if they did the same thing with lottery winnings.

  • Elojsgonz

    I cant claim my two grandchildren who have lived with m for the last two years or my motherinlaw who has lived with us for the last six years. Can the people claiming them get in truble . And what do i need to do to be able to claim them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002299493037 Dawn Wave

    The jews who run the IRS have no claim to our hard earned money! Americans need to stand up to jewish usury once and for all time and expel the jews from America if they can’t work for their own money instead of stealing from people who do!!

    • Molly Jones

      Are you a real person?

  • daffy

    what happens if you stop say your home business, but you willing allow your tax preparer to still put down the loss on your taxes for 2 years

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