Personal Finance Round-Up: 11 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions

It’s that time of year that we all dread, tax time. Thursday, April 15th is tax day. With tax season ending, some of you last minute tax filers may be looking for help with your taxes and ways to lower your tax burden. Many people fail to take advantage of tax deductions that they are eligible for. Rate Nerd points out The 11 Most Overlooked Tax Deductions. What about if you have specific tax questions?  Generation X offers links and contact numbers for free tax assistance.

Here are some great articles written over the past week in the personal finance blogosphere.

The Government Is Hiring: Who and Where.  A list of the 10 best cities to work in if you are looking for a job with the government. Federal job growth is expected to continually rise over the next few years. If you are currently seeking employment,  this is the article for you. [Wisebread]

Student Loans and Financial Aid: How To Save $23,000. Worries over student loans keeps students from applying to their dream schools. There are plenty of financial resources available that can pay for your college education. [I Will Teach You To Be Rich]

Teaching Children How to Handle Money. Teaching your kids to manage their finances at a young age can prepare them to be financially responsible adults. [Moneymonk]

Why You Need An Emergency Fund. Unexpected events can happen at any time and put a wrinkle in your perfectly planned budget. An emergency savings account is one way of safeguarding your finances from these unplanned expenses. [Automatic Finances]

Can’t Find A Job? Make One! If your are having trouble finding employment, you should consider becoming an entrepreneur. You can take a hobby or interest and turn it into a path towards financial freedom. [Money in English]

Psst…Get Major Savings Without Coupons. Have you ever forgotten to take your coupons with you to the grocery store? If so, no problem! You can still save money by adjusting your shopping strategy. [Bargain Babe]

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  • Mac

    Thanks again for the weekly roundup. Nothing here really stands out above the rest, but I liked the short article about teaching chidlren about money. Gives me a few things to think about while raising my kid. And speaking of that, I plan on avoiding the credit card version of Monopoly!

    • Mark Riddix

      You’re welcome!

  • Moneymonk

    Thanks Mark for the link :)

    • Mark Riddix

      You’re welcome. I enjoyed reading about teaching your kids how to handle money.

  • RateNerd

    Mark – thanks for the mention, and for pulling together the roundup! Taxes just keep getting more and more complex – thank goodness I have a great accountant!

    • Mark Riddix

      You’re welcome. I don’t know why they make the tax laws so complex that you need an interpreter to decipher them!

  • Winston

    Thanks for posting these links. I always enjoy the personal finance roundup. I couldn’t believe some of the tax deductions that we are allowed to make. Heheh, you could actually get tax deductions for moving expenses.

    • Mark Riddix

      You’re welcome.

  • Gary Marjani

    Thanks Mark for posting links. My favorite link is “Teaching Children How to Handle Money”. I have been applying these lessons in real life.

    Keep up the informative work,

  • M Habib

    I am writing to provide details regarding three tax provisions in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008: which was enacted Oct. 3, 2008. Those provisions are: (1) an extension for home mortgage debt forgiveness relief, (2) tax relief for community banks that invested in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac preferred stock, and (3) a tax crackdown on compensation and severance pay for certain financial executives. Here are the key details regarding those provisions. Check this out for more info: