Personal Finance Blog Round Up: Is It Time To Quit Your Day Job?

quit your day jobAre you currently working in a job that you hate? Maybe some of you have realized that you don’t want to be in your current profession long term so you’ve taken the first steps of starting a side business that could turn into full-time work, but you’re scared to take the leap by getting rid of your day job. At Money Crashers, we believe (and statistics prove it) that you’ll make a lot more money in your lifetime if you’re doing something that you love. The folks over at Get Rich Slowly think the same thing and they’ll help you answer the all important question of when the right time is to quit your day job. Here are a few more great articles from around the personal finance blogosphere:

Some Obvious and Not So Obvious Ways To Save On Golf. If you’re hitting up the golf course this summer or fall, here are some good tips for how to save money on one of the more expensive hobbies/sports out there. [Free Money Finance]

How to Harvest Growing Herbs. No, not that kind of herb! If you love to cook, then you know how much fresh herbs cost in the grocery store. Why not grow your own? This is a good tutorial on how to do that. [Bargaineering]

How To Insulate Kids From Financial Fears. One of the most important things parents should do for their kids is give them a sense of stability. Kids don’t want to be fearful of where their next meal is going to come from or if they’re going to have a roof over their head. This is a good article about how to keep them from fearing your financial situation if things aren’t great right now during the lagging economy. [Frugal Dad]

Moving to Asia. Check out this inspring post about dropping everything and traveling around the world. Sometimes you just can’t always value money above and beyond everything else. There is so much perspective and experience to be gained out in the world that is priceless. [151 Days Off]

McDonald’s Share Price. For those investors out there, here’s an interesting look at McDonald’s and Wal-Mart, a couple interesting investing opportunities. [20’s Money]

30 Ways To Save Money On A Cruise. Going on a cruise this summer or looking to go on one in the fall or winter? They can be a cheaper alternative to other vacations, but you need to watch out for hidden and unexpected fees. Here’s a good tutorial on how to save money on cruises. [The Wisdom Journal]

24 Legitimate Ideas For Home-Based Businesses. I hate reading articles from personal finance blogs where they tell people they should start a business, but they don’t offer any suggestions on WHAT business to start. This has 24 ideas to get your mind going on what home-based business you can start that’s not sold on late night cable infomercials! [Christian PF]

Part 3 of Reduce Stress: Get Rid of Dysfunctional Money Behaviors. Check out Part 3 of a pretty interesting Series on getting rid of dysfunctional money behaviors. Try to apply some of these thoughts and ideas in your own lives. [Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance]

Is Gold the Next Bubble? With all the craze about gold, is this turning out to be the next bubble or is there still some time to make money here? Take a look at this opinion. [Beating Broke]

Does Frugality Lead to Happiness? An interesting, more philosophical post that we tend to agree with over here at Money Crashers. Consider all the tangible and intangible benefits of being frugal. Of course there’s the financial savings, but there are other advantages as well. [Bucksome Boomer]

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    Thank you so much for including my article about dysfunctional money behaviors. I also look forward to checking some of the other interesting articles and snooping around your site some more!